Kriyam ff- The one year marriage (Chapter 11)

Chapter 11

Sayyam stood outside with his lunch, annoyed by his impulsive behaviour around Krishna. Why did I did have to smile and wink at her?! She only made lunch! He thought to himself, frustratingly. He looked at his lunch again and another smile was about to form on his lips, but he stopped himself. He would never admit how happy this actually made him. He shook his head to clear his mind and walked to his car. He noticed Yuvaan standing beside his car.

Hi Sayyam kaam pe ja rahe ho?

Sayyam nodded finding it strange that Yuvaan was talking to him.

I know tumhe ajeeb lag raha hai na that I’m talking to you? Actually after the ski trip I was really happy that we started talking again and it’s thanks to Krishna.

A small smile formed on Sayyam’s face Haan same here He replied, remembering that day.

Yuvaan smiled back, but he had something else on his mind. Waise tum dono ke beech main sab theek hain na? I know tum dono ki shaadi majboori main ki thi lekin tum kafi upset lag rahe the Krishna se uss raat Yuvaan asked curiously.

Sayyam didn’t want to think about that night again, he was trying to forget whatever he must have done to Krishna.

Look Yuvaan I don’t care enough about Krishna to be upset over her and her actions don’t affect me in any way He replied nonchalantly.

Yuvaan was not convinced. You know Sayyam I’ve noticed how different you act around Krishna. You become alive and all your emotions can be seen clearly across your face, so you can’t say she has no affect on you. Yuvaan put his hand on Sayyam’s shoulder and continued Sayyam I know you have always held back your true feelings, but you finally have a chance to be true to yourself. Don’t hold back your feelings this time Sayyam.

Yuvaan waited for a response from Sayyam, but he just stood there confused as to why Yuvaan was saying all this. Had he really become that transparent around Krishna?

Yuvaan eventually said his goodbye after failing to get an answer, leaving Sayyam lost in his own thoughts.

Meanwhile Krishna started getting ready for work thinking about what had just happened. She felt butterflies in her stomach remembering Sayyam’s smiling face as he thanked her before leaving. Why are getting so happy over nothing Krishna? She shook her head and focused on getting ready, she didn’t want to be late on her first day. After getting ready she headed to the main house to see Suhani and Yuvraaj. She sat and talked to them for a while, before getting up to leave.

Humesha kush raho beta , hume pata hai ke tum bohat kaamiyab hogi Suhani beamed at Krishna, hugging her.

Yes Krishna we are proud of you, it’s good ke tum apne career pe focus kar rahi ho Yuvraaj smiled at Krishna.

Thank you Aunty, thank you Daidu. Aap ko milne ke baad muje confidence mil gaya hai. She took their blessings, glad she had visited them before going to work.

She was about to head for the front door when Yuvani pulled her to her room.

Yuvani ye tum kya kar rahi ho?! Yuvani sat Krishna down on her bed.

Krishna, tell me did something happen between you and Sayyam during the honeymoon?

Krishna gave Yuvani a perplexed look. What are you talking about? Kuch nahi hua…Krishna replied trying to avoid eye contact.

Krishna I know something happened, tum dono bohat awkward lag rahe the kal raat ko Yuvani insisted.

I’ll tell you what happened. Krishna and Yuvani looked up to see Baby standing by the door.

Krishna started panicking. Did she see me and Sayyam that night? Baby as if knowing what Krishna was thinking smirked at her.

Yes Krishna why don’t you tell her about that kiss

Krishna felt heat rush to her face as she remembered that moment.

Why didn’t you say anything if you knew? Krishna questioned Baby.

She shrugged her shoulders I didn’t really care, I was just happy you’ve moved on from Yuvaan.

Krishna rolled her eyes, fed up with her obsession with Yuvaan. Baby tum…

Hold up…you guys kissed?! So you like each other? Yuvani interrupted her, not believing what she heard.

Nooo…Sayyam was drunk when he kissed me and he doesn’t even remember…Krishna replied sounding almost disappointed.

Yes but you kissed him back Baby spoke up again.

Krishna shot her a look, but she just continued to smirk, enjoying teasing her.

Krishna it’s pretty simple, if you both kissed, there must be something there, right? you can’t just ignore it. You have to tell Sayyam Yuvani said.

Krishna looked at Yuvani as if she said the most ridiculous thing. Look Yuvani I’m very confused right now and I’m getting late for work, so I’ll think about all this later. Krishna got up and walked off, before Yuvani could stop her.

Krishna sat at work completely spaced out. She couldn’t stop thinking about the conversation she had in the morning. She had planned to ignore thinking about the kiss after she had gotten back from the honeymoon, but now all the questions and emotions came rushing back to her. Maybe this wasn’t something she should be ignoring, but was it really as simple as Yuvani and Baby made it out to be? The same questions went through her mind all day, as she tried to best to focus on her work. Finally the day had ended, but her co-workers insisted on taking her out for dinner, to celebrate her first day at work.

It had gotten really late after dinner, so she got a lift home. She was hoping Sayyam would be asleep when she got home. She didn’t want to see him after everything that has been going through her mind. When she arrived home she quietly opened the door and looked around. She saw Sayyam sleeping on the dining table, with his head resting on his arm. She let out a sigh of relief, but she wondered why Sayyam was sleeping like that. Krishna walked up to him and quietly sat across from him. She noticed the table was laid out with two plates and food.

Wait, was he waiting for me? She felt a tug on her heartstrings as she looked on in disbelief.

From the first time she met Sayyam till now, all their time together flashed through her mind. The way he looked at her, the way he cared for her, the way he touched her, she remembered everything. She placed her hand over her chest feeling her heartbeat increasing. Is this what it feels like to like someone? She lovingly gazed at his sleeping face as she gently brushed away the strands of hair falling onto his eyes.

How can I not fall for you, if you do cute things like this She spoke softly, trying not to wake him. I guess I do like you Sayyam. She smiled to herself feeling an overwhelming sensation as the realisation swept over her. But what can I do now? You want to leave in a years time? Her heart sank thinking about it, but she didn’t want to think to much about it right now and ruin the moment.

Sayyam? She lightly shook his arm and watched as he woke up, rubbing his eyes.

Tum kab ayi aur kaha thi tum? He asked her.

Krishna made a straight face, hiding her smile. Abhi ayi hoon aur woh mere co workers ke saath dinner pe gay thi…tum kya mera intezaar kar rahe the? She asked him acting innocently.

Sayyam stood up and cleared his throat, turning away from her Um..nahi toh, mein kyu tumhara intezaar karoonga.

Krishna silently giggled to herself, enjoying the awkward Sayyam. Acha toh phir ye plates aur khana kyu hain table par?

Sayyam turned around and looked at the obvious give away Actually I was going to eat by myself, but then fell asleep…He couldn’t even come up with a convincing excuse.

Krishna was done with her teasing. Acha haven’t had dinner yet right? I’ll heat it for you…

No it’s fine I’m not hungry Sayyam refused, but right on cue his stomach growled. Krishna was slightly taken aback, but started giggling looking at the expression on Sayyam’s face.

Please Sayyam just sit down and I’ll bring you something to eat.

Sayyam obediently sat down, too embarrassed to say anything. Krishna brought him his dinner and after he was done, they went both went to bed.

The week flew by just like that.

The weekend had finally arrived and Krishna was nervously pacing the living room floor. She glanced at Sayyam who was sat on the sofa working on his laptop. She rolled her eyes at him. Why is he even working on the weekend? He’s such a bore! She thought, unknowingly staring at him.

Tum muje kya aise hi dekh thi raho gi ya kuch kaho gi bhi? Sayyam spoke up without taking his eyes off his laptop.

Krishna stopped and started fidgeting with her hair, biting her bottom lip. Why did you tell me to do this Yuvani?! She thought to herself. Yuvani had planned for everyone to go out to the movies on the weekend, to celebrate Krishna starting her job and she left Krishna the task to convince Sayyam to come along. Sayyam looked up at Krishna and knew something was up.

Krishna, don’t waste my time and tell me what it is?! He demanded in his usual tone.

Umm…woh actually hum sab cinema ja rahe the and we want you to come along too…Krishna spoke quickly and quietly, barely enough for Sayyam to understand.

And why should I come? He raised an eyebrow looking at her.

Well…um…because…Yuvani wants you to come? Krishna spoke hesitantly, not knowing exactly what to say.

Acha tho sirf Yuvani wants me to come, that’s it? He asked.

Nahi Yuvaan bhi chahtha hai ke tum ao aur bakhi sab bhi…Krishna trailed off looking at Sayyam anxiously as he put his laptop down and made his way towards her.

Ok so…ye ‘SAB’ kaun hai? He was stood right in her now, looking down on her in his typical proud manner. Krishna looked back at Sayyam, getting slightly irritated by his questions.
She knew exactly what he wanted to hear.

Fine…I want you to come too She mumbled, looking away, blushing a little.

Say that then, I’ll come along Sayyam replied walking away with a triumphant smirk on his face.

B…but…it’s only because you should be spending time with your siblings! Krishna shouted out after him, but it was too late, he already got the answer he needed.

Krishna was a little annoyed, but far more excited knowing he was coming, as she left to get ready.

Yuvani, Yuvaan and Baby were waiting outside for Krishna, unsure if Sayyam was coming or not.

Muje nahi lagta ke woh ayega, what do you think? Yuvani asked Yuvaan.

I think he will, Krishna mana le gi usko Yuvaan replied, knowing now what Sayyam’s weakness is.

They saw Krishna and Sayyam walking towards them. Yuvani was pretty impressed Krishna managed to convince Sayyam.

Wow Krishna I didn’t think you could convince him, how did this happen Sayyam? Yuvani teased them, stifling her laugh.

Shut up Yuvani! They spoke in unison, leaving them blushing from their reaction.

Yuvani burst out laughing, as Yuvaan and Baby tried to control their laughter too. Ok, ok I’m sorry guys, lets go now.

So they got into the car and headed towards the cinema. Once they arrived, Yuvani’s boyfriend joined them, much to the annoyance of her brothers. The girls went ahead to find their seats, while the guys brought the popcorn and drinks.

They joined them after a while and sat next to their respective partners. Krishna noticed everyone sharing their popcorn with each other.

She looked over at Sayyam who was eating his by himself. Look at this guy eating his without offering any to me, how can I like someone so selfish! She decided to just grab some from him herself.

What are you doing? He asked moving his popcorn away.

Tum mere liye kyu nahi le ke aye popcorn? Ab apne share karo na. She tried again to grab some, but he moved them out of her reach.

Jaa ke khud le ao apne liye, don’t ask me to share mine. He went back to eating them.

Krishna pouted and started shaking his arm Sayyam muje popcorn do!

Sayyam glared at her Fine ye lo He threw some at her, leaving her speechless at his childish behaviour.

He gave her a cheeky smile, provoking her to do something, but Baby stopped her before she could. Tum dono bache ho kya? Stop making a scene or you’ll get us kicked out…Sayyam give her your popcorn! She hissed at them.

Sayyam looked at her with a scowl on his face, reluctantly sharing his popcorn.

Thank you Sayyam Krishna smiled mockingly at him, finding the expression he made adorable.

The movie started. It was a horror movie and Sayyam knew Krishna would be scared. He glanced over at her and saw her nervous expression.

He leaned in close to her Tum daro gi to nahi na? He asked her.

She leaned slightly back, noticing how close his face was. Of…of course not, mein toh nahi darti Krishna stuttered, turning her attention back to the movie.

Sayyam tried to hold back a smile finding her false bravery amusing. Ok whatever you say.

Krishna knew he was teasing her, but she didn’t mind it. She became increasingly agitated at the movie progressed. Sayyam couldn’t concentrate on the movie and kept glancing over at Krishna who had her hands covering her face, watching the movie through the gaps between her fingers.

Sayyam chuckled to himself. I thought tumhe daar nahi lagta He whispered into her ear, making her jump.

She quickly put her hands down and looked at him completely flustered.

H..haan muje daar nah…aaa Krishna let out a scream, seeing a scary scene come up and grabbed on to Sayyam’s arm, burying her face in it.

Without thinking Sayyam put his arm around her and pulled her close. Krishna clutched onto his shirt and without saying anything they both spent the rest of the movie this way, finally getting what they needed. Yuvani was observing them this whole time and she found them more entertaining then the movie. These two really are a one of a kind couple She thought giggling to herself.

After the movie ended Yuvani proposed to take some pics to remember the day by. They took a few group photos, but then an idea popped into her head.

I know let’s take some pics as couples now! She grabbed her boyfriend and struck a pose with him, handing her phone to Yuvaan.

You have no shame Yuvani, doing this in front of your brothers He said disapprovingly.

Oh please stop being so old fashioned and take the photo! She replied sticking her tongue out at him.

Yuvaan took the photo and then got his picture taken with Baby. It was Sayyam and Krishna’s turn. Yuvani winked at Krishna as she went and stood next to Sayyam. What is she planning? She thought feeling a little uneasy.

They both stood stiffly next to each other, looking straight ahead. They were still awkward from when they realised the position they were in after the movie had ended. Yuvani tried to hold back her laughter.

Are you guys taking some school photo? Come on do a cute pose together! Yuvani urged them.

But Sayyam was not having it. Yuvani just take the photo He told her sternly, but she wasn’t listening.

Come on at least put your arm around Krishna! She continued to nag him as Krishna’s uneasiness increased feeling Sayyam’s growing irritation.

Ok fine! Sayyam grabbed Krishna around the waist and pulled her close to him, making her grab on to his shoulder. She looked up at him surprised by his move.

Look, just do as Yuvani is saying or else we’ll be here all night.

Krishna nodded, but she was completely lost as she continued to stare at him. Sayyam looked back at Krishna with confusion. He had never seen her like this, it was as if her eyes were trying to tell him something. Sayyam gently placed a hand on her cheek

Krishna? He called out to her. Krishna placed her hand over his

Sayyam…She said his name in a way that made his heart skip a beat.

They were completely absorbed in each other, failing to notice Yuvani continuously taking photos of them.

She smiled to herself proudly, this was exactly what she wanted. Ok guys the photo shoot is over! She shouted bringing them back to reality.

They both jumped apart, totally embarrassed.

But Yuvani you didn’t take our picture Krishna spoke up innocently.

Yuvani started laughing Oh, I definitely took some pictures…I’ll show them to you later. She winked at Krishna as they all finally made their way home.

Once they got home Krishna and Sayyam silently went to bed, but their thoughts about each other didn’t let them sleep peacefully.

Precap A few weeks pass, as Krishna and Sayyam become busy with work. Yuvani continues to urge Krishna to confess before it’s too late.

I hope you liked it. Let me know what you thought of it guys!

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