Kriyam Forever Epi 8

Hello and so sorry for the late update…Actually I was busy with studies you know…also I wanted to inform that I may end this ff by the tenth part ….sorry guys if you feel hurt..

Recap : Sayyam and Krishna confess their love for eachother

(They were still hugging when Yuvani knocked on their door and said to come fast for the breakfast.)
(Krishna tries to move but Sayyam pulls her.He ajusts her hair and puts it on her ears back.Krishna doesnt meet his eyes cause she was shy.She suddenly turns and goes)
Sayyam :Krishna
Krishna stops but doesnt turn .Sayyam comes infront of her.He goes near her ear .
Sayyam :Aaj raat..ready ho jao ( ready )
Krishna looks at him.Sayyam smiles and goes backward still smiling at her..he finally turns and goes out of the room . Krishna feels shy and smiles.)
The whole day Krishna remembered Sayyam ‘s words and feels excited.She couldnt top smiling.Sayyam also notices her and smiles seeing her )

At night
Krishna felt excited .She stood on the window looking at the moon..Sayyam enters .Krishna hears the door open and close.She looks over her shoulder and then looks away. Sayyam smiles.He comes to her . Krishna moves away .She first smiles to herself .She then pretends to feel thirsty and goes to the take water . Sayyam was watching this. He comes to her after she had finished.She felt nervous.She tries to move away but he holds her hand. He pulls her and takes her in his arms.Both have an eye lock but then Krishna breaks it shyly.He puts her on the bed. He moves closer to her.Krishna closes her eyes.Sayyam too closes.He moves forward)
Sayyam :Shh
( Sayyam moves closer. Just then Tiger breaks in the room barking. Krishna and Sayyam get a shock.They see Tiger. Sayyam moves away )
Sayyam :Tiger ….What r u doing here ?
Tiger barks.Krishna grins. Sh gets up .Tiger again barks.Sayyam says him to go,but he doesnt.Then finally he goes. Sayyam locks the door.Then Sayyam realizes that Krishna had already gone to her couch.He smirks and goes to her.Krishna realizes he was coming .Sayyam moves to her through her neck and puts his hand on her waist.Krishna moves away.Sayyam holds her hand. He gets up and moves forward to her . Krishna turns and hugs him.He hugs her back smiling .She then moves back and goes to her couch . He smiles and goes to sleep )

Precap : Sayyam to Krishna : Kal raat chod diya toh isks matlab ye nahi tum bach gayi…

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  1. Plz don’t end it. Want to see more from u.

  2. Continue plz…

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    Nooooooo. Plz. Plz. Plz. Plzzzzzzzzzz don’t end this. It’s Amazing. Literally one of the best Kriyam fics I’ve ever read. Plz don’t end this. And btw this chapter was so good. Can’t wait for more

  4. Please continue

  5. Aarti32

    Superb..N don’t end dis yaar.. We’re enjoying it a lot

  6. Khushi1707

    Thanks everyone …don’t worry I may continue…and if not, I will surely come with Season 2 …actually cause my exams are near, I am not able to write more..but I will surely try to continue writing ..Thanks for the love guys … 🙂

  7. Pinkyyy

    Pls continue dear don’t end the ff please

  8. Very short epi but mast amezing story but plz not end

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  11. Khushi1707

    Thanks …I didn’t knew so many were reading…don’t worry I may continue and if not Season 2 for sure .. ?

  12. Please continue soon
    Your story is really enthralling and entices me to read it everyday. You are a great writer.
    If you are giving a thought to stop writing then it will be a sure loss for all of us kriyyam ff readers. Please dont quit…

    1. Khushi1707

      Please don’t feel hurt, Kriyammite..I will try to write another season or continue…please don’t get angry with me

  13. Khushi1707

    Everyone, pls don’t get angry with me…I seriously love you all, and your comments are highly encouraging…I will continue writing, don’t worry …pls don’t be angry

  14. Khushi1707

    I will continue writing this ff or come back with another season …

  15. Hey, all the best for your exams…I’ll be eagerly waiting for your next update and season 2

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