Kriyam Forever Epi 9

Hello..I am going to continue the ff and will end after some epis..also , I am going to present Season 2..also keep a look out for that

In the morning
Krishna and Sayyam wake up.Krishna felt shy.Sayyam smiled looking at her.They get up. Sayyam comes to her.She moves away.
Sayyam : Last night chod diya iska matlab ye nahi tum bach gayi ( last night I left it, that doesn’t mean you are saved)
Krishna smiles shyly .She goes away.
At the table
Suhani : Sayyam , pls bazaar se kuch samaan le aao ( pls bring some things from the market)
Sayyam : okay
Suhani : Krishna lo sath le jao, madad mil jaegi ( take krishna with you, for help)
Sayyam and Krishna look at each other.Sayyam smiles.Krishna looks away .
Sayyam and Krishna sit in the car to go to the market .
They reach there and buy the things.Sayyam looked at Krishna.Krishna felt awkward .
Krishna: Ghuro mat ( dont stare)
Sayyam : Apni patni ko hi dekh raha hun ( I am seeing my wife only )
Krishna looks at him and then continues shopping..

After shopping, they walk to the car . Suddenly some goons come and hit Sayyam on his head from back .Krishna gets shocked and then the goons kidnap her.Sayyam holds his hand tries to rescue Krishna but they again hit him.They take Krishna away.Sayyam follows them by his car . But he loses their track . Soon he reaches a jungle and starts searching for her. Meanwhile the goons had taken Krishna to a house in the same jungle . They were discussig their plan when Krishna saw a back door and ran away. The goons notice this and run after her. She runs. She stops near a tree to breathe.Then she notices the goons and again runs and hits Sayyam
Sayyam : KRISHNA ! tum thik ho ?
Krishna nods .They see the goons searching for her.Sayyam goes to fight with them but Krishna holds him.
Krishna: Sayyam, ye ladne ka waqt nahi hai…chalo
They run.

Its night
Sayyam and Krishna were lost in the junfgle.They finally reach an abandoned house.They go their.

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  1. Aarti32

    Awesome.. Waiting eagerly for the next episode

  2. Khushi1707

    I’m sorry that it was short…Pls forgive me… I have posted season 2 Introduction, please read and comment…

  3. kriyyam fan no1

    The epi was???

  4. Hey khushi
    Glad to know that you decided to give this story a second thought. Anyways thanks for continuing.
    By the way will the season 2 continue from episode 9 or will there be an episode 10?
    Will it’s name be “Kriyam Forever” season 2?
    Please update soon

    1. Khushi1707

      No, season 2 is a new story and it will come as “Kriyam Forever – Season 2 ” and this epi will be continued by epi 10

  5. So good

  6. Khushi1707

    Thanks for reading..

  7. Pinkyyy

    Wow awesome update dear kriyyam in jungle eagerly waiting for your next update dear ???

  8. Nyc episode….

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