Kriyam Forever Epi 7

Hello every1..Here is the next epi..Hope you like it …

At night
(Yuvani comes across Sayyam.)
Yuvani: Sayyam, aaj drink ho jaye ? ( can we drink today )
Sayyam : No please…no mood..
Yuvani : Okay..I understand..Krishna would not like this
Sayyam : Its not because of Krishna that I am denying.
Yuvani : Then join
Sayyam : Okay, I will get the drinks
Yuvani : But bring them in normal bottles so that no body will notice .
(Sayyam agrees he goes and gets some drinks.But Yuvani was no where to be seen when he returned ..)
Sayyam : Ab ye kahan chali gayi ( now where did she go )
(Sayyam goes to his room and keeps the drinks on the table. He goes to search Yuvani. Krishna comes there. She goes towards the jug to drink water but there was no water in it. She sees the drink bottles and thinks that it is water and drinks it.)

After some time
(Sayyam enters the room.Yuvani had gone to sleep without drinking. When he enters he gets shocked seeing Krishna lying on the floor )
Sayyam : Krishna ! Krishna! Kya hua ?
( Krishna murmurs something.Sayyam sees the bottle empty and hits his head with his hand.)
Sayyam : Why the hell did I leave them here ?
(Krishna was getting unconscious..Sayyam picks her up and puts her on the bed.)
Krishna :Çhodo mujhe Sayyam (leave me)
Sayyam :Have you losted ?
Krishna :Yes, I have
Sayyam :O shut up
Krishna:Kyun ? Main tumhari bakwas sunti hun na ..( why ? I hear your non sense na …)
Sayyam : Krishna pls..tumne pi rakhi hai (you have drunken )
Krishna:Toh ! tum bhi pite ho ( so ! you also drink )
Sayyam :Krishna, keep quiet.
Krishna puts her hand on Sayyam’s mouth
Krishna :You keep quiet .
Sayyam looks at Krishna…She ws looking cute ..He smiles..She still looked at him innocently..

At morning
Krishna wakes up. She couldn’t remember what had happened previous night. She sees Sayyam beside her and gets shocked..
Krishna:Sayyam !
Sayyam wakes up . He looks at krishna.
Sayyam :What happened ?
Krishna :What am I doing i your bed ?
Sayyam :That you should know. couldn’t remember
Sayyam :Yesterday night you drank and the result is this .
Krishna:What ! I drank !
Sayyam :Yes, you drank ..and no need to worry,,nothing happened between us
(Krishna was still confused and went away angrily.The whole day she acted to ignore Sayyam ..whenever she talked,she talked rudely to him..)
At night
Krishna and Sayyam go to their beds.Krishna goes to sleep but suddenly start coughing.The water jug was near Sayyam ‘s bed and so she didnt go to drink water. Sayyam knew this and so went to Krishna with water. But Krishna doesnt take it , Sayyam gets angry and holds her tightly.They have an eye lock.Sayyam then makes her drink water and goes.Krishna doesnt thank him.)

At moning
Krishna and Sayyam wake up at the same time..They both look at eachother.They get up but suddenly Krishna falls and Sayyam holds her.They have an eye lock.Then they move away )
Krishna:Tumhe mujhe sambhalne ki jarurat nahi hai (you dont have to hold me)
Sayyam :You would have fallen
Krishna:It should not matter you
Sayyam gets angry and pulls Krishna towards him.
Sayyam :Listen , tumhe agar koi kharoch bhi aayi na toh mujhe ohot farakh padta hai
Krishna:O really ? Kyun ?
Sayyam : Cause I love you .
Krishna gets shocked. He pulls her more closer.
Sayyam:Yes, I love you ,I love you Krishna.
Krishna tries to move away but Sayyam doesnt let her.He pins her to the wall
Sayyam :And I know you also love me..
Krishna : (without looking at his eyes)No I dont.
Sayyam :O really ..
He moves more close to her…Krishna moves away but Sayyam hols her hand..and pulls her ,,now Krishna’s back is pinned to Sayyam ‘s chest .Sayyam holds her waist..He goes through hr neck and finally goes to kiss it ..Krishna was breathing last she couldnt control and turns and hugs Sayyam
Krishna:I love you Sayyam..I love you
Sayyam smiles and hugs her back

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