Kriyam Forever Epi 10

Krishna and Sayyam go to the house. Sayyam sees the place. There was dry grass, mud,etc. He sighs in frustration
Sayyam: Lagta hai aaj ki raat yahin bitani padegi ( looks like tonight we will have to spend the night here)
Krishna nods and looks at the window. She feels cold. Sayyam observes it.He takes some grass and tries to make fire out of it with rocks.It finally catches fire.
He looks at her. She smiles and goes and sits beside him.
Sayyam: Tomorrow we will have to take a lift from somebody.
Krishna: But who will come in this abandoned place
Sayyam : Don’t know, but we will have to try. Anyways our absence would have been noticed by now . Your Dadu must have informed the police.

Krishna nods and rubs her hands to keep them warm. Suddenly lightning occurs. They get shocked and go to the house. Krishna gets scared. Again it occurs with thunder.Krishna gets frightened with the sudden sound and hugs Sayyam. It rains. Sayyam looks at her hugging him and smiles. He hugs her back.Again it thunders and Krishna hugs him more tightly.
Krishna : Sayyam..
Sayyam: Don’t worry, I’m here.
He consoles her makes her sit down.They were still in each other’s arms. Krishna puts her head on Sayyam’s shoulder.He puts his head back at the wall and looks at the rain.Then the rain stops Sayyam sighs a releif and sees Krishna. She had already fallen asleep on his shoulder.He smiles.He puts her hair behind her ear and smiles seeing her face. Krishna moves and makes her comfortable on Sayyam’s chest . She puts her had on him . Sayyam smiles. Soon he also fells asleep .

In the morning
Sayyam wakes up first. He first tries to move but then notices Krishna and stops. He looks at her and smiles.He puts his hand on her cheek and kisses her on her forehead. Soon after Krishna wakes up. She sees Sayyam and lets him go. They stand up.
Sayyam: We will have to continue walking..
Krishna agrees and then they again set off.
They were walking on the highway when suddenly a car with high speed come across them . Sayyam pulls Krishna and jumps to the other side to save her. They roll and fall .
Krishna got hurt on her foot while Sayyam got an injury on his hand.Krishna sees this.
Krishna: Sayyam your hand..
Sayyam: Nothing has happened. We should continue walking

Krishna tries to argue but Sayyam doesn’t let her and they continue walking.Krishna wasn’t able to walk properly because of the injury. She stops at a tree and hold it to take some breath. Thats when Sayyam realises she has got hurt.He sits and checks her wound.
Sayyam: Krishna tumhe toh gehri chot aayi hai
Krishna: Nahi kuch nahi hai..I’ll manage
Sayyam: Krishna khoon bohot nikal raha hai..
(Sayyam:Krishna you have got hurt deeply
Krishna: Non no its nothing..I’ll manage
Sayyam: But a lot of blood has spilled)
Sayyam takes Krishna in his arms.
Krishna: Sayyam ..
Sayyam: Shh..Tum is chot ke sath nahi chal sakti (you can’t walk with this injury)
Krishna : Par tuhara hath..( but your hand..)
Sayyam : So what..Tumhe dard hoga(you will feel hurt)
Krishna: Toh main apne dard ke liye tumhe dard nahi de sakti ( But I cant hurt you for my hurt)
They look at each other and havee any eye lock.Sayyam takes keeps her in his arms and walks even though she denied him to do so

Precap: They reach a dhabha which was on the highway.

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