Kriyam Forever Season 2 Epi 11

Sorry for the late update exams are near and so I couldnt make time for continuing the ff…I’m really sorry..And BTW thanks for the lovely comments..I have a request for you all .. every one who read my ff please comment on this epi..I wanna see who and how many read it..pls , just for today..

Sayyam goes to the room. The boys were waiting for him.
Raj: So, bhabhi ko chod ke aa gaya ?(so, came dropping my sister in law?)
Sayyam: Woh teri “bhabhi” nahi hai..(she is not your ”sister in law”)
Shubham comes to him.
Shubham : Haan haan woh toh dikh hi raha hai..(yes yes we can see that)
He goes to Sayyam and removes the Krishna’s duppatta off his shoulder.
Sayyam : (gets shocked) o no..main dena toh bhul hi gaya (I forgot to give her)
Shubham : Haan haan mere bhai, bhabhi ko de dena..(yes yes my bro, give to my sister in law)
Raj and Shubham laugh and give a high 5 to each other. Sayyam looks at them angrily. He goes and keeps the duppatta safly in his cup board.
Raj : Yaar Shubh, ab apna Sayyam apna nahi rahi raha ..(Shubh..our Sayyam is ot ours now)
Sayyam glares at him

Next day
In the canteen
The girls were chatting. The boys come there. The girls see them. Shivani and Swara smile at Sayyam. Sayam smiles back. But Krishna was staring at him angrily.
Priyank : (muttering to Sayyam) Looks like bhabhi is angry..
Sayyam gives him a look and he shuts up.
The boys go to the other table and sit. Sayyam was looked at Krishna’s wound
Sayyam : (thinking) puchun ki nahi punchun..nahi nahi Sayyam, apni bezzati karaega kya..aur tujhe ye ho kya gaya hai ? tu ek mamuli si ladki ki fikar kyun kar raha hai..aur woh bhi kaun, Miss Mumbai..? Pagal to nahi ho gaya hai..(should I ask or not no Sayyam, will you insult yourself infront of everybody..and what has happened to you? why are you caring about a common girl..that also Miss Mumbai..? Have you gone mad?
Krishna : (also thinking) akad to dekho..kal fikar karne ki kitni acting kar raha tha aur ab..ab toh puch bhi nahi raha..akdu..lekin tujhe kya ho gaya he Krishna..? Tu kyun chahti hai ki koi teri care le..woh bhi Mr.Allahbad ? Pagal ho gayi hai..(see the stubbornness..yesterday how he was acting that he cared for me and he didnt even ask..but what has happened to you, Krishna..why do you want someone to care about you..that also Mr.Allahbad ? Have you gone mad?)
Swara notices Sayyam deep in thought lookin at Krishna’s wound
Swara : Sayyam, dont worry, Krishna wound has healed now..she is fine.
Sayyam and Krishna get a little surprised by the sudden sound. Sayyam smiles at Swara gratefully and she smiles back. Krishna and Sayyam look at each other.

After some time Krishna goes to take some coffee. While returning a girl of her age suddenly comes in between and hits her. The coffee spills over her frock. She looked of a high standard.
Girl: How dare you..
Krishna : I’m sorry..
Girl : You blo*dy fool..
Krishna : Excuse in your limits..tumhari galti hone ke bavjud bhi main sorry keh rahi hun, iska matlab ye nahi ki tumhari koi galti nahi thi aur tum mujhe kuch bhi kahogi..(even though it was your mistake and I’m saying sorry doesnt mean that it wasnt your fault and you can say anything to me..)

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  1. Aarti32

    Awesome..Bhabhi?? dis was totally like college days..Btw, whoz dat rich chick

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    Is dat girl Baby ?

  12. Khushi1707

    Hello and thanks for the inspiring comments…I will post the Epi 12 soon..BTW I thought that the girl should be Baby, but then I thought the character wouldnt suit her..but I am tellin you about the girl she is ,Meher Khanna played by Ankitta get her look in my ff pls search for ”Meher Khanna-Yeh Vaada Raha’..she was a villian in Yeh Vaada Raha

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    Thank you so much….I love to read your comments…??


    I read this without fail, but often am not able to comment. But this part is so so so cute and fun. Its refreshing and i cat wait for the next parts xx

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