Kriyam Forever Epi 6

Hi again.. Seriously, its just because of you guys that I am able to write this. Keep loving 😉

(A few days later.. Krishna’s wound has healed)

At night , in the garden
Sayyam was siting on the bench. He was shivering. Krishna comes there with a coffee in one hand, mobile in another, searching for network. She didn’t notice that Sayyam was there as she had her back in front of him. But Sayyam was looking at Krishna.
Krishna: Of ho.. ye network pata nahi kahan gaya ( where has this network gone)
(She switches off her mobile in frustration and turns to sit on the bench. She sees Sayyam . Sayyam looks away. She notices he was shivering and goes back to the house. She comes back with two mugs of coffee . She offers him the coffee. He smiles looking at the coffee then looks at Krishna and accepts it.Krishna sits at the bench )
Sayyam: ( drinking the coffee) Not bad.. well pati hone ka kuch toh fayda hua ( being a husband is profitable)
Krishna smiles.

Sayyam : Waise lagta hai tumhara chipkali dost tumse dar gaya ( well it looks like your lizard friend is afraid of you)
Krishna: He is not my friend
Sayyam : Bichara chipkali .. tumhari chik sunke bhag gaya hoga ( poor lizard..after hearing your scream it must have run away )
Krishna makes a face at him.
Krishna : Lagata hai main nahi tum use miss kar rahe ho..( look likes not me, but you are missing it)
Sayyam: Of course..Ab wahi toh meri halat samajh sakta hai ( of course..he only can understand my situation)

Krishna makes an angry face. Sayyam laughs. Krishna gets up to go. Sayyam holds her hand .
Sayyam : Acha, acha sorry .( okay , okay, sorry )
Krishna : Tum chahte ho ki main tumhare sath time spend karun? ( you want me to spend time with you ?)
Sayyam : Nahi, main chahta hun ki main apne dost ke sath time spend karun ( No, I want me to spend time with my friend)

(Krishna smiles.Sayyam was still holding the hand of Krishna when Yuvani comes to call for dinner )
Yuvani : Sayyam , Krishna ( stops when she sees them like that. Krishna and Sayyam look at her and he moves off his hand and gets up )
Yuvani: O..I’m sorry..Pls continue ..but come soon for dinner
( Sh starts to go but Sayyam stops her)
Sayyam : No no Yuvani..its nothing like that
Yuvani : I dont wanna be ”kabab ki hadi”
Sayyam : O pls…its nothing what you are thinking..lets go
Yuvani tries to argue but Krishna interrupts..
Krishna:Yuvani , Sayyam is right . Now pls dont argue. lets go
(The three of them go for the dinner)
Next morning
At the kitchen
( Krishna was searching for flour she sees a container made up of steel. It was on a high shelf)

Krishna : (to herself ) looks like it is the one. lets check
( she takes a stool to take the container out . Sayyam enters the kitchen playing a game on his mobile. He loses . He gets angry and says”Dammit” and frustrated kicks the stool on which Krishna was standing. Krishna shouts. They both fall and all the flour gets over Sayyam.)
Krishna 🙁 first angry at Sayyam ) SAYYAM ..! KYA KAR..( then sees Sayyam full of flour and starts laughing ridiculously…Sayyam sees her laughing at him)
Sayyam : Krishna ! Has kyun rahi ho ? Meri madad karo ( Krishna! Why are you laughing ? Help me )
(Krishna was still laughing)

Krishna: Ek min..( one min)
(She takes her mobile and clicks pics of Sayyam)
Sayyam: KRISHNA ! Help me
(Still laughing, Krishna helps Sayyam )
After half an hour
In Kriyam ‘s room
Sayyam comes out of the washroom . Krishna had already changed. She was smiling but when she saw Sayyam she started grinning whivh annoyed hin)
Sayyam : O come wasn’t that funny ..
Krishna : (laughing) Seriously !

(She shows him the pics and keeps on laughing.Sayyam gets surprised seeing them )
Sayyam : Inhe abhi delete karo ..( delete them now)
Krishna :Kyun ? Akhir ye mere akdu pati ki nishaniyan hai !( why ? after all they are my rude husband’s memories)
Sayyam : delete them nowor else..
(Krishna starts running .. Sayyam also chases her .. at last he pulls her close to him)
Sayyam: dekha ..mujhse koi bach nahi sakta( one can escape from me )
Krishna: acha..(she pinches Sayyam .Sayyam shouts. She goes away . But soon Sayyam catches her from back and pulls..Krishna’s back is now pinned to Sayyam ‘s chest …He holds her even tighter )
S: Ab batao ( now tell )

(Krishna tries to move but Sayyam doesnt let her go . He finally takes the mobile from her with one hand and deletes the pics and then lets Krishna go . When Krishna moves he again pulls they are facing each other.they look at each other’s eyes )
Sayyam : Firse aise kuch kiya toh..( if you did something like this them..)
(He doesn’t complete and leaves the room smiling . Krishna keeps looking at him)

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