Kriyam Forever Epi 3

Hello Kriyammites.. Thanks for the encouraging comments..I will give my best to keep entertaining you .. 🙂
Some of you commented about Sambhav being back in my ff.. actually I wanted some circumstances so that Kriyam could work together and get close and Sambhav ( according to me ) was the best fit it. I hope you will like the track. Keep reading and commenting.

In the last part, Sambhav had returned and every1 in the house were in tension..
Dadi : (to Sayyam) Ye sab tumhari wajah se ho raha hai.. jab se tumhare kadam is ghar me pade hain, sab ko pareshaniyan ho rahi hai ( This is all because of you..the time you have entered our house, everyone is in problems )
(Sayyam goes away to his room. One by one every1 moves to their rooms. Krishna was on the terrace with Soumya’s photo frame in hand. She was in tears.)
Krishna:(looking at the sky ) I miss u mumma.. I wish you were here..with me..( cries seeing the pic and hugs it)

In Kriyam’s room.
(Sayyam was also crying. He was thinking how badly he treated every1. )
Sayyam :(thinking to himself) I am the problem of this house. Its because of me. I am very bad. I deserve nothing..nothing..(keeps on crying)
(Sayyam remembers how he supported Sambhav and mistreated Suhani and Krishna)
(Krishna enters the room. She sees Sayyam crying )

Krishna: Are you fine Sayyam ?
Sayyam :(still facing her his back)Ya, I’m.
Krishna: Sayyam .. dekho, ye sa tumhari wajah se nahi ho raha aur tum ye baat jante ho..aur dadi ki baton pe pls dhyan mat do.. pls sayyam, mujhse thik se bat karo(Sayyam , see , this all is not happening because of you and you know this. And pls dont pay attention to Dadi ‘s words..pls to me properly)
Sayyam:(his voice a litte higher, but Krishna could figure out he was crying ) KRISHNA PLS ! Tum nahi samajh sakti ..( his voice gets softer).. nahi samajh sakti
(Krishna pls! you cant cant understand)
(Krishna puts her hand on Sayyam ‘s shoulder and tries to console him)
Krishna; Sayyam..
(Suddenly Sayyam turns and hugs her. Without waiting, Krishna hugs her back)
Krishna: Sayyam , chahe kuch bhi ho jaye, main tumhare sath hamesha hun.. Dont worry , main hamesha tumhe support karungi..(Sayyam, whatever happens, I am always with you..Dont worry , I will always support you)
Sayyam: Promise karo, kabhi mujhe chod ke nahi jaogi..(promise me, you will never leave me )
Krishna:Kabhi nahi..kabhi nahi..(never..never)
(Sayyam hugs her even more tightly..Then they seperate and sit on the floor with Sayyam on Krishna’s lap and Krishna leaning against the bed side.Both fell asleep)
Its morning
(Krishna wakes up and finds Sayyam on her lap..she first gets surprised but then remembers the night before. Sayyam also wakes up and sees Krishna. They both look at each other’s eyes and then look away. Soon they get up and Sayyam goes for jog and Krishna to get ready )

Precap : Krishna was in the washroom. Sayyam soon hears her screaming

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  1. Soo cute… love kriyyam

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    Extreamely good

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    It was vry understanding n mature episode..But I wish it was bit longer..
    D precap is interesting..

  4. woww…its really good..pls update d other 1 soon..

  5. Great going.. keep it up:)

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    Thanks, Kriyammites 🙂

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