Kriyam Forever Epi 11

Krishna was still in Sayyam’s arms when they reach a dhabha. Krishna sighs a releif.
Krishna: Thank god..Sayyam put me down now
Sayyam tried to argue but Krishna forced him. He finally puts her down and they walk to the dhabha. They take a table and order.
Sayyam: After eating we will try to contact ..
Krishna: Ya, we should check for a charger to charge our mobiles..hope so met is available..
The food comes. Krishna starts eating.Sayyam looks at her and smiles.She looked cute.Krishna saw him smiling at her.
Krishna: Eat na

Sayyam: Apne pati par bhi reham karo
Krishna realises
Krishna: Soorry..bhuk me kuch pata hi nahi chala
She gives him food.He eats it from her hands.
Krishna: Muhje bhi toh khilao

Sayyam smiles and gives her food. They eat.
After eating Sayyam pays for the food and he asks for a charger.
Person at the counter: people working here barely have a place to live leave a mobile. But you can take a lift from somebody.Here many people pass as it a busy highway.\
He nods and they again set off in search for a lift. After some time Sayyam sees a car and signs for a lift.The car goes away without giving them lift.Krishna laughs.
Sayyam: there is no reason to laugh
Krishna: You cant even get a lift

Sayyam: Then you try
Krishna sees another car and signs for lift. The car stops. She looks at Sayyam and smirks. Sayyam makes a face.They sit at the back.The car was driven by an old lady. She drops them to Birla house. They thank her . She goes off and they enter the house . Every1 gets happy seeing them .

At night.
Sayyam was with tiger . Krishna enters the room. Sayyam lets tiger go. He closes the door.

He agrees.

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  1. Aarti32

    Superb episode..But very short..

  2. Story completed to karo its very short

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    Nice update dear

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