Kriyam: Ek Villain: Chp 1: She loves Him

Krishna started to put the bangles on her hand. She picked the ear rings and put them on. She got up from the dressing table only to find Sayyam drunk and not in his senses. He tripped walking and barely escaped from hitting the glassware.
Krishna: SAYYAM!
She ran to him and flung her hands around him. Sayyam was stunned. Even if not in his senses, he could figure out that it wasn’t Krishna’s normal behavior.
Sayyam: Krishna..
Krishna opened her eyes. She realized what she was doing and got away from him
Krishna: Tum..tum thik ho?
Sayyam: Tumhe parvah hai?
Krishna looked away trying to cover her concern with hate
Krishna: No. Never.
Sayyam gave a sick smile
Sayyam: I knew
He got up but then slipped due to his unconsciousness. Krishna got up held him
Krishna: careful

Sayyam looked up at her. Krishna knew what he was thinking. How could a girl, whom he had forced to marry him, be concerned towards him? She would have liked to kill the man who took away all the pleasure from her life, leaving her miserable. But this was different. Krishna was different. Sayyam was different. Situations were different. She looked straight into his eyes, observing his sorrow, his hate, his fate, him. He was a cruel man, a wicked one. But she could see his inner goodness, his inner grief. How? Because she loved him once. She loved him secretly, but when he transformed into a devil, she hated him. But the previous night, she was confused. Was he a good man? Did he suffer more than her? Or does he? Thoughts poured to her mind. But then she remembered how he married her, holding her hand tight, not caring how it hurt her. She got back her hand, shocked with herself, thinking how could she think that a villain like him can be a hero. Sayyam observed her, how she got away from him
Sayyam: I know you hate me
Krishna looked up at him with hatred filled in her eyes. It was difficult to him to understand whether she was glaring at him or was sorrowful because of her tears. Whatever it was, he hated it. He wished it was the same as before, with they smiling at each other, even though just strangers. Krishna looked away, tears rolling down her cheek trying to think it wasn’t real. Sayyam turned away going towards the table, for more drink. He drank one glass and got back to Krishna.
Sayyam: You know what Krishna-
He stumbled saying this. Krishna tried to hold him but instead fell with him, landing on the bed with he over her. They remained in the position for some moments, lost in each other’s eyes. Sayyam gave a weak smile and put her hair back. That’s when Krishna realized what she was doing, and pushed him abruptly.
Krishna: Get away !

She pushed him and got up from the bed. Sayyam glared at her, with rage in his eyes. He got up and hold her hand firmly.
Sayyam: Don’t you dare do that again..I will not leave you
He twisted her arm
Krishna: Sayyam leave me
Sayyam: Never. Never. You are mine, and nobody can take you away from. YOU ARE JUST MINE !
Krishna stared at him shaken. Her ears ringed with the last words. Sayyam’s expression softened seeing her face. He loosened the grip a little
Krishna: Sayyam..
Sayyam realized what he was doing. Or rather, what he said. He leaved her and looked away.
Krishna: Sayyam you-
Sayyam turned away ignoring her words. Her eyes. She put his hand on his shoulders
Krishna: Sayyam listen-
Sayyam pushed her hand away rudely
Sayyam: I don’t listen to anybody
She was taken aback by this words. She realized what she was thinking, saying and doing. She thought he loved her, but it wasn’t so. She forgot that he was a devil.
He knew she loved him. But he didn’t. He never deserved her, but he wanted her. He wanted her more than anything else in the world. She was the only one who could understand him.
Krishna: Hm. I know. I was a fool to think-

She stopped, unable to bring the words out. He looked at her, broken by her words. She turned to leave, but he stopped her. He hugged her, much to her surprise, or rather shock.
Krishna: Sayyam..
Sayyam: Krishna, don’t leave me. I will die. I cant live without you. I don’t know what it is, but-
He couldn’t get the rest of the words out. He tightened his grip, just to ensure himself that she was there
Krishna realized that he was now totally drunk, without his senses. The effect had started and even he didn’t knew what he talked about
Krishna: Sayyam-
Sayyam: Promise me you wont leave me
Krishna was taken aback.
Krishna: Sayyam I-
Sayyam: Promise
Krishna: Promise
She could feel his relief, as if a mountain of depression was lifted over him.
Krishna: Sayyam..
But Sayyam wasn’t in the condition to reply or respond. She looks at him, his closed eyes. She laid him over the bed, but he pulled her
Sayyam: (unconsciously) Krishna ..dont leave me..please
Krishna: Yes Sayyam..
He got to sleep. Relieved. But she knew what she had to do. She had to turn him the Sayyam she knew, not leave the Villain Sayyam alone with grief. Cause she loved him.

Hi..hope you liked the first part of my first SS. Do drop your views by commenting

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