Kriyam- THE ARRANGED LOVE- By-Mayesha (part-4)

Link of the pre: Part 3

Hi..It’s me ..Mayesha with the 4 part..

Actually 2mw I have my Physics practical xm..and suddenly a class test also comes up on my head…I hope u can understand my situation..

But I won’t walk back from my word..I will write a long one..but in two part..hope u won’t mind..bcz the xms r really important for me..

So the precap of the part 3 will be divided into two..

Now..let’s get started..

Outside Sayyam’s room( but now Kriyam’s room)

Sayyam:(MIND) Oh to go inside? (gulp frequently and walking to and fro>)
no no no…I can’t go inside…(sweating a lot)
Oh Krishna(God)..plz help me na..
(folding his palms and looking above)
Now I have to share my room..nehiiiii…..

Yuvaani: Oo. Hello..Krishna upar roof main nehi, tere room mein hain..

Sayyam: (quickly together himself ) haa…mujhe pata hain..

Yavaani: AC hain ..pher bhi yea hall?

Sayyam: Nehi nehi..kuch nehi..main to sweat nehi kar rehi hoon..or nahi daar rehi hoon..

Yavaani: what?? Daar..(understanding the matter)
Aree puchnahi maat baccha..meri shaadi ke 1st night pe tera jiju itna dara huya tha ki room mein entry
latei hi paani pina suru kar di…

Sayyam: Sach mein??!!! (gulping a lot)

(though it wasn’t that scary,but for sayyam…he knows better!!!)

Yuvaani: Aur nehi to kya..aur pher to sirf washroom and bottle..!! Bass..
( What an elephant lie from Yuvaani! )

Ayza: Yuvaani.. Do no bicchu ko dekha hain kya?

Yuvaani: nehi to..chaliye..let’s find out them..(About to go. But suddenly stop and turn back to Sayyam)
Vaiyu, bottle lake doon kya?(wink: the genetic craving of Birla family)

Sayyam: Nehi andar hain…( a little child)

Yuvaani: Ok…(laugh loudly but in mind)

Then Yuvaani and ayza went to find their sons, while yuvaani told arza about sayyam and laughed..

Sayyam: Oh my God..sach mein aisa kuch huya tha?

Abhay: No,mere shaale sahab…she was lying..(coming from behind of a pilar, evesdroping their conversation)

Sayyam: ohh..thnk God..I was so scared..

Abhay: Actually isse bhi bura haal huya tha mera…(Again lie)

Sayyam: what!! (Sooooo scared…even more than when some girls see a Periplaneta amercana )

Abhay: Haan..mera haal dekhkar jab Yuvaani mere paas ayi to mene dar ke mare mere hath ka bottle ka paani
Yuvaani ki face pe phek diye aur ek milisecond ke andar hi bathroom mein ghus gayi….
Aur to pher saari raat sirf washroom mei tha!!!…

Sayyam: nehi nehi majak kar rehi hain nah?(a few drops fell from his hair on his shoulder)

Abhay: nehi..Yuvaan se puche uska kya haal hya tha? (Wink: Aree Abhay damad hain Birla family wink to
mar nahi hain)

Yuvaan: Mujhse to puch nahi maat…
when I sat on the bed began to vibrate..

Sayyam: What??? Why??

Yuvaan: Aree.. as I was shaking…but daar ke mare mujhe to itna kuch samajh e nehi aa rahata..
to mujhe laga ki earthquake uske baad jo huye ,kya batauo..(tilt his head in slow motion with a
sad face)

Sayyam: Kk..kk..yyya hua tha? (now,Sayyam is shaking)

Yuvaan:( giving eye signal to Abhay..actually he unable to make up more elephant lies) wo wo..

Abhay: wo..usne khirki se jump kardi…

Sayyam And Yuvaan: Kya??(shouting)

Sayyam: Vai , app kyu “kya” kehrehi hain? Aur khirki sei kui? Door to tha na?

Yuvaan: nehi..mere matlab hain ki “kya” dard hua tha mujhe…(showing his hand)
door to tha..but lock tha na..asiliye..

Sayyam: to phir mein door lock nehi karungi..

Abhay and Yuvaan: nehi nehi nehi…(shouting!!)

Abhay: Door lock karlena plz …

Yuvaan: ha..ha.. Plz lock karna..Hame kuch dekhna nehi hain..plz..

Sayyam: lekin??!!!

Abhay: no lekin…aur aise bhi tere kamre mein bhi to khirki problem nehi hogi…

Yuvaan: Hain..sehi baat..

Abhay: Jo bhi of luck..aab andar jayo..tume kuch nehi hoga..eilo mein ek mantra parkar tumhari nazar uthati hoon..
(MANTRA: Disco dewaani..aha aha…
Disco dewaani..aha aha…
Disco dewaani..aha aha…) ( his fav song..saying in mummer)

Sayyam: thankx jiju..(hugging him)

Yavaan: Aab ja,jaldi se….haam bhi chaltehe hain..

Yuvaan and Abhay went from there smiling wicketly..

Sayyam: don’t scare Sayyam..jiju ne mantra to parkar nazar utarli hain..chill..

Bout to enter the room..but stopped..

Sayyam: Let me call Sparsh once..

Sparsh: aree ..yr..tu mujhe aab q call kar rehi hain?

Sayyam: why? Can’t I call?

Sparsh: whr is Vabhi?

Sayyam: in the room..

Sparsh: and u?

Sayyam: outside the room..

Sparsh: uuff…to andar ja na…

Sayyam: pata nehi yr..Though I have decided to move ahead,but u know na…How I am!!

Sparsh: yeah..I know how u were whn u were with Anayha..And also know how u r whn u r not with Anayha..
but..Saiyyu..Krishna is a really good girl. Plz try to work out this relation..

Sayyam: but..if she doesn’t to work out??

Sparsh: do u really think that?

Sayyam: I don’t know..But I can’t afford that once I m lacking confidence on myself..

Sparsh: I m sure Saiyyu that Krishna is not like Anayha at go inside ..she may b waiting…

Sayyam: (Sigh) okkk..

Sparsh: more think..
jab andar kam karigi toh garmi lagi to!!! ( smirk )

Sayyam: wht!!!

But Sparsh cut the phone already!!!

Sayyam: Don’t know wht will happen!!

Get ready to go inside the room..

But in the room…Krishna was sitting motionless…

I don’t know how to manage this relation..

How to say him that I was not ready!!!
But how could I say no that day?!!

[email protected]@@@@

Krishna came back home from the hospi..

Soumya: I am very happy Krishna that u have made urself ready for the marriage..
(kissed on the forehead of Krishna)

Krishna was damn shocked…

Krishna: Matlab?

Soumya: matlab?? I asked u on the phone na that r u ready? And u say yes…

Krishna: no..

Kishan was standing at the door and was shocked hearing Krishna’s ans…

Kishan: kya?

Krishna was with wide eyes as she saw her father panicing..

She remebered the incident when her father had a heart attack..She could not tolerate..

Krishna: wo..wo..I was joking,ma..Ye ..I am ready..

Kishan: (become normal) I am really happy for u beta…

Krishna: papa,ma..I need rest..

Kishan: yes..beta ..plz go inside and rest..

Krishna went towards her room..

Krishna: (MIND)
though I am not ready yet..but I can’t back off now..Papa can’t bear this..AND I can’t bear papa in pain..
Aur aise bhi aaj nehi to kaal shaadi to karnahi hoga..
Hain..mujhe pata hein ki mein abhie is rishte ke liye tyar nehi hoon..
may b I can’t him from my heart…
But I will try..

FLASHBACK [email protected]@@@@@@@

Krishna:(MIND) I think he is not that bad..In fact not bad at all….may b he will understand me..
but what if he can’t?
Can I say him “NO”?
What if he doesn’t listen?
And moreover what if I can’t say?

At that tym..a noise of opening the door..

Krishna clutches her saree…her heart beat becomes sooo fast…

Sayyam slowly opens the door..get inside..turn back and about to lock the door..but hesitate a bit

Suddenly a shout……………………………………..


Tht’s for now..I will update the next one after some hours..

Plz let me know ur views..

If u don’t like the story or any part..Let me know..

Even if u have any Idea…

Thanks ur support..


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  1. Aaravjaikar

    love it keep posting …

    1. Mayesha

      Thnkx for ur appreciating..can I know if u r a male or female?? Actually I am not an indian names r not familiar to me..

  2. Its amazing❤❤

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      thank u anshu for reading and commenting..

  3. Wow super very funny.yeah I understand mayesha prepare well and good luck dear

    1. Mayesha

      Glad that u like it..thnkx for the best wishes dear…

  4. AnahitaAnnie

    All the scenes were damn funny with lots of humorous jokes and Sparsh’s convo with Saiyyam is cuter..and Yeah saiyyam u should lock the door unless he wants someone to invade his privacy.. ?Fantabulous episode apu.. I will always knew that u would make a terrific and talented writer..loved it..

    1. Mayesha

      Thnk u anahita..until I get ur comment, I don’t get peace..ur comment r always sooo supportive..thnkx again..

  5. May I know which country are you from??? By the way the epi was nice

    1. Mayesha

      thank u Jenita…
      Yes..of course u can..I am from Bnagladesh..u also,r8?

  6. Fidato

    Nice… Mayesha… Convo fully filled humour..Funny… Dialogues… Loved it.. keep writing…

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