Kriyam ff- The one year marriage (Chapter 9)

Chapter 9

Sayyam woke up and peaked over the mountain of pillows that Krishna had laid out between them, to see if she was awake, but she wasn’t there. He got up and walked to the bathroom to see if she was inside, but she wasn’t there either.

Where could she have gone, so early in the morning? He thought to himself, going to the bathroom to get ready. Once he was ready he went downstairs and found Krishna sitting in the living, reading her novel. Finally your awake, shall we go now She spoke up without looking at him.

Tum kaise itni jaldi ready hogay? He asked her.

She didn’t reply, getting up and walked pass him, towards the front door. Sayyam looked on perplexed by her behaviour. He grabbed her arm and turned her around to face him.

What’s wrong with you? He looked at her suspiciously.

Krishna pulled her arm away. Nothing, can we go now? Krishna replied opening the front door.

Wait aaj Yuvaan aur Baby ka intizaar nahi karna? He asked.

Krishna let out a sigh Tum itne questions kyu pooch rahe ho? Woh pehle se nikal gay hai, ab chale? She replied impatiently and went outside before he could reply.

Sayyam didn’t know what was up with her, but followed quietly. They met up with Yuvaan and Baby and went around, passing the most beautiful sights. However Sayyam was too distracted by Krishna. He observed her as she acted normal around Yuvaan and Baby, in fact she was a bit too happy. So why was she ignoring him? It was really starting to get on his nerves. He couldn’t take it anymore, so decided to just leave and walk around on his own.

Baby was having her own problems with Krishna. She was clinging onto Yuvaan since this morning and she didn’t like that. Yuvaan suggested to go to a nearby park.

Haan Yuvaan lets go! Krishna said excitedly.

Baby had had enough and pulled Krishna to the side. Yuvaan tum aage jao, mein aur Krishna thori dare main aate hain. Yuvaan nodded and walked away.

Baby turned to Krishna. Krishna tumhari problem kya hain, tum Yuvaan ka peecha kyu nahi chor thi?

Krishna was slightly shocked by her sudden question. Baby muje pata hai tum muje pasand nahi karti, par I can assure you ke muje Yuvaan main koi interest nahi hain! Woh sirf mera dost hain Krishna replied sternly.

Baby could see she was telling the truth, but was still a little uneasy. Ok fine, lekin tum mere pati se ziyada apne pati pe nazar rakho She signalled Krishna towards a direction.

Krishna looked towards it and noticed Sayyam talking to some girls.

Good luck Baby smirked before leaving.

Krishna looked on and saw him smiling at the girls. What is he smiling about? He’s never smiled at me like that. Forget it Krishna, your ignoring him remember. But she couldn’t just stand there and watch him like this and ended up walking up to him. Sayyam was just waving them goodbye when she got there.

Woh kaun thi? She asked him.

Oh so you’ve decided to talk now He glared at her.

Krishna looked at him with a cute pout, but he was not going to give in. Well I don’t feel like talking to you now He replied arrogantly.

He walked towards the park nearby, where Yuvaan and Baby were sitting on a bench. Krishna stomped after him to the park. Who does he think he is? First he flirts with some random girls and also has the audacity to ignore her?! Her anger had gotten the better of her and before she knew it, she had gathered some snow and had thrown it at the back of his head. Sayyam froze, feeling something cold and wet seeping down his back, making him extremely uncomfortable. He turned around to see Krishna looking at him in shock. Krishna couldn’t believe what she had just done. She felt a little scared as she backed away.

You did not just do that! He shouted walking towards her.

She threw another snowball at his face in her defence, before he could get to her. Yuvaan and Baby witnessed everything and burst out laughing. Sayyam turned red from embarrassment. How dare she make a fool of me! Fine if this is how she wants to play. He narrowed his eyes at Krishna silently challenging her. He gathered some snow, forming it into a ball and threw it at her.

She dodged it, staring at him in disbelief. Are we seriously going to do this?!…Fine your on!

And so a full on snowball fight pursued, with Yuvaan and Baby joining in after some time. They ran around laughing and playing just like little kids, forgetting about the complications of their relationships.

Sayyam was chasing after Krishna and was about to grab her when he slipped. Krishna tried to stop him from falling, but ended up falling over herself, with Sayyam landing on top of her. Her eyes were closed as she felt her back hit the soft snow. She slowly open her eyes and saw Sayyam staring at her. He was already lost, admiring the reddish hue that had formed on her small nose and cheeks as a result from the cold hitting her skin. His intense stare made her shiver more so then the freezing cold. She started feeling numb, but gathered all her strength to push him off her. They scrambled to their feet, looking away awkwardly. Yuvaan and Baby ran up to them and asked if they were okey. They nodded and decided to head back to the cabin. They had agreed to go out for dinner together later that evening, since it was their last night here.

Krishna sat on the dressing table, getting ready for dinner. She heard the bedroom door open, but didn’t look up and carried on with doing her makeup, pretending to not notice Sayyam. She glanced at him through the mirror as he went to the bathroom. Krishna was already late, so decided to quickly change before Sayyam came out the bathroom. She wore a long, elegant dress, that hugged her curves in all the right places. If there was any criticism, it was that it a little too revealing at the top, but she thought of wearing a scarf to cover herself. This was a good choice by Yuvaani, she thought to herself. She only had the zip to do up at the back, but it seemed to have gotten stuck. She was struggling to close it when she heard the bathroom door open.

Oh no he’s coming out! She started to panic and ran and stood against the wall to cover her back.

Sayyam came out and saw her standing very awkwardly, with one hand behind her back.

Yeh kya kar rahi ho..aur tumhare peeche kya hai? He asked taking a step closer to her.

Umm kuch bhi nahi hai…Krishna stuttered nervously.

Sayyam knew something was up. Oh really? Toh tum itni nervous kyu ho? He was standing in front of her now, looking down at her suspiciously.

Dekho Sayyam tum mujse door ho, meine kaha na kuch bhi nahi hain Krishna desperately told him, starting to feel uncomfortable.

Acha..mein phir khudhi dekh lehtha hoon He reached for her arm.

Ok ok fine, I’ll tell you…woh actually meri dress ki zip stuck hogay hai…She spoke quietly, turning slightly red.

Sayyam couldn’t help but notice how cute she looked when embarrassed. Bas yehi baat hain? I can help you then Sayyam suggested.

Krishna looked up, shocked by his proposal.

Um…nahi I’ll do it myself, tum bas iss kamre se jao She told him.

Sayyam folded his arms not moving.

Krishna we don’t have time, just let me do it! He demanded.

Krishna knew there was no point in arguing with him. Ok lekin pehle apni aankhein band karo.

Sayyam rolled his eyes Ok fine ab jaldi karo!

He closed his eyes as Krishna hesitantly turned around. She jumped slightly, as she felt his cold fingers touch her bare back. His fingers continued to lightly grazed her back, trying to find the zip, sending shivers down her spine. She held his hand, directing it to the zip, unable to take his touch any longer. He zipped up the dress and stood back as Krishna turned around.

Sayyam looked at her properly for the first time. She indeed looked beautiful, but he noticed the revealing top and did not like that.

How can you wear this, change it. He told her.

Krishna was taken aback by his demand. Tum kaun hote ho muje ye kehne wale? She asked.

Mein tumhara pati hoon aur tum meri biwi ho He replied matter of factly.

Krishna couldn’t believe what he was saying. Excuse me let me remind you ke humari shaadi sirf ek fake marriage hain, isliye tumhara koi haq nahi hai muje kuch kehne ka! She replied fuming with rage.

Sayyam was shocked by her anger, but hated to admit what she said was right. Fine do, whatever you want! He shouted storming out the room.

This guy is so confused, making me his wife whenever he wants, it’s good that I’m ignoring him! Krishna tried to calm down as she finished getting ready.

Once everyone was ready they left for the restaurant.

They arrived at the restaurant and was seated. A waiter came and asked for their orders.

Sayyam kyu na hum apni wives ke liye order karte hain aur dekhte hain ke unko pasand aata hai ke nahi. Yuvaan proposed.

Please Yuvaan, Sayyam muje itna nahi jaanta ke woh meri pasand ka pata ho Krishna scoffed.

Come on Krishna don’t be like that! Sayyam tum order karo Yuvaan urged him.

They placed the order and waited for the food. While Yuvaan and Baby were engrossed in each other acting like the typical honeymoon couple, Krishna and Sayyam sat in an awkward silence, not knowing where to look. The food finally arrived and much to Krishna’s annoyance, Sayyam had ordered pasta for her, her favourite. She literally inhaled her food.

Lagta hain Krishna ko Sayyam ka choice of dish achi lagi Baby teased her.

Haan ab pasta kisko nahi pasand, it’s a safe choice She replied.

Nahi muje yaad hai ke kaise Krishna maa ko beg karthi thi ke woh uske liye pasta banaye Sayyam spoke up glancing at Krishna.

She didn’t react to this and carried on eating, but she couldn’t help feeling happy inside that he remembered such a small thing about her. After they finished Yuvaan suggested going to a nightclub.

Once they arrived Baby and Yuvaan went off to dance, while Krishna went and sat at the bar. Sayyam came and sat next to her.

Tum mera peecha kyu kar rahe ho? Krishna asked Sayyam acting annoyed.

He looked at her completely baffled by her behaviour. Mein tumhare saath yahan aya hoon, of course I’ll sit with you He replied.

Krishna got up from her seat. Well I don’t want to sit next to you She said that and walked away.

Sayyam sighed in frustration, watching her sit somewhere else. What is wrong with this girl, why is she acting so cold and distant today, but I be happy she isn’t all up in my business anymore, right? Ugh this is so confusing! He shook his head, trying to clear his mind and ordered a drink. He looked at Krishna again and noticed her talking to a guy. Who the hell is that?! Sayyam was about to get up and go to them, but his ego stopped him. Whatever why should I care, it’s not like I’m her real husband. He downed his drink and ordered another one. He could see her laughing with the guy, from the corner of his eye and felt an unknown feeling grow inside him. He didn’t like it and continued to down another drink.

Yuvaan and Baby walked up to Sayyam and realised he was completely drunk.

Sayyam tum theek ho na? Aur Krishna kaha pe hain? Yuvaan asked looking around.

I don’t know where she is, I don’t care about her! Sayyam spoke with slurred words, getting up from his seat.

Yuvaan held onto him as he was losing balance.

I think we should go now, Baby go find Krishna. Yuvaan looked at Sayyam with concern. Tum dono ke beech main sab kuch theek hai na? He asked.

Sayyam started laughing Of course! Sab theek hain, we are the best of friends!

Yuvaan didn’t know what was happening between them, but decided to let it go. Baby came with Krishna, who looked at Sayyam with disgust. How can he get drunk like this! She thought to herself. They left for their cabin in a taxi. Yuvaan helped Sayyam get inside, but then Baby started pestering Yuvaan to go to their room as she was tired. Krishna held Sayyam and signalled Yuvaan to go.

Krishna tum Sayyam ko handle karlo gi na? Yuvaan asked.

Yes I’ll be fine, thanks, tum jao raat bohat hogay hai Yuvaan nodded and left for his room with Baby.

As soon as they left Krishna let go of Sayyam, making him stumble backwards. She really didn’t want to deal with him and turned around to leave.

Hey tum kaha ga rahi ho?! He grabbed her arm, pulling her towards him.

Sayyam muje choro! Krishna struggled to pull herself free, but Sayyam only backed her up against a wall, pressing his body against hers. She looked at him anxiously, her heart rate increasing.

S..Sayyam ye tum k…

Ssshh Sayyam placed his finger on her lips, making her quiet. His intense gaze was making her feel vulnerable. She felt his fingers lightly run down her bare arms, making her skin quiver under his touch. He leaned in closer resting his cheek on hers.

You can never ignore me Krishna He whispered harshly into her ear.

Krishna closed her eyes, feeling his hot breath tickle her ear and neck. She was trying her best to regain her composure, but he unexpectedly pinned her hands on the wall.

Why do you make me lose control? He spoke looking into her eyes. Krishna shuddered, her eyes locked on his.

He was nearing dangerously close to her lips, she could stop him, but she didn’t have the strength to do it. She closed her eyes as his lips met with hers. She didn’t know how to respond at first, but an unknown, hidden desire crept up inside her, as she started kissing him back. She felt his arms snake around her waist, as she clutched onto his shirt, pulling him closer to her. Krishna let out a moan, as he deepened the kiss. They kissed desperately, as if quenching a long, deep thirst for each other. Sayyam pulled away after awhile, giving Krishna a chance to catch her breathe, but she let out gasp as she felt his lips on her neck. He left wet kisses all down her neck and shoulder, her skin burning wherever his lips touched. She felt his hand remove the thin strap off her shoulder, making her come back to her senses. She knew where this was headed.

No, this is wrong, I have to stop this. It took all her strength to push Sayyam away.

Krishna stared into his hazy eyes, still burning with desire for her. She felt a knot form in her stomach as the situation dawned on her. He was drunk, not fully in his senses. But she was fully aware of what she was doing. How could you let this happen Krishna?! She felt sick, embarrassed and ran to her room, wanting to get away from him.

Precap They head back home

Hi everyone, I’m so sorry for the late update, life has been hectic for the last few days, so couldn’t update, even tho it was a mere copy and paste ?Anyway this is the last part of the honeymoon. I really wanted to put in at least one kiss, since it was their ‘honeymoon’ after all lol! Hope you enjoyed this chapter, let me know what you think.

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