Kriyam- THE ARRANGED LOVE- By-Mayesha (part-8)

Hi..guyz’s me ,mayesha again with the 8th part..I know, I was missing since many days..actually I was sick for some days..again it’s too hot here. It’s about 40 degree centigrade the electricity no wifi..then the Ramzan started… but the main reason is..

Actually guys..My H.S.C xms have just ended..after that I have my admission test within 3 months..I have to make myself prepared for’s not that easy ..moreover, I am desiring to appear in the test of Medical college..

And becoming doctor through a public medical college isn’t easy at all…there r only 3000 seats and the num of students appearing in the xms r about 1 lakhs..

So, u can imagine how tough it is..

Moreover I want to admit myself in DMC(DHAKA MEDICAL COLLEGE) .that’s the best medical college of my country.. Among the 3000, only the 1st 198 will be in the DMC..

I hope u can understand my circumstances..Pray for me so that I can achieve my goal to become a doctor..

For this reason I have started my’s very very I don’t any scope to write at all..

Hope u can understand..sorry for that..

I know there r only few to like my ff..yet I write for those people..

Last epi, I wrote about the 2 things unchanged…

The 2 things r “APP” and krishna saying “SAYYAM” from her own voice!!!

Now,enough of my blabbering..let’s go back to the Story..

Kriyam woke up from sleep and get ready for the destination…the hospi…

Krishna was a lill bit nervous but also happy…

At last they reached the hospital..Kriyam got down from the car..Krishna was looking at the signboard of the hospital..

Sayyam: so,krishna! Ready?

Krishna: umm..yea..may b..

Sayyam: ooww..don’t get nervous..u r such a meritorious doctor.what will happen to ur pateints if u will pant like this?

Krishna: yea,r8..ok..I should go now…

Sayyam: oh, yeah..plz..I will come at 4 to pick u up..

Krishna: can go myself..

Sayyam: did I ask u?

Krishna: ok..(smile)

Sayyam: ok, bye. Best of luck..

Krishna: thankx..

Sayyam: again?? (pout)

Krishna: oh..sorry sorry..

Sayyam: again sorry!!

Krishna: oohhoo..ok..bye..

Sayyam: Bye..

At 4, Sayyam was waiting outside the a tym, Krishna came and they both rode back to home..

Both were, they changed and took a rest..

At n8, Krishna went to the kitchen to cook..

She was cooking that tym, Sayyam entered…

Krishna: y r u here? Go and take rest. U had many meetings today na?

Sayyam: so, wht? U were also busy and so tired..If u can cook now, y can’t I? After all, it’s my duty to help u..

Krishna: yea, but..

Sayyam: no but..tell me what to do?

Krishna: ok..then.chop the veg..

Sayyam: VEG!!! (widen eyes)

Krishna: yes,y? any problem?

Sayyam: No..not at all (MIND: I don’t like this chopping chopper!! Uff..Wht to do?)

Sayyam took some veges and sat on the dining table…

Suddenly Sayyam began to cry…

Krishna was shocked and panic..

Krishna: oohh shit..seem that Sayyam has cut his finger…why did I give him to cut the veg!!(was angry on herself)

Krishna quickly took the first aid box and ran to Sayyam as much fast as she could…

Krishna: (taking his hand) where is bleeding? If u can’t cut the veg, then I should tell me na..y did u do this…
now see..u have cut ur must be paining na?? Let me aid it…then u will never cut the veg..

Krishna was saying the whole at a strech………

Krishna: ( seeing throughly Sayyam’s hand) where is the cut?

Sayyam: that’s wht I am trying to say, my hand didn’t get cut..I was cutting the onion…that’s y..

Krishna: then u should tell me na..

Sayyam: only can if u let me tell,na..

Krishna: u were crying soo badly just for this..!!

Sayyam: yes…(crying)

Krishna was laughing and sayyam was shocked..

Sayyam: y r u laughing?

Krishna: wait..let me bring something..

Krishna brought a chewing gum and offered Sayyam..

Sayyam: wht’s this?

Krishna: U don’t know wht’s this!!? Chew this while cutting onion…u won’t cry then..

Sayyam: really??

Krishna: yea..try..

Sayyam tried and it really worked…then they both again began to work..

After the dinner, they went to stroll as usual…

After a few days…

Sayyam: wht happened, Krishna? U r looking stressed?

Krishna: umm..yes. Actually I have an O.T

Sayyam: ooww..don’t will be successful, I know..

Krishna: don’t’s first tym na..

Sayyam: yea, I know..but don’t take stress.. BTW whn it will be?

Krishna: at 4..

Sayyam: ok..I will drop u then.

At 3 ..Sayyam’s car..

Sayyam: Krishna, r u alr8?

Krishna: (fake smile) yes..I hope..

Sayyam: ok..

Sayyam heard something…gun gun gun..

Sayyam: krishna, r u singing?

Krishna: ha? not at all..

Sayyam: ooww..may b it’s another ..

Again Sayyam heard the same thing..It’s Krishna singing “Aashayein” ..

Sayyam smiled a bit but didn’t say anything to Krishna..

At 8 … after the O.T..At Sayyam’s car..

Sayyam: how was ur O.T?

Krishna: succesfull from A 2 Z..

Sayyam: ooww..that’s great..congrats..

Krishna: thanks..

After some minutes..

Sayyam: I didn’t know that anyone sings when he/she is nervous..

Krishna: haa? ( shocked) ooww..yea..actually..I don’t know y but I automatically began to sing in nervousness..

Sayyam: no’s alr8..if that gives u peace, it’s absolutely al8..

Krishna: it must be soo funny and awkward na?

Sayyam: Krishna,’s nothing serious..believe me..
ok..let’s play some music..

Saying this Sayyam switched on the radio..

The “Aashayein” song was playing on the radio…

Kriyam looked at each other with opened mouth and after few secs, they began to laugh…

Sayyam: oohh..god..wht’s this? (laughing) let me stop it..

Krishna: no no..let it play..

Sayyam: As u wish…

Both looked other side and smile slightly….

PRECAP: Kriyam was sleeping hugging each other…AND
then Krishna was crying a lot keeping her head on Sayyam’s chest…


Not a big one..sorry for that..I have just had my ifter..I am soo tired..but yet I write it..bcz Now a days I don’t any lill scope to write..I am sorry for that..

Hope u will forgive me for that..after this, the next parts will may b short..


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  1. It’s amazing epi and precap omg kriyyam is sleeping by hugging each other I. I m really excited for next epi update next part asap pl_zzzzzZZzzzzzz………..

    1. Mayesha

      thnkx and glad that u like it..

  2. Update it soon❤❤❤

    1. Mayesha

      tried much..but just submitted now..

  3. Its superb .amazing i love it precap omG .upate asap

    1. Mayesha

      thnkx asia…

  4. Hi I am from Bangladesh and also Dhaka…… I read in class ten…. Nice to know someone is writing from my country…. Love you…. Your ff is best…. I can understand your situation
    ..amio Roja…. So best wishes for you…

    1. Mayesha

      yea..I know that u r from Bangladesh..nice to meet u again…thankx a lot for ur support…

  5. Love it so much
    I can understand I’m fasting to
    Post soon need kriyam
    Miss them so much
    Pre caps interesting

    1. Mayesha

      glad that u like it..hope that u will it also in future..

  6. Mithila Farzana

    Good luck mayesha apu.hope u will get selected.even i am from bd…..epi was soo nice…

    1. Mayesha

      thank u mithila…thnkx a lot….

  7. Mithila Farzana

    Ramadan Mubarak

    1. Mayesha

      ramadan mubarak

  8. Long time…

    1. Mayesha

      yesyes..a long tym..

  9. Can’t wait for the next episode after reading the precap…

    1. Mayesha

      just submitted the next part…will be able to read that in a few hours or may be in a few minutes..who knows!!??

  10. Fidato

    It’s totally ok Mayesha… Your first priority should be your career… May all your dreams come true… All prayers with you… All the very best…
    Waiting for precap…

    1. Mayesha

      thankx for ur support..I can’t read ur ff let alone comment on sorry for that…

  11. Nice episode. Update soon

    1. Mayesha

      thnkx sree

  12. AnahitaAnnie

    Congrats on successfully completing another public exam.. And about the Medical exams.. I am sure u will get it..after all ur writing and ur words shows ur talent.. Mark my words apu u will be one of those 198.. And thank u soo much for updating.. I hope u are well now.. And the episode was filled with cuteness and adorable convo..i loved it so much and the precap is ??.. Hope u get free time soon so that u can update for us..

    1. Mayesha

      thnkx Anahita…ur supprt always gives me new rays of hope…thankx a lot…

  13. O god such an amazing cute epi all the best for ur plans n yeah I just can’t wait for the precap

    1. Mayesha

      thank u maria…wait a bit for the next one…but I doubt on the precap!!

  14. Amazing Mayesha… So sorry I could not read any of it chaps and including shaani di s too..I was so busy I didn’t have time..and best wishes Dr…I am so sorry..the onion part was really funny..plz forgive me if u can…Are u a Muslim?? Just Asking…Best wishes

    1. Mayesha

      it’s totally ok Isha..even I was also toooo bz…i couldn’t also read any ff during this tym..Yes, I am Muslim…

  15. Misbah

    Congragulation apu… V can understand ur prblm.. Onion scene was funny☺☺i m Misbah.. But have talk with u in d name of RAHMAN.. Maybe u remember.. Plz post next asap??

    1. Mayesha

      thnkx Misbah…yes, of course i can remember…I have already posted that..

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