Kriyam- THE ARRANGED LOVE- By-Mayesha (part-3)

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Hi,guys. I’m Mayesha again….with the 3rd part..I don’t why but in the last epi there were some lines missing..those were very important for my story line..let’s get started….

Krishna thinked over the n8 about the proposal but couldn’t decide anything…

Krishna:(MIND) I don’t know what to do ? Should I agree or not?
The boy lokked decent. But already he had an affair. And also broke up.
Is he enough trustable?
Can I work out this relation?
Can he understand my work?

A lots of question in Krishna’s mind…..

Over thinking… Over thinking…and Over thinking…

At a once,she slept without deciding anything….

The next day…

Kishan: Krishna,beta..Have u decided?

Krishna: not yet papa…

Soumya: beta plz decide something…bt 1 thing..I and ur papa have find out everything about the boy..
He is decent..intelligent..his family is also respectable..

Kishan: but the last consent will be urs..if u don’t agree,we will back out…so,be free..

Krishna: thnkx papa and ma..

A call on krishna’s phone and she went out…

A call on Soumya’s phone also and that’s from Suhani…Suhani told them about positive consent..Soumya told her everything about Krishna’s answer..Suhani asked her to decide Krishna on her own and let her know..

Krishna had an emergency in the slum and went out there..

In the car…

Krishna: I know, papa and ma will do the best for me..
the family is also good…
But don’t know y? I think I’m not ready yet for the proposal..
Should I call it off?
Hmm..I think I should..

While thinking She reached the place..

After 1 hour…

Krishna was bz in the hospi as some people of the slum became sick due to rotten and invalid food…

There was sooo much noise..

A call from Soumya to Krishna:

Soumya: Beta..

Krishna: ha,ma boliye..(couldn’t hear properly due to noise)

Soumya: Have u decided?

Krishna: tell once more..

Soumya: Have u decided yet?? Do u have the positive consent?? ( more Loudly)

Krishna: (hear the first question much difficulties…not the second one…)….

Soumya: hello..ok..beta..keep off the phone..u r in emergency I guess…

Krishna: will call u back later..

Soumya and Kishan was happy hear the news…..

The marriage preparation started….

After 2 weeks, the marriage day come….

(I don’t want do write on jumping on the bidaayi…but in the meantime, they don’t talk with each other bcz of their shyness..but Sayyam was very excited over the marriage which was noticed by none other than Yuvaani)

In the bidaayi, the hugging conception going on..

Krishna: Ma,where is Souhan?

Soumya: Don’t know..abhi to yehi tha..let me check.

Krishna: No,ma let me go..

(Krishna found him in her bathroom while taking a shower)

Krishna: Souhan..tu abhie bhi meri bathroom mein naha rehi hein..teri to hain na?(outside the washroom)

Souhan: Aab tu to chalie kuch to mera hi hain..(Inside the washroom)

Krishna: uugghh…tu aab q naha rehi hain?

Souhan: dekh na kitni garmi hain..isiliye..

Krishna:mein ja rehi hu….( crying but a little, don’t want to cry in front of Souhan)

Souhan: jaa na..tuje roka hain kisi ne?

Krishna: tu bahar nehi ayegi?

Souhan: dhuurr..mujhe bohot maja aa raha hain shower lene mein..abhi nehi aa sakta…

Krishna: to pher mein ja rehi hoon..

Souhan: Are ja to..aur kitni baar bolu..

Krishna: ekbar to bahar nikal..

Souhan: no..not at all..tu ja..

Krishna went from there..with a crying face..

Here hamari Souhan,the wicket, was crying bitterly..Sitting on the floor of the washroom.. Keeping his knees near his head..his hands were on his knees in cross..keeping his head on the hands..the shower was on..
Her ID was going far from him..How can he see that Scenario??How can he face Krishna??How can he bade her away?? No, he can’t.. (JUST imagine guys that ur sis is going far from u AND try to feel Souhan’s condition…)

Krishna came back to the main door of their house..

When she came at the entrance, she saw her papa crying a lot..!!! A lot means a loooootttttt that can’t be described….

Krishna: Papa…

Kishan: Meri Princess….

Quickly hug Krishna and hold her soo tightly bcz he doesn’t want to leave her princess at all…

Krishna: Papa, plz don’t cry this way na..!! Plz..

Kishan was crying more hearing this… Actually he loves her daughter soooo much..

Krishna: Papa…plz stop crying na..else u will get a rebuke from me now as always..if u cry that much, u may have
a heart attack again..!!! ( a lill angry , as she is soo concern for her papa’s health )

Kishan: ( quickly wipe his tears ) ok ok..don’t be angry ..I will not cry…

Soumya: May be it’s the 1st bidaayi where the bride is telling her father not to cry..!!

Though it was a sad moment, all the people smile a bit…

After that Krishna again hugged her father and asked him to take his medi on time..

After a few minutes, she along with Sayyam went for Sayyam’s home…oooffff…not only Sayyam’s but also Krishna’s house…

PRECAP: Did Krishna actually agree??

Yuvaan jumped from the window..!!!

DISCO DEWAANI song from Abhay!!!

The 1st n8…
but why r there 4 person in Sayyam’s room??? KRIYAM’S room??

Krishna on the bed..Sayyam on the couch…the 2 person r also on the bed!!!!

Who r Muchu and Michi / Chumu & Chimi??

What happened? Any guess???


That’s for 2n8 guys..Actually I have my xm 2mrw…So, a short one..sorry for that!!

But 2mrw I will post an enough long one as the compensate after my xms…till then stay tuned.

Till then keep guessing…keep commenting..

I need a sug..!!! Which one u lyk?

Chimi & chumu?
Michi & muchu?

Plz let me know..


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  1. Ahhh I think she did not agree???due to the voices of patients she could not hear her mother??and said yes and sommya consider that YES for proposal??michi and muchu❤?four persons in one room?lawl I’m so excited for next part❤loving your ff?

    1. Mayesha

      Thnkx dr…stay tuned and keep commenting…thnkx again..
      yeah..4 person in one room ..that’s also in the 1st n8!!!

  2. I think she never agreed for it wa sa nice one I loved the precap but don’t rush it too much dear michi and muchu ?Lols I can’t even guess?

    1. Mayesha

      thnkx for commenting..I’ll try not to rush…Thanks a lot for reading my ff!!

  3. AnahitaAnnie

    I think it was a confusion due to the loud noise. Poor Saiyyam, guess he was developing feeling but krishna isn’t.. Anyways fantastic episode..and the precap??. I am so excited for the next one..keep going apu..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I think Michi and Muchu is cuter..

    2. Mayesha

      Let see how their love story started?? any guess?

      Thnkx anahita..thnkx a lot..

  4. Hey great nice one go ahead Michi and muchu is good.

    1. Mayesha

      thnkx somi … hope to see ur comment again and again!!

  5. Rahman

    Hi… Loved the episode.. I think michi n muchu is better.. waiting for next??

    1. Mayesha

      hi..thnk u for the appreciation..Misbah..stay tuned

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