Kriyam Forever Season 2 Epi 10

Sayyam starts talking with the kids. Krishna glares him. He smiles at her. He was enjoying her annoyance.A girlcomes to Krishna
Girl: Lets play na di.
Krishna smiles and agrees.
They play hide n seek.It was Sayyam’s turn.He starts counting and everyone hide. Krishna hides behind the bench. Sayyam finshes counting and starts searching. He then goes towards the bench to check whether anyone was hiding there. Krishna gets tensed.
Krishna : Agarisn mujhe dhoondh liya toh..nahi nahi, Mr.Allahbad mujhe kabhi nahi dhoondh sakta (if he caught me no, Mr. Allahabad can never find me..)
She slowly moves towards the tree hiding from Sayyam. Sayyam doesnt reaslise it was Krishna but notices some movement.He goes to check. Krishna tries to run but Sayyam catches her and holds her close to him.
Sayyam: pakad liya..(caught you..)
He was holding her tightly. Krishna’s back was pinned to his vhest. They were looking staraight into each other’s eyes. Sayyam was smiling. Krishna looked annoyed but when she saw Sayyam’s face her expression softened a little.They had an eye lock for some minuts.

Then the kids come there
One kid:Arey wah..bhaiyaa ne didi ko pakad liya..(o great..bhaiyaa caught didi)
Sayyam and Krishna get a shock hearing the sudden noise. They realise what they were doing and let go each other. They were feeling shy. Sayyam tries to hide it.
Sayyam : Haan toh..mujhse koi bach nahi sakta..(yes one can escape me )
Krishna too acts to be normal.
Krishna : okay okay..lets continue
One kid:Ham ankh micholi khele ? ( can we play ankh micholi [ a game in which a person ties a cloth over his eyes and searches the others])
Sayyam : acha phir..sabse pehle meri baari ..(okay then..first my turn)
The kids agree.

A boy: Krishna didi, please tie your dupatta on Sayyam bhaiyaa ‘s eyes.
Other kids : yes yes didi
Krishna looks at Sayyam. He too looks at her. She goes and ties. After the count, Sayyam starts searching. First he couldnt find any one. Then he suddenly trips and fall straight over Krishna who was there. He first coudnt realise what happened but then gets happy.
Sayyam: Wohoo, I caught some one.
He gets glad and putsthe duppata down his eyes.He sees Krishna and his smile reduces. He was on Krishna holding her waist and she holding his shoulders tightly.They have an eye lock. The kids grin.
Sayyam and Krishna realise and get up. Sayyam helps her get up.
Krishna : Hasna band karo..chalo ab (stop grinning. now lets go)
She goes but hits a stone and falls down.
Sayyam : Krishna..
He and the kids go to her.
Kida : Di are you fine..
Krishna: Ya I am
She tries to stand up but couldnt.Sayyam then picks her up in arms. Krishna stares at him. He sees her expression and understands it but doesnt keep her down. He takes her inside the ashram makes her lie on the bed. He takes the first aid box and applies ointmet on her foot.
Krishna : I’ll manage..
Sayyam : Chup chap karva lo( do it silently)
He applies the ointment. Soon Kaka Kaki come there.

Kaka: What happened..
Sayyam : Nothing much just tripped..
Kaka : But now who will take her to the college ..
Sayyam: Dont worry I study in the same college ..I’ll drop her.
Krishna looks at him.
Krishna:(thnking) ye itna acha sach much hai ki bas acting..(is he so good or just scting..)
Sayyam calls Raj and says him to send a car. Raj does it. Sayyam takes her in his arms keeps her n the car.
Sayyam :(to kaka) dont worry everything will be fine
Kak : God bless you beta..
Sayyam smiles and sets off with Krishna to the college.

In the car.
Krishna was ignoring Sayyam.He knew this. He turns on the music. She gets irritated.
Krishna : will you stop it
Sayyam: kyun..meri car , meri marzi ( car my decision)
She glares at him but doesnt argue. Sayyam smiles. They reach college. Swara and Shivani were alreafy waiting.
Swara:Kaka informed should take care , Krish..
Shivani: Thanks Sayyam,again
Sayyam smiles. Krishna looks at him

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