Kriyam Forever Epi 2

Hi.. In the first part I started without giving proper intro.. so here.. My fanfic doesn’t has much changes from SSEL. Its mostly same, but I will focus on Kriyam and their love story. In this dadi would have got her memory back just because of YUVANI ‘S efforts.. Krishna would not have realised her love as I have already told..she did nothing to impress Sayyam till now.. I will try my best to give you some good love story on Kriyam.. So, I hope you like my ff. If have any queries, pls comment. Pls suggest ides, and give your views on my story. If its negative, then also.. Pls encourage me to keep writing
So, lets begin

Its morning. Sayyam wakes up and searches for Krishna. Then he realises what he was doing.
Sayyam: ( to himself) What am I doing ? Why I am searching for Krishna ? No, no. You shouldn’t do this. You dont like her, she doesn’t like you. There is nothing between us. Nothing.( But he starts thinking about Krishna.. her smile, her care for him. hoe she fights with him… He then remembers the moments he spent with Krishna.. How she hugged him when she was scared of the tiger.. how he picked her up .. how he hold her whenever she falls.. He smiles remembering those memories..)
( Krishna enters the room and sees Sayyam smiling ..she first smiles seeing his smile .. Then Sayyam sees Krishna and they both stop smiling )
Krishna: Ready ho jao.. Suhani aunty has called every1 for breakfast.
Sayyam: Tumhe mujhe batane ki koi jarurat nahi hai ki mujhe kya karna chahiye aur kya nahi..
Krishna: Tumhari prblm kya hai.. thik se tum se bat kar rahi hun iska matlab tum mere sar par nahi chadoge
( She gets angry and goes . Sayyam keeps looking at her.)
Sayyam to himself : Miss Girne Wali
Krishna to herself : Mr. Akdu
( Suhani sees Krishna )
Suhani: Kya hua Krishna, sab thik hai ?
Krishna: Han aunty, sab thik hai
Suhani : acha suno.. tumne sayyam ko ane ke liye ken diya ?
Krishna: Ji, keh diya . Apko kuch ayr chahiye?
Suhani : Nahi. acha mujhe kam hai, main chalti hun.
(Krishna nods. She goes to the garden. She goes to sit on the bench but her sandal hits one leg of the bench and she falls but gets saved as she lands on the bench. )
Krishna: AA..(to herself) kya karti hai tu krishna.. hamesha girti rehti hai.. Sayyam sahi kehta hai.. ( she smiles remembering Sayyam holding her some nights before when the tiger had attacked.. how he said to take care of herself.. she remembers all the moments spnt with Sayyam.. )
Krishna:(suddenly realizing ) kya ho gaya hai tuje krishna.. why are you thinking of Sayyam? Tu us se nafrat kartihai, right ? Toh pjir..(she again remembers Sayyam)
Krishna:(dreamily) par me jab bhi sayyam ke sath rehti hun.. mein bohot comfortable rehti hun.. mujhe acha lagta hai.. (the she realizes ) nahi nahi aisa kuch naki hai krishna..woh tera kuch nahi hai
(Bhavna comes there to call Krishna for breakfast. Krishna goes with her.)
(At the table. Yuvraj gets a call)
Yuvraj :(on call ) what ! how could this happen ?apki security itni kamjhor kaise hai ?
(every1 get tensed)
Suhani: kya hua Yuvraj
(yuvraj puts the phone down frustratedcand )
Yuvraj: Sambhav jail se bhag gaya hai..
(Every1 gets in tension and stand up . Suhani nearly faints . Every1 console her)
yuvraj : Hame kuch karna hoga,, police ka kehna hai ki sambhav hamse baddla jarur lega..
( everbody discuss on the matter but sayyam keeps quiet. Krishna was observing this)

Precap : Sayyam was crying. Krishna was also in tears. She keeps her hand on his shoulder and Sayyam turns and hugs her )

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    Love kriyam
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  2. It’s interesting how you decided to bring Sayyam back…it’ll be cool if Sambhav decides to hurt Sayyam or Krishna…keep up the awesome writing!!!

    1. Khushi1707

      Thanks, I will try to keep ur hopes high ?

  3. Aarti32

    It was awesome..But sambhav??!! Oh no..

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      Thanks Aarti … ?

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    Thanks everyone for the encouragement…. ??? Means a lot

  5. It was super …But can u write it in english

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      Ok, don’t worry I will also write in English 🙂

  6. Krishna Mrs Girne wali Lol nyc episode update ASAP.. 🙂

    1. Khushi1707

      😉 .. just part of my imagination…yeah, I will try to update fast … thanks for commenting

  7. Awwww hi!☺the episode was so good?and pre cap was more good ???

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