Kriyam- THE ARRANGED LOVE- By-Mayesha (part-7)

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Hi guyz,it’s me Mayesha with the 7th part…May b 4-5 parts r left…here the part is…

The next day at lunch…

Yuvaan: papa, we need to do some measure steps to extend our business in U.K..

Yuvraaj: hmm..u’re r8..we need someone experienced…

Sayyam: let vaiyu go there, papa..he is sooo experienced ..I am sure he will do this better than any1..

Yuvraj: yea..u r r8..

Suhaani: yes..I think Yuvaan is the best choice..

Yuvaan: but, ma..How can I alone handle this ? I mean. It’s a veryy veryy big project. I can but without u all???..

Yuvraj: but u have Ayza,r8? She also works with us in the office..she also can handle..

Ayza: but papa, it’s U.K ..and if any mistake happens?

Yuvraaj: ok. Then let me think…

At n8..

Yuvraaj: I have decided that I, suhani, yuvaan and ayza will go to U.K and here Sayyam will handle the business.

Sayyam: but papa, I alone?

Suhani: yes beta..we know u can do that..BTW yuvaan need us there..

Sayyam: yes ma ..I can understand..plz u all’s very imp for us to extend our business for its benefit..

Yuvraj: I know that beta u will definitely understand..I also knew that my both sons will make my name proud..

Extend his hands and hugged both Yuvaan and Sayyam..

After 2 days 4 of them went to U.K..

AND OUR KRIYAM will be all alone in the house..

That n8..

In Kriyam’s room…

Sayyam was crying his inner out as he was missing his family very badly..

Sayyam was continuosly crying and hugging a family pic..

Krishna came their and was shocked to see Sayyam in this way..

Krishna: (MIND) he loves his family that much..I know how it feels when we r away from our family..
It’s a feeling like we r being abandoned from the family( a few drops fell from her eyes)

Wiping her tears..went near to Sayyam..held his shoulder with much hesitation..

But held that as she knew Sayyam ,this tym, need someone to handle him..

Krishna: Will ma,papa,vaiya,vabi happy to hear that u r crying soo much?

Sayyam:(try to wipe his tears but couldn’t) How can I live these 6 months without them?

Saying that sayyam stood up and went towards window and again started crying…

Krishna sighed and again went to him and placed her hands on his shoulder..

Sayyam all on a sudden turned back and hugged Krishna tightly but unknowingly ..

As Sayyam couldn’t hold himself at all..

Krishna was shocked and widen her eyes..

But normalized herself and placed her hand on Sayyam’s back and caress a lill..

Sayyam: I couldn’t even imagine that I have to stay without them!!!

Krishna: nor either me..

Sayyam could realize Krishna’s feeling that she was missing her parents

Just like now Sayyam is missing…

Sayyam also realize his position and break the hug and..

Sayyam: sorry..actually I couldn’t realize..and I know I have no r8 to hug u..Sorry…

Krishna wanted to say something but before that Sayyam left the room running towards terrace..

Krishna also went to terrace after 30 mins and saw Sayyam near the railing ..standing and seeing in the sky..

Krishna stood near Sayyam ..

Krishna: U(app) like to see the dark n8 with some lill stars,na?

Sayyam: u..

Krishna: how did u know that?

Sayyam: no..just guess..nothing much(MIND: I know that the day I know u were looking at the sky
and smiling cutely)

Krishna: oo..but true..I lyk that..
r u fine?

Sayyam: yea..quite much…thnkx for let me be alone for sometym..

Krishna: thnkx..

Saying that Krishna went out..

Sayyam was thinking that Krishna would stay there for more..but he became sad…

Sayyam: (MIND) why do u want that? She already said that she needs tym..why will she be here to be with u? U
should not build up ur expectation,Sayyam..

After 5 mins Sayyam saw a hand in front of him holding a cup of Ice cream..

Actually Krishna came back with 2 cups of ice cream…

Krishna: take it….It’s fun to eat ice cream late n8..

Sayyam was very haapy and took the cup.

Both of them ate that and gossip a lill..

Sayyam: let’s stroll..

Krishna: this tym??

Sayyam:’s also fun lyk having ice cream..

Krishna: ok..

They went to their garden and

Krishna was smiling and took a deep there was a peaceful scent of Jessamine flowers..

Krishna: many trees of Jessamine..though they r small but their flowers!! Ooh…so pretty..!!

Sayyam was smiling mildly..

They stroll for half an hour ..

Krishna: app ne bilkhul sehi kaha’s really enjoy the darkness while n8..

Sayyam: app ko accha laga?

Krishna: yes..of course..I loved it..

Sayyam: ok..done ..then from now we will come to stroll everyn8..

Krishna: ok done..

Sayyam: now,let’s’s quite late..

Krishna: yes…

They came back to their room and slept..

One week passed…

In the meantym, Sayyam and Krishna became quite friendly.

Though Krishna couldn’t cook but Kriyam together tried to cook and somehow managed..

Sparsh also came often and helped them to learn cook…

But two things r unchanged yet….(Author’s note: I won’t tell..u have to guess…)

One day, at per Kriyam’s wish..Kriyam was walking at n8…

Sayyam: oohh..shit..I forget one thing..U w8 here..

Krishna: but..wh..(couldn’t complete)

Sayyam ran towards home..

Krishna was walking alone..

After 10 min Sayyam came back..

Sayyam kept his hand over Krishna’s shoulder..

But Krishna in fear shouted loudly as much as she could..

Krishna: AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sayyam quickly kept his hand over Krishna’s mouth..and one finger on his own lip ..

Sayyam: SSSShhhh…it’s me…

Krishna was still panting and was out of breath..

All on a sudden..Sayyam forwarded a paper to Krishna..

Krishna: what’s it?

Sayyam: see it urself..

Krishna took the paper and opened it..while reading, her eyes widen..

Krishna: iitt”sss..(was buffering)

Sayyam:’s some papers on ur joining in hospital..u told me na..

Krishna: yeah..but..

Sayyam: no but…u will join the hospi from tomorrow..( with an orderly voice..)

Krishna: u wish…

They started walking again..

Krishna: (while walking) thank u…

Sayyam: y?

Krishna: for this papers..

Sayyam: that’s not done..u called me friend and also say thank u..(pout)

Krishna: thnk happy..(smile)

Sayyam: yes..(also smile)

Sayyam: (MIND) It’s about to be 15 days of our marriage but yet….)

PRECAP: Krishna was singing a song….for whom??
why is krishna so nervous?? For what??


Sorry guyz,,I know I was missing for some tym..but it’s tough for me to post now..yet I did it..

May be this update isn’t good at all..As I write it in a hactic way..plz forgive me for that…

And let me know about ur guess on “that 2 things r unchanged”..plz..


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  1. AnahitaAnnie

    Hmm the things are.. Firstly they still didn’t have their suhaagraat and secondly they are still nothing more than friends.. I am a terrible guesser.. So I know all of my guesses would be wrong..and the episode was fantastic..frankly the write in a more hectic way..anyways all the kriyam moments were so peaceful and adorable..and they are calling each other aap is really ver sweet..and why are ending the ff so early.. I ws loving ur writing skills. Please try to continue it further.. SSEL is going to end and now u are also ending it..u can’t try to consider making it longer..anyways loved the epi..and hope u are having fantastic exams..

    1. Mayesha

      yeah anahita..I am going to end it..At the 1st part,I said that it would be a small I would write a lill long..but my study pressure is sooo much that I couldn,t explain..So it’s better for me to end it early..otherwise it will hamper my study a lot which I can’t afford..hope u understand..

  2. Hi mayesha very nice episode I loved it .no problem yaar do ur exams gud.ill go with annie I think she guessed right even I’m terrible in guessing..hahaha..

    1. Mayesha

      thnkx somi..let see how terrible u r in guessing!! It’s really nice to meet u though through virtually..u always support me and my writing..plz forgive if i have hurt u knowingly or unknowingly..After 4-5 parts of this ff,it will be at the end..So my presence in tellyupdates will be no more,I think..I can’t let it hampering my study..I told u na that I have to give my admission test after 3-4 months and I have to prepare myself for for that test,i am quiting..but thank u for ur encouraging words all through..

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