Kriyam FF – True Love (Chapter 16) The Final Chapter

Chapter 16 – The Final Chapter

It was the day of the engagement, everyone was busy sorting out the final preparations.
I was sat in Yuvani’s room, lost in my thoughts. I was there in body but my mind was elsewhere. People were gathering around me like a swarm of bees, watching me get ready. Ma hadn’t arrived yet, I kept looking through the window waiting for her. I felt restless, I felt a nervous feeling in my stomach. My head was spinning with thoughts of Sayyam. I need my mother, I need her presence.
Suhani Aunty came into the room.

‘Has anyone seen Yuvan?’ She asked, she seemed really worried.

‘He went out for a run early in the morning and hasn’t come back.’

I began to worry. It’s not like Yuvan to disappear like that. He has a set routine, after his morning jog, he would come straight home to have breakfast. Where could he have gone?? I started pacing around the room with worry. Once everyone had left the room, I quietly sneaked out of the house. There was only one place I could think of where he could be. I made my way to the beach.
Once I arrived, I could see Yuvan in the distance. He seemed so lost, sat on the sand staring at the waves.

‘Yuvan?’ I said softly as I approached him.

‘Now I know why you love the beach so much Krish, it’s so calming. It really helps you clear your mind.’ He said gently, his eyes focussed on the gushing sea. I sat down next to him. We sat in silence admiring the sea view.

‘We can’t get engaged Krishna.’ He said quietly. I looked at him confused.

‘Last night at the party you looked so unhappy the whole time. The only time I saw you genuinely happy was when you were with him. That’s when it hit me and I realised..’ He said. He then faced me.

‘Yuvan, I don’t understand..’ I said.

‘You want him.’ He said interrupting me.

‘You want him like I want you. You love him like I love you. The only difference is he loves you back the same way.
Krish, you will always wonder what could have been. I won’t hold you back anymore Krishna, I care for you too much. And I don’t want you to worry about me, I will still be here and we will still be friends.’ He smiled.
‘Come on, Krish, you know I’m right.’ He said calmly.
‘He has probably left for the airport already. You need to go to him.’ He put his hand on my cheek.

‘Yuvan-‘ I said hesitating.

‘Go Krish, go before I change my mind.’ He said smiling at me.

I nodded. The tears were flowing down my face. I knew he was hurting. Deep down he was hurting to let me go.
I got up and I ran. I ran like my life depended on it. For the first time, I felt free and I felt relieved. I ran home to get changed, I was still in my engagement attire.
I ran into the living area to find Ma standing there with a serious expression.

‘Ma, I need to go to the airport.’ I said struggling to catch my breath.

I ran upstairs, quickly got changed and got a taxi to the airport. The roads were so busy, it was peak time. Sayyams flight was due to leave in an hour. I was worried I wouldn’t make it on time. Suddenly, the taxi came to a halt. There was a traffic jam, the road was gridlocked and no cars were moving. If I waited, I would miss the flight. I began to panic.

‘How far is the airport from here?’ I asked the taxi driver.

‘It’s about 10 minutes drive from here.’ He said.

I got out of the taxi and ran to the airport. I ran as fast as I could. I still had half an hour, I didn’t want to risk being late.
I arrived at the airport. I was struggling for breath, exhausted from running. I rushed in and searched everywhere for Sayyam, I couldn’t find him. I began to panic, my heart was racing. What if I missed him??

From a distance, a figure caught my eye. I saw a man fitting Sayyams description wearing a black blazer and blue jeans waiting for the lift. I rushed over. By this time he had entered the lift and the door was about to close. I reached out and put my hand between the doors to stop it from closing. The doors opened and I rushed in. Standing in front of me was Sayyam staring at me in shock. The rest of the lift was empty.

Seeing him, a tingling sensation ran through my body. I was so happy to see him, my heart was racing even faster. I wanted to run up to him and hug him.

‘Krishna, what are you doing here?’ He asked, stunned to see me.

‘I came to see you.’ I stepped towards the lift buttons and pulled the emergency stop button. The lift jerked to a halt and the force pushed me onto him. Our eyes were locked on one another’s.

‘Krishna, what’s going on, why have you stopped the lift?.’ He said.
He walked over to the buttons to start the lift. I quickly ran in front of him to stop him and stood close to him, our faces inches away from each other’s.

‘I want to talk to you.’ I said quietly.

I could see he felt uncomfortable. He turned away with his back facing me and placed his hands in his pockets.

‘Whatever you have got to say, you need to say it quick, I’ve got a plane to catch.’ He said sternly.

I took a deep breath. I gathered the courage to express the feelings in my heart.

‘Do you remember when you first came back to India? We both got stuck in this lift. I felt something for you, I just didn’t realise what it was. I was drawn to you-‘ I said before he interrupted me.

‘Krishna, I need to go, please hurry up.’ He said.

‘I love you!’ I shouted. He turned to face me.

‘What did you say?’ He asked. I stepped towards him.

‘I love you. I love you more than anything. I have known since the moment you kissed me and maybe even before that. All I know is that I don’t want to run away from it anymore, I don’t want to hide.’ I placed my hands on his cheeks and pulled his face towards mine. I gently kissed his lips. He was completely stunned. The smile I have always loved appeared on his face, he seemed so happy. He couldn’t stop smiling. He struggled to get his words out from shock. He leaned his forehead on mine and gently pressed his lips on mine. He hugged me tightly. I closed my eyes and held him tight, I felt so safe in his arms.

‘So, what now?’ He said.

‘I want to come with you.’ I said with a smile.

‘What?’ He asked in shock.

****FLASHBACK**** Earlier in the day at Krishna’s house

I ran into the living area to find Ma standing there with a serious expression.

‘Ma, I need to go to the airport.’ I said trying to catch my breath.

‘I wondered when you would come to your senses.’ She said smiling. I looked at her confused.

‘I could always feel a spark between you and Sayyam and when I saw you both dancing last night, I could see in your eyes how much you both love each other.’ She placed her hands on my cheeks as a smile appeared on my face.

‘Sayyam is perfect for you.’ She said happily.

‘Sayyam came to see me about half an hour ago to say his goodbyes and take my blessings. Krishna, why didn’t you tell me what was going on? I could tell you were unhappy about the engagement but you weren’t telling me anything. Krishna, he told me how much he loves you.’ She said.

‘Ma, I need to stop him from leaving.’

‘Why do you need to stop him?’ She asked. She turned and picked up a suitcase from behind her and placed it in front of me. I was even more confused.

‘Why stop him, when you can go with him?’ She said with a big smile on her face.

‘Ma, what are you saying?’ I was in shock.
‘I can’t go, I can’t leave you.’

‘Krishna, you don’t need to worry about me. I have lots of things to keep me busy. Your happiness is with Sayyam. I know he will look after you and keep you happy. If you’re happy, then I’m happy. I have packed your passport and some of your belongings. Go and live your life Krishna, just make sure you come back once summer is over.’

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I couldn’t control my tears. Ma started to cry too, I hugged her tightly.

‘Now go. You’ve got a plane to catch.’ She kissed my forehead.

‘I love you so much Ma.’

‘I love you too.’

I ran upstairs to get changed and got a taxi to the airport.


‘I want to come with you. I brought my bag. I don’t want to be away from you any longer. I want to be near you all the time. I can’t live without you Sayyam.’ I said.

He couldn’t believe what I just said. He was struggling to speak.

‘That’s if you will take me with you?’ I said with a smile with our arms round each other.

‘I’m not sure…’ He said with a cheeky smile.

‘Maybe this will help make up your mind.’ I said as I pushed him against the lift wall and placed my lips on his.

‘Ok, Ok, you’ve convinced me.’ He said with a big grin.

We hugged each other and felt comfort in each other arms. We didn’t want to let go of each other.

‘We had better get going or we will miss the flight.’ He said as he pushed the emergency button to get the lift moving again.
We held hands as we made our way through the airport and boarded the plane.

As we took our seats, I looked through the plane window watching the sun fall below the horizon. The sky was a beautiful blend of pink and orange. Like the beautiful sunset, a chapter of our life was ending and the next chapter of our life was beginning. Being with Sayyam felt so right, I couldn’t be happier.

Visions of how our relationship developed ran through my mind. At first, I didn’t like him, I found him arrogant, but I felt a spark between us. Once I got to know him and digged under the cold surface, I found an attractive and captivating personality. Like a magnetic force I was drawn to him, I couldn’t keep away. Like a storm he took me by surprise, kissing me and forcing me to bring these underlying, unexplained feelings to the surface. Forcing me to confront why I was so affected by his kiss.
The feelings developed and grew stronger and too powerful to handle. I responded to these uncontrollable feelings. He completely took my breath away, his every touch was spine-tingling and made me feel alive. I would find myself yearning for him more and more.

I searched in my dreams for my perfect man and now I have found him. It’s true what they say, you find love in the most unexpected places, he was the one person I didn’t think I would ever fall for. He has filled the void in my heart. My heart is now complete.

I looked at him with a smile and kissed him on his lips. I linked my arm with his and rest my head on his shoulder. My heart felt content. I will never let go of him again.

As the plane set off into the beautiful orange skies, I realised this is it, this is real. I’m starting a new life with the man I love, my dream guy, my one and only TRUE LOVE…

Hi everyone

That’s it! The FF is over. I really hope you all liked the ending. I wanted to show them going off into the sunset together to start a new life.
Thank you to you all for taking the time to read and follow my FF, it’s the comments and likes that kept me going. I always wanted an intense love story for Kriyam in SSEL but we didn’t get this, so that’s why is started this FF. My first ever FF. Honestly, I have loved writing this story, I felt emotional once I had finished.

I hope you have all enjoyed the FF. Please let me know what you thought of the final chapter. Can I also ask you all a couple of other questions:

* What was your favourite chapter and why?
* What was your favourite Kriyam scene from my FF? For me it’s really hard as the writer as I’ve loved writing every Kriyam scene. I am thinking of writing another FF. I’m thinking of another intense love story. What do you all think? Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you all again for your support and encouragement.

Shaz x

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  1. Mayesha

    I don’t know how many times I have looked out for this last chapter yesterday… I was literally angry and also was becoming mad for this one… I was having a bit headache before reading this out.. but now it’s all gone with the cutie pie ending of this ff… Though now a days I don’t grt enough tym to read and comment on ffs. But I do regularly read ur ff since the 1st one…. I don’t know how u got so much talent to find out the heart stealing ideas… It was really very a huge glorious approach … Best of luck for ur next ff… hope to see some again blockbuster scenes on Kriyam that will kill ur Kriyam’s love hunger for sure…..

    1. Mayesha

      And about the best chapters according me….. I loved the chapter 11 and 12… when Sayyam found Krishna.. especially when they were about to kiss.. that wet scene!!!! The next one when Sayyam confessed and again the passionate kiss…

      But all through the ff… my fav scene was on the beach… dont know why.. but whenever I read about the beach.. I felt very soothing… It was beyond my imagination to imagine Kriyam beside the beach… but when I imagined that!!!! It was one of my best feelings while reading any ff on tellyupdates.. thankx for giving me that awesome feelings…

      1. Shaz19

        I loved writing all the Kriyam scenes but the ‘Kriyam moment’ in chapter 11 was one of my favourites to write. I always wanted an intense love story for Kriyam but we didn’t get that so I decided to put all my ideas into an FF. Oh and the beach scenes, I wrote for the same reason, it’s such a relaxing and peaceful place, so I decided that would be the Kriyams important place. It’s where she dreamt of him, where she realised he was her dream guy and also it was the place they spent time together when they were a couple. Thank you so much for supporting my FF, I really appreciate you taking the time to read it and comment. I am hoping to write a new FF soon, but I’m still thinking of ideas. X

    2. Shaz19

      Oh I’m so sorry Mayesha! Please accept my apologies, I had a busy weekend with the family so I didn’t get round to updating. I’m sorry for making you angry, but I am glad that my FF made you feel better. Thank you so much for your amazing comments, it means a lot x

  2. You are amazing writer
    I always feel speechless after reading your ff
    Like other chapters this was also a perfect ending
    And about favorite chap I can’t say because I am in ishq with ur ff
    And plzz come early with other intense love story
    Love you
    Be happy
    Come sooner

    1. Shaz19

      Thank you so much Pallavi for your lovely comments. I’m so happy you loved my FF as much as I did. I will try to write a new FF soon. Thank you so much for your supporting my FF, I really appreciate it x

  3. Aarti32

    Shaz..first of all, tell me when r u writing your next ff?? Public demand pe likhna pdega??
    It was awesome..I enjoyed every bit of it..

    1. Shaz19

      Oh gosh, I have no idea?? I guess I need to start thinking of some ideas as the public are demanding a new FF lol! On a serious note, thank you so much for everything. You have supported my FF since I put it on IF and with your encouragement I put it on here. I was afraid at first but you told me to do it and I’m glad I did, thank you so much. In the meantime, I need to start thinking of some ideas for a new FF!

  4. AnahitaAnnie

    I am holding a tissue wiping my tears for the second time.. The ending it just so great.. So officially Yuvan is sort of Grey character.. And I loved the fact that Krishna went to England with Saiyyam.. It totally added a different touch in story instead of bringing Saiyyam back.. I must appreciate ur creativity… My favourite chapter was when Kriyam confessed(sorry I forgot the number) and my favourite scene was the first kiss.. I enjoyed reading ur amazing writing soo much.. And Now as we are requesting we have to come back with a new one.. I love ur writing.. I am quite crappy with giving ideas but I will still give it a shot.. We could do one where Kriyam are rivals in career, studies or anything like that, or Krishna is obsessed over Saiyyam and vice Versa, u could do a comic romance ff with Kriyam as high school sweethearts, or we could do a triller or horror(i am a horror fan), or as we used to see in movies before kriyam loves each other but there are familial barriers(sort of an old concept but I am just putting everything I can think of), u can also do a forced married one, or Saiyyam likes girl and takes help from Krishna to make her jealous but instead falls in love with her or vice versa and last if kriyam acts as match-makers for others and they slip into making match for their own.. Sorry for torturing u with those bad ideas.. Now I am coming back, Whichever plot u choose to write with I know we will love it.. After all a great writer like u can make anything interesting with ur amazing writing depictions and own style.. I have really enjoyed my reading ur awesome writing.. Thank u soo much for giving us such an intriguing and amazing story..
    Eagerly waiting for ur come back….
    With love,

    1. Shaz19

      Annie, you’re making me emotional with your comments! ?? Thank you sooo much for your amazing comments, it’s means so much, especially coming from a talented writer!

      Yuvan was just scared of losing Krishna, that’s why he did what he did but in the end he realised her heart belongs to Sayyam. Once he saw them dancing together at the party, he realised they both really love each other and she wants to be with Sayyam, so he let her go. He knew she would be afraid to let go of him as he has been with her since childhood so he had to let go of her so that she would then go to Sayyam.

      Yes I loved writing the Kriyam confession scene. I always imagined that it would be like that when I wrote it. I wanted it to be filled with emotion and passion. Krishna couldn’t fight these feelings anymore, she wanted answers, she wanted to know why she is feeling this way.

    2. Shaz19

      Thank you again for supporting my FF from the beginning, even thought you have read it already. I’m so happy that you were willing to read the whole thing again even though you knew what was going to happen.
      Thank you for the great ideas, I will add them to my list of potential storylines.

      Thank you again. Lots of love x

  5. I absolutely loved all the scenes where they kissed each other?everything in this ff was on fleek?amazing end it was?❤

    1. Shaz19

      Thank you so much Zani! You have also been reading my FF from the beginning, thank you so much!! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment every time.

      Thank you, I’m so glad you loved my FF x

  6. Plzz write another FF
    Love u

    1. Shaz19

      Hi Djodishwari!! Hope you are well. I remember you reading my FF since IF. I will try to write another FF soon. Lots of love x

  7. I loved all the scenes and the ending is really amazing come back with another kriyam ff

    1. Shaz19

      Hi! Thank you so much! I remember you saying that you read my FF on IF, I’m glad you enjoyed it so much to read it again. I will try to write another FF soon x

  8. Faeeqa

    You kept the story full of emotions and dramatic right till the end. I remember getting a few pleasant surprises in your last chapter. You really have a natural talent for writing Shaz! Loved reading it again! I really hope you do write another ff on Kriyam, as Anjali said the public demands it!! 😀 😀

    1. Shaz19

      Thank you Faeeqa! You have been a great friend since IF and have always read and commented on every chapter from the beginning. It means a lot that you read it again and took the time to comment too. You are an amazing writer so it means so much that you like my FF. I want to write another FF, I just can’t think of any storylines right now lol. I will let you know when I do write one though!

      Thank you so much again for supporting me and my FF.

      Love u x

  9. Love it been reading from day 1
    Sorry for not commenting
    Please please write another one

    1. Shaz19

      Hi Aisha, thank you so much for your lovely comments. I’m so glad that you have been reading my FF from the start. I’m so glad you loved it. I will try to write a new story soon. Thank you again for supporting my FF x

  10. Fanficwriter

    Hey Shaz, I’m so happy I checked this site when I did because I found this masterpiece of a last chapter just waiting for me?…
    When I was reading the part where Krishna stops the elevator doors from closing, I was feeling so nostalgic, and I was thinking “Wow, so their story started and ended in the same place”…and then you brought back those memories through Krishna. I love how you brought this story in a full circle, and how you ended it with a new beginning (I love how you described the sky?), it just provided the story with a beautiful and heart touching ending scene…just amazing.

    Girl, you should have known better than to ask such pointless questions? I swear, I can’t tell you which chapter I liked the most, because they all were so unique and well-worded. They all added so much to this story and each one was just so special. I loved all the chapters (how could I not? Especially when they have been written by such a wonderful writer!)
    A few of my favorite scenes were the two elevator scenes and probably all the passionate and emotion-filled scenes (which most likely accounts for all Kriyam scenes ?)

    Your innate talent with words and description fills me with so much wonder and amazement every single time. You’re gonna go really far in life Shaz, what with all the awesome skills you’ve got?
    Hope to see you around soon with another piece of writing. I wish you all the best for your future, you’re amazing Shaz, never forget that. I’m honored to been able to know and be friends with such a talented, beautiful person such as yourself.

    Love ya Shaz!
    Shreya <3

    1. Shaz19

      Oh my goodness Shreya!!! You made me feel so emotional!! I couldn’t stop smiling either! ??? Your comments are amazing and mean soooo much!!! You are an incredible writer and I could never be anywhere as good as you, but for you to say all these lovely things about this story means A LOT!

      Lol! My questions were a but pointless weren’t they?? I couldn’t choose a favourite scene or chapter myself as a writer so how can I expect everyone else?? Lol ?
      I have to agree with you, I absolutely loved writing the emotional and passion filled scenes. I put myself in Krishna and Sayyams place and tried to imagine how I would feel and put that into the story. I tried to have a good Kriyam scene in every chapter.

      I’m so lost for words at your comments. I really don’t know what to say, you have made me speechless Shreya! Thank you so much for your support, you are a fabulous writer, a competition winner, it means a lot that you took the time to read and comment on my story. I wish you all the best for the future too. im honoured to be friends with such a talented writer too and you are such a lovely person too. I will try and write another FF soon but in the meantime I will keep myself going with all the amazing ffs on TU including yours.

      Please keep in touch, love you x

  11. Hy shaz , i m big kriyam fan but m silent reader i dnt get tym to comment. m commenting first tym for ur ff. it was marvellous yr n ur writing skills are amazing. u wrote very well n describes scenes perfectly.
    my fav ch was that in which krishna goes missing n sayam finds him n their little bit of intimacy was amazing.
    Plz i request u never stop writing.
    Just ehance ur skills.
    now i came to ideas u can write something like arrange marriage or force marriage where they both hate eo but gradually falls in luv. whateve u choose it should hv full intimacy track . kisses, honeymoon, should b on high point.
    all the vry bst

    1. Shaz19

      Hi Palak, thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my FF. That scene was my favourite to write too ?

      I hope to be back soon with a new FF. Full intimacy track? I will have a think of a story and put some sort of intimacy in there. I enjoy writing Kriyam scenes. They were such an amazing couple to write about. Thank you for commenting! X

  12. Fidato

    Shaz…this is something beyond my imagination… Wow…ithna beautiful ending..I never think about… I love this Yuvaan…At last he give up before their love… You are right.. Ssel always do injustice with kriyam and kriyam fans… I dunno what all I could say… Please come up with another…Ff.. I really don’t want to go…So.. I think Annie give you enough ideas…To start… Anyway hope you will get back with a rocking story…

    All kriyam scenes are adorable…All kisses..Too… Sayyam confession is the best..And emotional out burst after Yuvaan knew about kriyam…

    Are you from India or some other…??
    If…So.. in Sony pix they are going to show twilight saga again.. movies are different from book… The dialogue when Sayyam ask Krishna “give me one good reason to stay” it’s exactly the same in twilight… Anyway I’m just a big fan of twilight saga…

    1. Shaz19

      Thank you so much Fidato! Yes Yuvan realised Krishna loves and wants to be with Sayyam and he can’t stand in her way. I’m so happy you loved my ff, it means a lot. You are a very talented writer.
      I am hoping to write another FF soon. I’m still thinking of ideas.
      I haven’t watched twilight, I’m from the uk. It does show Twilight on tv sometimes, so next time it’s on I will watch it. It might give me some inspiration!

      Thank you again for supporting my FF. In the meantime I will enjoy your FF x

  13. I know I know I am late?…Seriously never thought that the ff ended with this chapter??…It was a short journey but a spectacular one …Shaz u r blessed and the way u wrote the last line and the sunset, the new beginnings ?..loved everything to the core? fav kriyyam moment was when saiyyam and Krishna kissed..I loved it becuz he just told his feelings without words..bit by his one action….come up with a new story ..We will be waiting ?& u were and always will be an amazing friend a ff writer?..thank u for sharing u wonderful gift with us..may god bless u?
    With lots of love?
    Isha AKA Lamiya (call me Lami or miya) I have got two nicknames in one name??

    1. Amazing friend & an amazing ff writer*

      1. Shaz19

        Thank you so much for your comments Miya! I have loved writing this FF, I’m sad that it’s over. I’m glad you loved it and I know you have followed it since the start. I am thinking of writing a new FF, hopefully you will see something from me soon. Thank you for being a good friend and supporting my FF x

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