Kriyam Forever Epi 4

Hi every1 again..Lets start with today’s part..hope you like it

At the table. Every body eat.
Suhani:Yuvraj, did you get some info about Sambhav?
Yuvraj:Yes..inspector called me and said that they have nearly tracked him..
Yuvani : Great then..Mumma, I was thinking to go for shopping..with these tensions, we all haven’t spent time together for a long time..pls lets go na..
Pratima; Nahi nahi.. hame mandir jana hai.. bhavna , maji, rax aur suhani mere sath hi chalenge (no no , we have to go to temple..Bhavna, Maji , Rax and Suhani will accompany me )
Yuvraj : Han aur Sharad aur mujhko bhi office me kaam hai..tum ek kaam karo, tum sare bache chale jao.(yes and me and sharad also have work in all do one thing, you all kids go to shopping)

(Yuvani agrees and soon all of them get ready to go to the mall. Yuvani and Baby discuss what to shop for..Krishna doesn’t say anything. They reach the mall and start shopping..Sayyam doesn’t shop at all ..he sits on a chair with his phone..Krishna sees the dresses but couldn’t decide..she thinks of asking Yuvani but she was busy..she looks at Sayyam)
Krishna:(thinking) kya karun..Sayyam se punchun ki nahi (what should I do..should I ask Sayyam or not)
(Sayyam sees Krishna looking at the dresses and understands her prblm . He goes to her)
Sayyam : Main kuch madad karun(should I help)
(He sees the dresses one by one.. he then gives one white and blue dress to Krshna)
Sayyam: Ye lo..agar pasand aye to lena, maine choos kiya hai aur mujhe bura lag jaye, isliye mat lena.(take this..if you like it, then only take, dont take because I have chosen this and I will feel hurt if you dont take )
Krishna:Why will I care for you ?
Sayyam : You know the reason..and by the way what was all that yesterday night?
Krishna doesnt reply and goes to the trial room to try the dress. She returns and every1 appreciate that dress . She smiles at Sayyam and he was also pleased.

At night. Kriyam’s room.
Krishna goes to the washroom. Sayyam was on the bed.Suddenly he hears Krishna’s scream. He rushes near the washroom
Sayyam:KRISHNA! KRISHNA! Kya hua? (what happened)
(Krishna opens the door all frightened and hugs Sayyam)
Krishna:Woh.. chipkali(that..lizard)
Sayyam gets a releif and seperates Kishna from him
Sayyam : Kya ? Chipkali! Tumne mujhe kitha dara diya tha Krishna ! ( What , lizard? you scared me so much Krishna!)
Krishna : Woh bohot bada hai..mujhe dar lag rahaa hai( its very big..I am feeking scared)
Sayyam: Its just a lizard..dont worry..go
Krishna:No..I will not go ..
Sayyam : Look , go now
(Krishna goes but again returns and hugs Sayyam tightly)
Krishna:(still hugging) no..I will not go
Sayyam:(frustrated) see, I cant accompany you to the washroom, right?So, go!
(Krishna goes. Sayyam hears the tap being on and off. He sighs . Krishna comes hurriedly but slips as her feet were wet ..Sayyam hold her ..they have an eye lock..then they turn away and get to sleep)

Precap : Sayyam ties the lace of Krishna’s suit

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