Kriyam FF – True Love (Chapter 4)


Chapter 4

This chapter will have POVs of both Sayyam and Krishna. You will understand why as you go along.

Hope you enjoy it!

Krishna POV
It was late at night, I couldn’t sleep so I made myself a hot chocolate and sat on the bench in the garden. I felt I needed to clear my head.
I still had visions of the dream I had the other day. Is it Yuvan? I felt so confused. I think it’s time for me to tell Yuvan how I feel about him. I have loved him for years, I can’t keep these feelings within me any longer. I will speak to him tomorrow morning.

It was the next morning, I got up quickly. I was so excited to express my feelings to Yuvan. I thought I would cook his favourite food for lunch and get dressed up. I will then speak to him about my feelings.

I went into the kitchen and started to prepare Yuvan’s favourite dishes. Once I had finished cooking I got dressed in one of Yuvanis dresses, a beautiful simple red anarkali with gold patterns and tied my hair up in a bun.

I got all the food ready and put it in a tray to take to Yuvans room. I rushed out of the kitchen so I could speak to Yuvan before he went to work.

I could hear someone coming towards me. I stopped and I looked up. It was Sayyam.
He looked at me from head to toe.
‘Where are you going?’ He asked sternly.

‘Why does it matter to you??’ I asked.

‘You’re right, it doesn’t matter to me.’ He kept on looking at me with a serious expression, I couldn’t tell what he was thinking.
He walked up close to me, I felt uncomfortable, but I didn’t move. He he leaned his face close to mine.
Why is he coming so close to me? Every time he comes so close, I feel something, his eyes pull me in.
He lifted his hand and pulled the pin off my hair. My hair flowed down my back. He leaned even closer. My heart was beating fast.

‘You look better with your hair out.’ He whispered in my ear and then walked away.
I looked back at him but he was already out of the door.
What just happened?
I shook my head and chose to ignore it, I was too excited to speak with Yuvan.

I knocked on Yuvan’s bedroom door, he was sat on his sofa.

‘Hey Krish, come in, I need to speak to you.’

I couldn’t stop smiling. ‘I need to speak to you too, look I’ve cooked your favourite dishes.’

‘Oh thanks Krish but I’m not hungry, I’m just going to get something when I get to the office.’

I felt really disappointed as I had spent all morning cooking for him. But I brushed it off because the most important thing was telling him how I feel.

‘It’s ok, I need to speak to you.’ I sat down next to him. He was fidgeting with his shirt and folding up his sleeves.

‘Yuvan, I…’ I was feeling shy.

‘Yuvan, we have been friends for a long time. I have been wanting to tell you how I feel about you.’

He looked up at me and stopped what he was doing. ‘Krish..’

But I was determined to tell him.

‘No, let me finish. Yuvan, ever since we were kids I have loved you. You have always been there for me.’ I looked down because I couldn’t look him in the eyes.

‘I-I love you.’

I couldn’t hear anything, there was silence. I looked up at Yuvan and he looked uneasy, he wouldn’t look at me. The smile on my face disappeared.

‘Look Krish… Krish, I’m not ready for this. I just don’t feel it’s the right time for us. I don’t want to be in a relationship right now.’

He looked at me. I turned away, my heart sank and I couldn’t speak.

‘Krish look, I really like you too. I just don’t think it’s the right time for us. Look, I wanted to tell you that I’m going away for 6 weeks for work, dad can’t go so he’s sending me instead. Maybe the break from each other is what we need… Krishna? Are you ok?’

‘I couldn’t look at him or speak, it was like something was stuck in my throat, no words would come out.

‘Krish, I’ve got to go, we will talk about this when I get back, yeh? He then left the room.

I broke down crying, never have I felt so much pain. Tears came pouring out my eyes, I couldn’t control it. My heart felt like it had been ripped into pieces. I fell onto my knees and cried out loud.

The Outhouse- Sayyams POV

I was sat slouched on the sofa with the Tv remote in my hand, flicking through the channels. My mind was somewhere else. I couldn’t get her out of my head. Visions of her earlier in the red dress were flashing before my eyes. She looked so beautiful! I could’ve stared at her all day. She looks so beautiful with her hair out.

‘Sayyam, Sayyam, I need to speak to you.’ Yuvan stormed into the room. He looked really worried. I stood up.

‘Yuvan, what’s wrong?’ I asked.

‘It’s Krishna.’ He seemed so worried.

‘Krishna? What’s happened to Krishna? Is she ok?’ I pulled his arm to face me. I needed to know if she was ok.

He looked confused, he put his hands on his head and sat in the sofa. I sat next to him.

‘She told me she loves me.’

I was shocked at what Yuvan said. I knew she loved him but I didn’t expect her to say it now.

‘I told her I’m not ready, I just don’t think it’s the right time for us Sayyam. This is what I wanted, I wanted her but it just doesn’t feel right.’

I looked at him. I couldn’t believe what he had done. He has rejected HER??

‘How did she take it?’ I asked.

‘I don’t know Sayyam, I’m really worried about her, I need to know that she’s ok.’ He looked at me when he said that. I was curious at what he was thinking. What does he want from me?

‘I’m going away for 6 weeks on business. I want you to look after he for me.’

‘What??!’ I was stunned.

‘I need to know she’s ok. The thing with Krishna is she will show she’s strong but deep down she’s not. She needs someone to be there for her right now.’

‘Why me? You know we don’t like each other. She won’t listen to me, she hates me.’ I didn’t want to do it.

‘Sayyam, please, do this for me, please.’ He knows I can’t say no to him and he looked really worried for her.

‘Ok, OK I will do it.’ He was so happy when I agreed, he thanked me and left.

Just then, it dawned on me what I had agreed to do. Just when I wanted to stay away from her, I can’t. I buried my head in my hands.

After dinner, I looked for Krishna, she wasn’t at the table for dinner. I asked everyone where she was but no one knew.
I had a feeling where she could be. I went to the garden.
She was there sat on the bench, she was still crying. She could see I was walking over to her.

‘What do you want?’she said while wiping her tears.

I sat down next to her. She looked at me.

‘He told you didn’t he?’

I nodded and she turned away. I wanted to make her feel better, I didn’t want to see her like this.

‘Look right now, maybe you both just need some space from each other.’

‘What do YOU know about what I need?’ She wouldn’t look at me.

‘I just think maybe after this break, he may realise his love for you.’ I said. The tears were still flowing down her face.

‘What do you know about love?’ She said abruptly.

‘You’re right, how do I know anything about love? Love is the most amazing feeling but it also has its fair share of pain.’

She wiped the tears on her cheeks, still looking away.

‘Of all the people to see me like this, it had to be you.’

I laughed and I put my arm around her, with my hand on her shoulder. I just wanted to comfort her and make the pain go away.

‘Hey, I know we have never really got on, but you never know, we might just become friends.’I said to her.

She forced a smile and turned her face towards me. She placed her head on my chest and let out all her tears…

Precap- Krishna and Sayyams friendship begins

Hi everyone

I hope you are enjoying my FF. As I am posting quickly, if you have missed a chapter, please read as it will make a lot more sense.



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