Kriyam: Ek Villain (Promo)

A girl was seen crying with a photo frame in her hand alone.. It was her wedding night.. she had been just married.. it should have been a day of excitement for her, but she was there, alone in a corner of a room..
Krishna: Mumma, what did do, why am I bearing this punishment Ma? That Sayyam, he is a devil..why did I got married to him Ma? Why me? He loved that Baby, so he should have married her, right? But why did he marry me?

As she was crying she heard a glass break somewhere. Curious, she goes out to check..
There was a man sitting holding a photo of a woman…
Sayyam: Maa, why did you leave me Ma? Just when I realized my mistake you left me in this world..alone..why ma, why? Nothing is good in this world..all are did a lot for everyone, nobody did anything for deserved a lot better life, but.. there is nothing called good in this world..nothing.. people just fake to show love, they just have hatred in them.. I don’t have anyone in my life, no Ma, no Papa, no family..

Krishna slowly moves back to her room
Krishna: Mumma, I thought I was the one who bear a lot, but there is Sayyam, who has seen more hatred in this world than any one else..Am I wrong Ma? He doesn’t even know where happiness lies, that love can conquer all, that there is a lot more things in the world that give us happiness..


  1. Fenil


    |Registered Member

    Hey Khushi Kumari Gupta Shing Raizada….hehehe don’t mind
    u are super girl yr…so many ffs
    its just fabulous
    next pls

  2. Kudrat

    Hello kushi di,
    kese ho aap ?
    gajaa…ab ka episode tha
    eagrly wating 4 ek villan upcoming kriyam chapters..
    keep writing..
    apna dhyen rekna..

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