Kriyam ff- The one year marriage (FINAL Chapter 13)

Chapter 13- Final chapter

They sat silently as they drove to the farmhouse. Their swollen, red eyes revealed everything that they had been through last night. Sayyam was looking straight ahead trying to focus on the road, while Krishna was looking out the window. Neither had the courage to speak up, afraid they will reveal their true feelings and ruin that something which hadn’t even started yet. All that kept repeating through their minds was their conversation from last night.


Sayyam mein Mumbai jao na? Krishna asked again looking at Sayyam, desperate for him to say something, anything.

Sayyam looked back at Krishna, still trying to take in what he had just heard. It felt like he had just been woken up from a dream, in the harshest way possible, a blissful dream that had become all too real for him. He realised that somewhere deep inside he had hoped this would last forever. But alas it didn’t. If she wanted to leave, he had no right to stop her.

Agar tumhari khushi issi mein hai tho… haan tum jao Mumbai, I have no problem He remained stoic as he spoke, unwilling to let her see what was going through his mind.

Krishna was heartbroken, how could he be so indifferent to her leaving, after everything they had been through together.

Meri khushi? Meri khushi tumhare saath hai Sayyam She thought to herself. How badly she wanted to say this to him.

Kush tho tum ho ge na, ke mein jaldi ja rahi hoon? She asked getting choked up.

Sayyam was slightly taken aback by her question, but he couldn’t answer it, he couldn’t lie about this.

Tumne baki sab ko bata diya hai? He asked avoiding her question. Krishna frowned, not getting the answer she wanted.

Haan meine ghar main sab ko kal bata diya tha. Suhani Aunty wants all the family to spend time together at the farmhouse before I leave. She replied quietly, finding it painful to speak now. Sayyam’s eyebrows furrowed, he couldn’t help, but feel disappointed that he was the last to know about Krishna leaving.

His head started pounding, he needed to get out, he couldn’t take it anymore, it felt like he would suffocate being around her for another minute. Krishna watched him walk outside without saying another word. She had never felt this disappointed in her entire life as she ran to her room and collapsed on to her bed, letting her tears soak into her sheets.

End of flashback

Sayyam glanced over at Krishna who was still looking out the window. It still hurt him that she didn’t tell him about her transfer. Had he not forced it out of her, was she planning on leaving him without telling him? Do I not hold any importance in her life? These thoughts kept going through his mind all night.

Krishna sighed remembering the expression Sayyam had last night, before he walked out. Sayyam you are the most important person in my life, of course it would be difficult to tell you. I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving you, but I know you must be happy. Krishna thought to herself fighting back her tears again.

How could you think I am happy you are leaving me Krishna? How could you even ask me that? Sayyam thought in frustration.

Krishna remembered the first time they drove up to the farmhouse together. It was so different back then, she would have never thought an innocent budding friendship would turn into such a painful love for her. With them still absorbed in their own thoughts they finally reached the farmhouse. All the family was excited and proud of Krishna for getting this project, unaware that she will not be returning. It was a bright sunny day, so everyone decided to play some outdoor games. Krishna was grateful for this, being around everyone, laughing and joking helped her relax and take her mind off of Sayyam for a while.

Sayyam chose to just watch from the side, his mind still plagued by the thought of Krishna leaving. Amidst the games, it unexpectedly started to pour down with rain. Everyone started running inside, but then Yuvani had a fun idea. She put on some music and started dancing, pulling Krishna out with her into the rain. They were soon joined by everyone as they all danced in the rain. Sayyam remained under cover, choosing to watch everyone, more precisely Krishna, feeling a knot in his stomach, listening to the song being played.

Dil te mera kamla hoya
Jane kerhy khawab saja baitha
Tu mera aen mera hi aen
Khud nu laary laa baitha
Mera roam roam khali aye
Mere saary khawab jaali ne
Mere kol aa dil nu samjha

Tu mera nahi tu mera nahi…

Yuvaan noticed Sayyam staring at Krishna. He could clearly see his longing for her on his face. He rolled his eyes in annoyance, as he walked up to him. Someone needed to give him a push towards her. Despite his protests Yuvaan pulled Sayyam out to her.

You must tell her Sayyam He told him quietly before leaving him standing in front of her.

Yuvani stopped Krishna from dancing and turned her around to face Sayyam, before leaving them alone. They now stood facing each other, the rain running freely down their faces and into their already soaked clothes. Unknowingly Sayyam extended his hand forward. Krishna looked at Sayyam, slightly puzzled. A knowing smile formed on their faces as they remembered their first dance together.

Hanjuan gin gin raat sajai
Per teri koi khabar na ayi
Dil aye darda ho ke parda
Murr aaja kar le karda
Mera roam roam khali aye
Mere saary khawab jaali ne
Mere kol aa dil nu samjha

Tu mera nahi tu mera nahi…

She gently placed her hand into his, feeling nostalgic as the same feelings passed through her from the first time they danced together. It made her wonder how long had she actually liked him for. He pulled her close, sliding his other hand around her waist and resting it on her lower back. They became lost in each others eyes, as they entered into another world, the gushing waters around them shielding them away from their harsh reality.

Tere baju rondi aye kyun
Ankhiyan di pyaas bhuja meri
Kuch na mangun qismat kolon
Aye haal ki si saza meri
Tu mera nahi tu mera nahi
Tu mera mera mera nahi
Tu mera mera mera nahi..

He leaned in closer, kissing away the rain droplets that fell onto her shoulder and neck before resting his cheek against hers. How he wanted to stay like this forever. Krishna closed her eyes as his all too familiar scent made her grow weak in the knees. She moved her head away, but just enough so their noses still almost touched. Krishna could see the desire in his eyes as his face moved closer to hers. She knew where this was going. She looked on nervously as she felt his hot breath on her lips. His lips were only an inch away when she put her hand over his lips, stopping him.

You can’t do this to me again Sayyam She said, her voice quivering.

Sayyam blinked a few times, coming out of his daze. He frowned taking her hand away.

What do you mean again? He asked her, confused.

Krishna realised what she had said and stepped back, breaking away from his hold.

It’s nothing She replied quietly.

She turned around to leave, but Sayyam grabbed her arm, turning her to face him. Sayyam searched her eyes for an answer, he couldn’t tell if she was crying or if it was the rain drops rolling down her cheeks.

Krishna tell me! He demanded, tightening his grip on her.

Krishna winced in pain, trying to free herself. Sayyam let me go! She cried.

Sayyam wasn’t listening First tell me what this is about! He demanded again.

It’s about you kissing me! Krishna shouted her voice clearly being heard over the roaring sound of the heavy downpour.

Sayyam eyes grew wide as he let go of Krishna. He instantly realised what kiss she was talking about, remembering the last day of their honeymoon. It all made sense now.

Everyone around them had stopped dancing after hearing Krishna. Sayyam grabbed her hand and pulled her inside. Suhani looked on worriedly, about to go after them, but was stopped by Yuvani.

Yuvani un dono ke beech mein sab theek hai na? She asked her.

Haan Ma ab sab kuch theek ho jai ga! She smiled,winking at Yuvaan and Baby, as Suhani looked at her, becoming even more confused.

Sayyam took Krishna to his room and closed the door. Krishna felt her heart pounding in her chest as she stood still, nervously looking down.

Tumne muje pehle kyu nahi bataya? He asked her through gritted teeth, still facing away from her.

Krishna was surprised by his anger, why was he angry when she was the one that had to suffer through this.

What would you have done if I told you anyway?…I know, you would’ve said it was a mistake and I’m just you DOST right?! She asked him, feeling the anger build inside her.

Sayyam turned around and faced her, surprised by her outburst. Krishna couldn’t keep it in anymore, there was no point, she had suffered enough.

Then you would’ve run away Sayyam because that’s what you’ve always done! You cared for me, looked after me and whenever I tried to get close to you, you would run away! Krishna yelled, fuming with anger now, her eyes brimming with tears.

This only aggravated Sayyam further, to the point where he couldn’t think straight anymore, couldn’t control his emotions anymore. He grabbed Krishna’s arms, his intense stare boring into her soul.

I would’ve run away? what about you?! You are the one running away now! Do you have any idea how much I tried to control myself around you? From the moment, I first met you I tried to push up away, but it all failed. You made me fall in love with your smile, your laughter, your teasing, your anger, your everything and now you decide to leave! Why did you take away my loneliness only to leave me alone again! Why did you make me fall in love with you?! Sayyam was breathing heavily as he let out every word he had painfully kept in his heart for so long.

Krishna stood there in shock, as tears rolled down her cheeks taking in the words that he had just said. Sayyam felt his heart sink seeing her cry as he held her arms. I’m sorry Krishna, I shouldn’t hav…

Krishna shook her head as she flung her arms around his neck and hugged him.

You idiot, do you have any idea how long I’ve waited for you to say this?! She said between sobs. Of course I don’t want to leave you Sayyam. I love you, I realised this ever since we came back from our honeymoon!

Krishna had her eyes shut tight, as she confessed her feelings to him, too embarrassed to look at him. Sayyam felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders hearing those words. He hugged her back tightly as they felt a sense of relief wash over them.

I never want to leave you Krishna whispered nuzzling his ear.

Sayyam pulled away from the hug. Krishna I still want you to go to Mumbai. He said.

Krishna looked at him in shock. Why?

He smiled holding her hands. I want you to succeed in your career Krishna, I don’t want you to hold back because of me and this time I know you will be back He said a smirk forming on his face. Aur agar tum na ayi wapis tho…

He put his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him…I’ll come and get you myself He whispered looking deep into her eyes. Krishna felt her heart skip a beat as a warm smile formed on her lips.

She leaned in and placed a kiss on his cheek. Thank you Sayyam She said beaming at him, leaving him slightly dumbfounded.

Not fair Krishna, you never let me kiss you Sayyam teased her, gently touching his forehead with hers.

Krishna looked away shyly, as her heart began to flutter in her chest. Sayyam smirked placing his hand on her cheek, turning her head to face him. Her eyes sparkled as they looked up at him in anticipation, making him lose all control in himself. He closed his eyes as he tilted his head, softly brushing his lips across her cheek, inhaling in her sweet scent. He whispered her name breathlessly before placing his lips on to hers. It was slow and gentle kiss as they poured their love into it..

Krishna pulled away trying to catch her breath, but Sayyam only gave her a few seconds before he cupped her face and captured her lips again. The kiss became more demanding and passionate. Krishna ran her fingers down his spine, pulling him closer, until she could hear his heart beating against her chest.

It took them awhile to realise someone knocking on the door. They pulled away, but still held onto each other as they tried to compose themselves.

Open the door Sayyam Krishna told him.

Sayyam pouted not wanting to let her go. Krishna giggled at his cute expression as she tousled his wet hair before pushing him away to open the door herself. She opened the door to reveal Suhani standing there, looking very worried.

Tum dono aise kyu chale gay the? Sab theek hai na? She asked them frantically.

Yuvani also arrived standing behind her. I’m sorry guys, I tried to stop her, but she didn’t list…

But before she could finish speaking Sayyam did the most unexpected thing and hugged Suhani.

Don’t worry Ma everything is fine now He smiled.

Yuvani looked on with wide eyes before Krishna gave her a knowing smile. Yuvani understood as she squealed in delight, running over to give her a hug

Congratulations guys!

8 months later…

Congratulations again guys! Yuvani beamed pulling away from Krishna.

Your apartment is beautiful Yuvaan smiled looking around.

After Krishna had returned from Mumbai, Sayyam still wanted to move out of the Birla House and this time Krishna didn’t want to stop him. She knew his happiness was in having his own place and maybe she felt the same way too.

I’m sorry Suhani Aunty, I know you wanted us to stay at the Birla House Krishna said.

Krishna, as long as my children are happy I don’t mind where they stay and I know you both will be much happier here Krishna nodded and hugged Suhani.

Thank you Ma Sayyam smiled at Suhani as he hugged her too.

Ok I think we better leave its getting late Yuvraaj spoke up. Sayyam and Krishna waved everyone goodbye and closed the door.

As soon as the door closed Krishna let out a shriek as Sayyam suddenly picked her up in his arms.

Ye tum kya kar rahe ho Sayyam?! She asked putting her arms around his neck.

Kuch nahi..I’m just taking my wife to our new bedroom He replied in his deep, husky voice, winking at her with a smirk.

Krishna was stunned by his sudden change in mood.

Abhi toh gaye hai sab! She said feeling heat rush to her face.

Haan toh sab chale gaye hai na, now there won’t be any interruptions He whispered nuzzling her neck.

She closed her eyes as she rested her head against his chest, feeling his increasing heartbeat. Krishna looked up at Sayyam as they lovingly stared into each other’s eyes, knowing exactly what the other was thinking. Despite being around people that loved and cherished them, they still felt lonely, like they had nowhere they belonged. But after finding each other they felt complete, the emptiness that they both carried their entire life had been filled, they finally found a place they could call ‘home’.

I love you Krishna Sayyam tenderly placed a kiss on her forehead, walking to their bedroom.

I love you too Sayyam. Krishna replied closing their bedroom door behind them.

Their marriage may have started off knowing it would end someday, but what came out of it was a love story which will carry on forever, without an ending…

That is it guys! I hope you liked the ending. I know my ff didn’t have a very exciting storyline, but my main focus when I started writing my ff was to show as many Kriyam scenes as possible and I must say I have really enjoyed writing them. I was disappointed that I had to rush the story and show a 8 month time skip because of the show ending so soon. My initial intention was to show a whole year of their marriage, but I still hope it turned out ok.

I can’t thank you guys enough for the amazing comments and support, I have really appreciated them! Lastly since this is my final chapter I do hope readers leave me some final comments about how they found my ff. Thank you for taking the time to read my ff! Bye!

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    1. Faeeqa

      Thank you so much for reading my ff and commenting, I really appreciate it!? I always tried my best to describe the scenes well. I’m so glad you loved them. I will try to write something on Kriyam.

  2. Loved it
    Please write another one

    1. Faeeqa

      Thank you ? I’m glad you loved it! I’ll try to write something.

  3. Aarti32

    An amazing journey it was..luvly FF faeeqa..wat an amazing story..such awesome scenes..totally phenomenal

    1. Faeeqa

      Anjali! Thank you so much for supporting me from the beginning, right from the IF days! ??

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    1. Faeeqa

      Awww thank you so much for all your lovely comments Jenita! You’re no fool! I was actually going to make her pregnant, but then I didn’t want to make her pregnant so early like they did in the show ?? Thank you again for reading and will miss you too ❤️ I’ll try to write something.

  5. It was amazingly written?❤Just perfect❤I loved when they Confess their love for each other❤Their own home??Everything was on fleek?

    1. Faeeqa

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my ff Zani! ?And I really appreciate that you commented every time ?❤️ It wasn’t a very dramatic confession, but I’m so pleased you liked it!

  6. An Fab end to a fab ff…?..Faeeqa I always loved reading our ff ..can’t believe the ff is over? and plz come up with a new story…I know I am asking for more..but I just love kriyyam so much ?..U were a fab ff writer and an amazing friend..?though the storyline was simple but beautifully written..
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    1. Faeeqa

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment Miya! ? I was worried my storyline might be a bit too simple and boring ? but I’m glad you liked it! Thank you for being a good friend and for reading for my ff ❤️

  7. fabulous epi yaar u r an amazing writer come back with another kriyam ff

    1. Faeeqa

      Thank you so much! Really appreciate it ? Sorry I couldn’t continue this, but I’ll try to write something else on Kriyam!

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      Hi Mahi! Thank you for reading my ff! ? I appreciate your lovely comment and I’ll try to come back soon with something else!

  9. Fidato

    Such a beautiful ending…to an extremely beautiful ff…. It’s really an amazing ff… You depicted their feelings,thoughts truly and realistic… Thank you..So much..And hope you will come back with another beautiful Kriyam….

    1. Faeeqa

      Thank you Fidato! ? I’m glad I was able to write their feelings out well, was a bit worried about that ? Thank you again for reading and I’ll try to come back soon! I’ll enjoy your ff in the meantime 🙂

  10. AnahitaAnnie

    It was one of the best endings a love story could ever have.. That was soo cute.. I like the fact that both of them together moved to their own house and the confession.. I don’t know how many times I read the chapter but I can’t help feeling soo happy and sad at the same time at each read.. I have enjoyed from their cute nok-jhoks to amazing passionate love.. The story line was always fascinating and the dialogues were awesome.. I really want u to come back with a new one.. Ur story was sooo good and I can’t stop praising ur writing style.. Anyways, thanks for taking out time form ur busy schedule to post the ff here… And thank u soo much for giving us such to relish such an amazing kriyam story.. Hope u will come back…☺

    1. Faeeqa

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my ff Annie! I have really enjoyed and appreciated reading your wonderful comments! ?? I’ve always wanted Kriyam to move out of the Birla House, that house is just too crazy for them! ? I’m sad it’s all ended, I’ve really loved writing all the Kriyam scenes, especially the nok-jhoks and I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it all. Thank you again for the support and I’ll try my best to come back with something new.

      Meanwhile I’m eagerly waiting for your next update! ?

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    Actually I was busy with the college
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    1. Faeeqa

      Don’t be sorry, I’m just so greatful you took the time to read my ff and for all the lovely comments! I’m glad I was able to describe everything well. Thank you so much for the support ? I’ll will try to come back with a new idea.

  12. Fenil

    Aflatoon Chappy Dear.
    I had read all chappies but didn’t comments because of busy office and study life.
    Loved it whole story , seriously dear.
    Missing Kriyaam …
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    1. Faeeqa

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! ? I appreciate it! I totally understand being busy from office and study life. I’m really pleased you loved the story. I tried my best to describe all the moments and their feelings well, so I’m glad you liked them ?

  13. Shaz19

    Sorry it’s taken me so long to comment Faeeqa! I absolutely loved your FF, you are one amazing writer!! You are so talented with your words, you describe everything so well that I can imagine all the Kriyam scenes. I loved the story, it is a shame it wasn’t longer. It would be amazing if you can come back with another FF or SS or even an OS. Thank you for being a good friend since IF, it was you who encouraged me to write x

    1. Faeeqa

      Don’t be sorry Shaz, you have been so supportive and such a good friend from the time I started this ff on IF, so thank you so much! ?? It’s because of your encouragement I put up my ff on here too. I’m glad you enjoyed my ff on here again. It’s good that I encouraged you right, you came out with such an amazing ff! ???

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