Kriyam Forever Epi 5

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Let’s begin

Its morning
Sayyam wakes up. He sees Krishna wasn’t there. He remembers the Chipkali drama and smiles.
Sayyam : (to himself) kya ladki hai.. kabhi kabhi sherni ki tarah dahadegi aur kabhi chuhe ki tarah daregi .. ( what a girl ..sometimes she will roar like a lion and sometimes she will be scared as a mouse)
( He goes for jog. At the garden, he comes across Krishna. Krishna, seeing him, gets ashamed of her frightened behaviour the previous night. Sayyam undertands it. )
Sayyam:Its okay..mujhe pata hai ladkiyan aisi hoti hain( I know girls are like this)
Krishna: tum ladke bhi unhe pareshan karne me kam nahi hote ( you boys are not less in teasing them )
Sayyam : O pls, ham ladken sach hi kehte hai ( we boys say the truth)
Krishna : Agar sach ki baat hai toh hamare paas bhi bohot saare chizen hai kehne ke liye ( if the topic is truth, then we also have many things to say)
Sayyam:Kamse kam ham tumhare jaise har choti badi cheez si darte nahi hai..( atleast we do not get scared of every small big thing)
Krishna: Leave it. You boys will never improve
Sayyam:Nor you boys will
(Both get away)

At night
In the kitchen
(Krishna turns on the gas. Then Baby comes there and accidently pushes Krishna. Krishna’s hand reaches the gas and it gets burnt. She shouts. Every1comes there . Bhavna puts ointment.)
At Kriyam ‘s room . Yuvani enters the room with food. Krishna couldn’t eat with her hand as it was burnt. Yuvani goes and sits beside her. She was about to give food to her when her phone rings. Krishna says her to pick up the phone even though Yuvani denies but Krishna makes her take up the call. Yuvani leaves the room and Sayyam enters. he sees the food plate. He goes and takes the plate to feed Krishna.
Krishna:No no Sayyam, Yuvani will do it Dont worry.
Sayyam : Yuvani is busy. Nothing will happen if you eat food with my hands
Krishna:No need to worry Sayyam..Yuvani will do it
Sayyam : Ae you not eating cause in my veins the blood which runs is the one’s who killed your mom ?
Krishna:Sayyam, you know thats not the reason
Sayyam:Then eat,
(Krishna eats. Yuvani was hearing this. She smiles and then goes away )

Its morning.
Krishna was standing in front of the mirror trying to tie the lace of her suit . Sayyam sees this standing at the door. He enters the room.Krishna gets scared that he might see his lae open and so pins to the wall. Sayyam smiles and brings her to him. He turns her and ties the lace. It is done. He turns to go .)
Krishna:Sayyam , thanks
sayyam stops and turns.He smiles
Krishna: Sayyam, can we be friends ?
Sayyam:I thought we were..but its ok. I already considered you as my friend .
(He turns and goes. Krishna smiles at his words)

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    So sweet n adorable episode..Luv their togetherness..N Yuvaani is a darling ??

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  5. Love always begins with friendship…it was a good episode…so waiting 4 next episode

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    Awesome update dear

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    I have already posted Epi 6… hope it is published soon

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