Kriyam FF chapter Love in trip (episode 12)

It’s morning

Krishna preparing breakfast for everyone.

Krishna – (annoyed) Offo Nothing on its place and why is Atta kept on the top of the shelf it should be kept down na. Ramdin kaka is also not here.

She starts searching for a stool.

Krishna – Great now stool is also not there. Maybe it’s kept in the store room

Krishna goes to the store room. She starts searching for the stool. While searching she steps on a broom and loses her balance, she is about to fall but holds a rack and manages to stand. Suddenly a album falls on Krishna’s head from the top of the rack.

Krishna – (holding her head) Ooch!! How album came here.

She opens it. On the first page there is a picture of two small babies and on that picture it’s written “My angels”.

Krishna – (smiles broadly) This is my childhood picture but who is the other baby with me. (She gets confused).

She turns the other page and on that a picture is there in which Soumya is holding two babies. One is Krishna and the other is the same as in the first picture. She sees the whole album and everywhere with Krishna the other baby is there. And finally she comes across the last page of the album, there was no picture there but there was a note.

Krishna – What is all this who is the other baby. And this note written by Mumma. Why was this album here. Why no one told me about it. Maybe I will get some information from this note.

She starts reading the note.

Krishna – so the note says “I am feeling so helpless Krishna (soumya’s husband). I need you here. I have lost one of our angel. I know it’s because of my mother in law. But I can’t do anything to get her back. The two sisters are separated from each other. If my other daughter comes to know about my carelessness, she will never forgive me. May my two daughters unite. ”

Krishna is confused after reading this note, she takes the album and the note and hides it in the cupboard and behaves normally in front of everyone. The whole day goes like this and Krishna is now full of questions.

Krishna – What is all this written by Mumma. Maybe Suhani Aunty can help me. I should go to her.

In Suhani’s room

Krishna РAunty,  Mumma and you were besties right?

Suhani (smiles broadly) – No Krishna we weren’t besties, we were soul sisters.

Krishna (smiles) – Then Aunty you must be knowing everything about Mumma.

Suhani – Yes but why are you asking me this.

Krishna shows her the album and the note.

Krishna – Aunty do you know anything about it.

Suhani – Soumya never told me anything about this. I don’t have any idea beta.

Krishna – Aunty do you remember any slightest detail. It can be of great help.

Suhani – (thinks something) Doctor had told her that she might have twins. She was in Chandigarh when you were born and after 4 months we met each other. That time she seemed to be lost. But she never told me anything. But after that she never went back to her in – laws. I know only this much

Krishna – Thanks Aunty it was of great help.

Krishna goes to her room. Sayyam is sitting on the bed and is working on his laptop. Krishna comes and sits on her couch (she is lost in deep thoughts)

Sayyam – Krishna where were you till now.

Krishna is still thinking.

Sayyam – Krishna, are you listening.

Krishna is still in her thoughts.

Sayyam gets up from the bed and goes to her couch. He moves close to her and brings his lips close to her ear and shouts in her ears. Krishna comes out from her thoughts . She is rubbing her ear.

Krishna – Aah!! Sayyam what are you doing, why are you shouting in my ears.

Sayyam – I called you 2 to 3 times but you were lost in your own world.

Krishna – But that doesn’t mean that you will shout in my ears.

Sayyam – ok fine (He turns to go to his bed)

Krishna – (in mind) Beta Krishna if you want to know anything about past then you have to take Sayyam’s help. I should ask him to take me to chandigarh as no one will allow me to go alone.

Krishna – (Holds Sayyam’s hand, while he looks straight) Sayyam I am Sorry. Actually I was lost in some thoughts.

Sayyam still doesn’t respond and looks straight, Krishna goes and stands in front of him and holds her ears and looks at him cutely like a child.

Krishna – Sayyam I said sorry na. Try to understand me. I was thinking something.

Sayyam now holds her hands and makes her sit on the couch with him.

Sayyam – Okay so tell me. Who is there in your thoughts, because of whom my wife is not hearing me.

Krishna gets shocked at Sayyam’s words. But she quickly manages herself and tells Sayyam everything that has happened.

Krishna – Sayyam will you please take me to Chandigarh tomorrow. I want to get to the root of this album and this note.

Sayyam – I will take you. But you have to promise me that in all this happenings you will take care of yourself.

Krishna – (Holds his hand and looks straight into his eyes) Promise. So we will leave tomorrow morning.

Sayyam – Yes now sleep and you know na where.

Krishna doesn’t reply she goes to her side of bed sleeps. Sayyam smiles looking at her and goes to his side

He looks at her photo in his mobile which he kept as a wallpaper and thinks “Krishna I love you but I know you don’t. Maybe all this that is happening is just to bring you and me close. I promise you that I will find out about the secret of that child.”

Krishna thinks “I have to find out about the it. I can’t wait to go to chandigarh, there I will get all my answers”

Soon both of them fall asleep.

Precap – Kriyam visit the Hospital in which Krishna was born. Krishna comes across a shocking truth. She breaks down in Sayyam’s arms.





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