Kriyam Forever – Epi 1

Hello guys .. 🙂 I’m new to the site and I love Kriyam. This is for Kriyamites. I hope you like it. Pls comment for suggestions.

In this story, Krishna would not have realized her love for Sayyam. She would have tried that black short dress only because Yuvani insisted her. When she hears Sayyam coming, she gets tensed.
Sayyam: ( on phone) Dont worry, I will manage . ( Sees Krishna and gets surprised seeing her wrapped in towel)
Sayyam : Whats this ?
Krishna: Nothing, I was feeling cold ( She goes to the washroom but trips and falls. The blanket falls off and Sayyam sees her in the dress. Sayyam comes to help her. He picks her up.)
Sayyam : Be careful. Hamesha mein tumhe sambhal nahi sakta.
Krishna : Thanks. ( realizes Sayyam has seen her in the dress and quickly goes to the washroom.)

At night
Kriyam’s room
Sayyam was on mobile. Krishna enters. She sees him and then goes to the cupboard . She searches something but it wasnt there.
Krishna: ( to herself) Kahan gaya.. yahin toh rakhaa tha.
( Sayyam was watching this. He gets off the bed )
Sayyam: Kya hua.. agar kuch chahiye toh main madad kar sakta hun.
Krishna : Maine ek book yahan rakhi thi.. pata nahin kahan gayi..
(Sayyam sees the book under the table and gives her.)
S: Yahan hain.. sambhal kar rakha karo
K:(smilimg) thanks
( she goes but trips and falls. Th e book falls. Sayyam holds he. Krishna closes her eyes in scare but soon opens it realizing she hasnt falled. They both share an eyelock for a few minutes, Krishna breaks it then.)
Krishna : Thank again. ( She smiles and goes. She keeps her foot on the book and slips .)
Sayyam: Krishna..( Sayyam tries to hold her but instead falls with her on the bed. They get tensed. They share an eyelock again. This goes on for a few minutes. Then Sayyam realizes and tries to move but his shirt got stuck with Krishna ‘s mangalsutra.. Krishna looks at him and then tries to remove it. Finally it is done. Sayyam gets up and picks Krishna up. He takes the book , touches it with his forehead and returns it back to Krishna )
S: Take this. And for god’s sake dont fall again.
K: Bol toh aise rahe ho jaise main jan much ke karti hun..
S: Kehna kya chahati ho.. mein tumhe jan much ke girata hun?
K: Maine aisa toh nahi kaha
S: Whatever .. tum giro ki jo bhi karo.. I dont care
K: Toh phir sambhalte kyun ho ?
S: Thike , ab se nahin karunga.
(He goes to bd to sleep .. Krishna also goes to sleep)

Precap : Krishna ( Thinking to herself) Main jab bhi Sayyam ke paas rahti hun, toh main itni comfortable kyun ho jati hun.. Nahi nahi, kya soch rahi hai tu Krishna, aisa kuch nahi hai

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  1. Cute…so many scenes…they should show all of these scenes in the show too…its luke kriyam had more intimate scenes and screen space before marriage rather than after marriage…keep up the awesome writing!!!!

    1. Khushi1707

      Ya, if CVS focuses on Kriyam, I’m sure the show will raise high again

  2. Good start

    1. Khushi1707

      Thanks .. 🙂

    1. Khushi1707

      Thanks 😉

  3. Aarti32

    Superb start..But Krishna kuch zyada hi gir gyi aaj ??

    1. Khushi1707

      He he … Thanks ?

  4. Khushi1707

    Thanks everyone … Keep reading and commenting 🙂

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