Kriyam ff- The one year marriage (Chapter 12)

Chapter 12

A few weeks went by just like that. Unknowingly Sayyam and Krishna fell into a routine as they became busy with their work life. After having spent so many years alone Sayyam had finally gotten used to having someone around him. Having breakfast together, eating a homemade lunch and talking over dinner about how their day went had become the norm for him. He actually looked forward to going home and seeing Krishna singing along to a song as she cooked or just lounging on the sofa, laughing like crazy over something on TV. He had never felt this happy and content and it scared him. Their time together was limited and he never thought he would become so attached to this kind of a lifestyle or to her.

One evening Krishna sat at home chatting with Yuvani and Baby.

Krishna I can’t believe you still haven’t told him your feelings! Yuvani said standing up.

Ye Krishna I don’t understand how a man and woman can live together without anything happening, how do you control yourself living alone with him, I wouldn’t be able do that with Yuvaan. Baby spoke up somewhat proudly.

Yuvani rolled her eyes at her Yes Baby we can be that! She said looking at her growing belly.

Krishna chuckled. Krishna don’t laugh, you should be thinking about telling him soon, you know you don’t have time left now Yuvani warned her.

Krishna knew what Yuvani was talking about; she really didn’t have time left.

But Yuvani I’m afraid he will reject my feelings and I won’t be able to bear that. Krishna replied quietly, just thinking about it made her feel sick in the stomach.

You got over Yuvaan’s rejection, you’ll get over his too Baby spoke up again.

Shut up Baby, just don’t speak ok? Yuvani glared at her and turned her attention back to Krishna. Look Krishna do you want to leave it just like this then?

Yuvani sat down next to Krishna and held her hand You not telling him is the same as a rejection Krishna because in the end you won’t be with him.

Krishna sighed and nodded knowing she was right, but it still scared her.

And I know you’ll get the answer you want Yuvani winked at Krishna as she got up to leave. Tell him tonight ok? She shouted walking out with Baby.

Krishna wasn’t sure how right Yuvani was, but she had a lot of thinking to do.

The day went by quickly and before Krishna knew it, it was already nearing midnight. She was outside, anxiously pacing back and forth, waiting for Sayyam. He still hadn’t gotten back from work and it was worrying Krishna.

Itna time hogaya hain aur abhi tak nahi aya, shall I call him? Krishna shook her head, deciding against it. It would be too weird.

She sat down on a bench near the outhouse front door. She started thinking about her conversation with Yuvani and Baby. She wasn’t just waiting for him because he was late, but she had decided to tell him about her feelings. Yuvani was right; she had dragged this on too long just because she was afraid of being rejected. It hurt her being around him. No one knew what she had to go through everyday to keep these feelings inside her. She would try to find clues in the littlest things to see if Sayyam felt the same way she did, but he was just so hard to read.

She yawned looking at her phone, it was past midnight now, where was he? She thought, her eyelids growing heavy.

After some time Sayyam’s car pulled up outside the outhouse. He got out the car and noticed Krishna sleeping on the bench.

Bewakoof ladki, what is she doing sleeping outside, Krishna? He called out to her, but she didn’t move.

He tried shaking her slightly, hoping she would wake up but to no avail. He huffed in frustration, thinking of what to do. He picked her up as she snuggled into his arms. He walked to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. He was about to leave, but realised she was holding on to his arm. She was mumbling something in her sleep. Sayyam got close to her, trying to understand what she was saying.

S..Sayyam I lov…she stopped.

What was she about to say? He thought to himself. He sat down beside her on the bed as she slept, while hugging his hand. He couldn’t pull his hand away or more precisely he didn’t want to. She looked so peaceful, so pure, something he didn’t want to ruin.

It was morning and Krishna’s eyes shot open.

How did I get to my bed? The last thing she remembered was waiting for Sayyam outside.

Oh no I didn’t get to tell him! She sighed in frustration, sitting up.

She suddenly felt some movement besides her and turned her head to see Sayyam sleeping next to her. Her eyes grew wide as she jumped out of bed, letting out a scream. Sayyam woke up from the commotion, realising where he was.

T..tum mere bed mein kya kar rahe ho? Krishna asked him nervously.

He rolled his eyes at her reaction as he got up from bed. He told her about last night. Krishna started blushing after hearing about what she did.

Sorry and thanks Krishna said looking down.

Sayyam was still wondering what she was doing outside. Krishna waise tum bahir kya…

Oh no! Aaj toh mere manager me dinner ke liye an na tha! Krishna interrupted him; suddenly remembering she had invited her manager tonight.

Sayyam remembered Krishna telling him about her manager and how he helped her with her a lot at work. Krishna started panicking, rushing around trying to sort everything out. Sayyam looked on in amusement, but eventually decided to help her.

They were in the kitchen and Sayyam was insisting on helping her cook.

Nahi Sayyam tum ja ke kuch aur kaam karo She said.

But he knew there was a lot to do in the kitchen. Krishna muje help karne do na, just let me at least cut some vegetables or something.

Krishna gave up and let him help her. Krishna chuckled to herself looking as Sayyam so focused on cutting up the veggies.

Argh! Sayyam cried out. Krishna turned around to see Sayyam had cut himself. She rushed to him and held his hand.

Ye kya kiya Sayyam, muje pata tha aise hi kuch hoga! She cried.

She quickly got the first aid box and started tending to his wound. He felt a pang of guilt, seeing her biting her quivering lip, holding back her tears. He could never handle this amount of care from her, it suffocated him. He didn’t deserve it.

Once Krishna was done she told him off some more then told him to go and get ready.

As Sayyam was getting ready, he struggled to do up the buttons of his shirt because of his hand injury. He had no choice, but to ask Krishna for help. He went to her room and saw her getting ready too. He was mesmerised. She was wearing a black sari, creating a beautiful contrast against her pale, smooth skin. He cleared his throat to get her attention. She turned around and was shocked seeing Sayyam standing there with his shirt open. Her eyes wondered over his perfectly sculptured abs, her mouth left hanging open. Sayyam started feeling a little embarrassed.

Woh actually I can’t button up my shirt because of my hand so…

Krishna snapped out of her trance, turning beet red. O..ok. She hesitantly walked up to him.

She closed her eyes as she got close to him; the smell of his aftershave was making her mind all fuzzy. She could feel his eyes on her as she started buttoning up his shirt.

Waise tumne sari kyu pehni hai? Sayyam asked breaking the awkward silence.

Yuvani ne kaha tha, kyu achi nahi hai? Krishna replied before realising what she just asked.

Sayyam was slightly taken aback by her question. He looked down at her flushed face, a smirk forming on his face. Unknowingly, he put his hands on either side of her waist, pulling her closer. Krishna was just done with buttoning his shirt and looked up at him, surprised. He leaned in close to her face.

You want to know my opinion? He asked her in his deep, husky voice.

Krishna shook her head, trying to find her voice. Sayyam was about to say something when they heard the doorbell ring.

Krishna felt relieved as pushed him away and ran to answer the door. Sayyam soon followed, arriving just in time to see Krishna hugging, who he assumed was her manager.

Oh so their relationship is like that then He thought to himself, feeling a little uneasy.

They started chatting to each other as Sayyam just stood there. He felt a little annoyed and nudged Krishna, trying to get her attention. She shot him a look before smiling back at her manager.

Oh sorry this is Sayyam…my…my husband and this is Rahul

Sayyam furrowed his brows as he looked at Krishna. Why did she hesitate in introducing me as her husband? And she calls him Rahul, not ‘Sir’? How close are they?

Hello nice to finally meet you, I’ve heard a lot about you from Krishna Sayyam snapped out of his thoughts and turned to look at Rahul, already not liking him.

He extended his hand and shook his hand, holding it a little too firmly. Nice to meet you too, I hope you heard only good things about me Sayyam replied glancing over at Krishna.

Krishna ignored Sayyam and walked past him with Rahul. Sayyam looked on, his paranoia getting the best of him. He walked over to where they were sitting. He noticed how different Krishna was around Rahul. She was so confident and bubbly.

If only he saw how she act at home! Sayyam scoffed to himself.

He saw her playfully slap Rahul’s knee, as she laughed at his joke.

How can she act so freely around him, does she not know she has a husband?! Sayyam had no control over himself or his reasoning anymore.

He put on a fake smile and sat next to Krishna, putting his around her shoulders and pulling her close to him. Krishna looked at Sayyam puzzled by his odd behavior. She tried to nudge him off, but he only tightened his grip.

Krishna I can’t wait to try your cooking Rahul spoke up enthusiastically, oblivious to what was happening. Krishna smiled at him.

You know Rahul, my wife is an excellent cook and always makes me a delicious homemade lunch, isn’t that so sweet of her? Sayyam pinched Krishna’s cheek. Krishna cringed and glared at him slapping his hand away.

Your very lucky Sayyam Rahul replied.

Krishna could only continue smiling awkwardly. She had to get away from him.

You two carry on talking, I’m just going to finish up dinner. She said getting up to leave.

Krishna went to the kitchen and tucked in the pallu of her sari, to stop it from coming in her way while she worked. After a while Sayyam went to check on her, to see if she needed any help.
Krishna narrowed her eyes at him, as he came in. What was all that?! Do you want me to throw up?!

Sayyam felt a bit offended by her reaction. What? I was just acting like a typical, sweet husband He replied with a slight pout.

Oh you mean a jealous husband, right? She asked smirking.

Why would I be jealous?!..j..just get back to work! He demanded.

Krishna rolled her eyes at him, not bothering to carry on arguing and got back to work.

He saw her struggling to get something from the top cabinet.

Shall I help? He asked.

Forget it, I’ll get it myself She replied stubbornly.

Sayyam had a somewhat half smile on his face as he walked up to her. He stood behind her and leaned forward to grab the jar for her. Krishna jumped slightly, but realised it was Sayyam. She closed her eyes as she felt his body press against her back, his same scent engulfing her senses, making her feel almost intoxicated. She opened her eyes as he handed her the jar. She expected him to move away, but he didn’t. She waited anxiously as he leaned in close to her ear, gently tucking away a strand of her hair behind it.

Next time ask for help He whispered, making her shudder as his hot breath tickling her ear and neck.

He finally moved back, but unfortunately for Krishna the dori of her blouse had gotten caught in one the buttons of Sayyam’s shirt. Krishna let out a gasp as she felt the dori untie. She was about to turn around when Sayyam held her shoulders to stop her.

Oh no not again…

Her heartbeat quickened as she shut her eyes tight, clutching on to her sari. She shivered feeling his eyes on her as he came close to her again. Her skin was already sensitive to his touch as she felt his fingertips lightly graze along her bare back, sending goose bumps all over her body.

Why is he taking so long? She thought frustratingly. Little did she know Sayyam was taking his time. He himself didn’t know why, but he enjoyed teasing her. He enjoyed seeing her succumb to his touch. He enjoyed being close to her.

She tried to make a run for it, pushing him away, but Sayyam grabbed her wrist, before she could leave. Krishna turned her head, looking at him confused.

Sayyam ye tum k…but before she could finish her sentence he pulled her towards him.

He slid his arm around her waist as she grabbed onto his shoulders. She lost her voice again, as their eyes met in an intense eyelock. Using his free hand he slowly pulled her pallu out, that was tucked inside her sari. Krishna was breathless as she felt his hand run across her exposed belly. She buried her head in his shoulder, too embarrassed to face him. A victorious smirk formed on Sayyam’s face as he stepped back, letting Krishna go.

You’re fine to go out now He said this and swiftly walked out.

Krishna grabbed on to the kitchen counter, trying to compose herself. She remembered what Baby had said in the morning about her being alone with him. If only Baby knew what I have to go through being around him.

Sayyam leaned against the wall outside the kitchen. He was trying his best to calm himself down. He knew he had gone too far, but whenever he was around her he lost all control over himself. It was getting harder for him day by day and these ‘moments’ were only increasing. He straightened himself up and walked back to Rahul. Soon after Krishna called them for dinner. Sayyam and Krishna remained mostly silent through dinner, with Rahul doing most of the talking. They knew they would go back to acting normally in a few hours, but for now they couldn’t even meet each other’s eyes, let alone say something.

The evening finally came to an end and they stood by the door as Rahul was about to leave.

Thank you for inviting me Krishna. I’ll really miss you in the office.

What, are you leaving work? Sayyam looked at Krishna.

Krishna tumne apne husband ko nahi bataya apne transfer ka? He asked looking at the confusion on Sayyam’s face.

Sayyam looked at Krishna who was looking down nervously. This was not the way she wanted him to find out. Umm woh actually…

Ok I think you have a lot to tell him, so I’ll leave you guys alone. Rahul interrupted her. He waved them goodbye and left.

Krishna tried to leave, she needed time to prepare herself before she could speak to him, but Sayyam grabbed her arm.

Krishna ye transfer ke bare main kya sab sach hain? Sayyam asked feeling a growing uneasiness.

Krishna mustered up the courage to speak. Haan, they are sending me to Mumbai for 8 months to work on a project.

Sayyam couldn’t believe it; this meant that by the time she came back, their time together would be over. Krishna saw the shock on Sayyam’s face, it was understandable.

She continued talking But isn’t this the perfect situation for us Sayyam? We were going to separate in a year, but now we can do it sooner. She said putting on a fake smile.

What are you saying this Krishna, you’re only making this worse! She thought to herself, but she didn’t know why she said this. Maybe she wanted to know if Sayyam would stop her or not.

I can permanently start working in Mumbai and we can divorce quietly…tho Sayyam mein Mumbai jao na? Krishna asked looking at Sayyam with hopeful eyes.

Precap They go back to the farmhouse where Sayyam finally confesses his feelings to Krishna (Final chapter)

Hi everyone! This chapter is pretty long, I just tried to fit in a lot of scenes before the last chapter. I hope it’s not too confusing. I know their relationship was crazy in this. Their emotions kept changing from one scene to another lol. Anyway I still hope you enjoyed it and please do leave a comment.

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