Kriyam- THE ARRANGED LOVE- By-Mayesha (part-2)

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It’s me,Mayesha…again…with the second part of THE ARRANGED LOVE…thnkx for ur support..I decided to continue as per ur consent…but my theoretical xms have just ended..but the practical xms will be going, I will try my best to post regularly..but can’t promise..let’s get started…

At 5:00 P.M.

Sparsh: least u’re getting..

Sayyam: oo hello.. I’m just going to see the girl. Not to marry her..

Sparsh: Yeah..I know..But after whatever happened, I think….

Wow..So beautiful…

Sparsh: Who?

Sayyam: That girl…..

Sparsh: Did u see her face?

Sayyam: NO…why?

Sparsh: then how can u tell that she is beautiful, dude?

Sayyam: Can a person only be beautiful from his attire? Can’t u see how she is mingling with the people?
I don’t know how she looks. But yeah, she is very very beautiful from her inner side..

Sparsh: Ok,meri baap…Aab chal..

At 7:00 P.M.

Sayyam,Suhani,Yuvraaj,Yuvaan,Ayza are at Krishna’s home…

Soumya: Oh no..why did this Krishna has not come back yet?

Kishan: Don’t Worry..She will be here in a few minute..

Suhani: Any problem?

Kishan: No, nothing serious..

After some time Krishna enters the room with Soumya…

She wears the same dress that she wore when going out… she doesn’t get enough tym to change..

Bcz of shyness, she doesn’t look at Sayyam And same here for Sayyam…

After some formalities the parents send them to do some talkings..

Even now, they haven’t seen each other.

Krishna takes Sayyam to her room ..then they go to her balcony..

Sayyam was still looking at the floor..He is soooo shy…in the matter of his marriage..

At the balcony, there was a mild cold breeze.. There were a mind relaxing scent of Jessamine flowers..

Don’t know why Krishna was happy at something.. Can Sayyam realize that?

After few mins pin drop silence…

Kriyam: app

Krishna: sorry..u say..

Sayyam: no..u first..

Krishna: Ok..Actually..I don’t know what to say…I am totally confused..

Sayyam: me too..

Krishna: ow…

Sayyam: BTW u have a nice garden…

Krishna: umm..thnkx..actually it’s my hobby,u know……I feel so pleased here..

Sayyam :I see..the garden can present ur handwork..

Krishna: wht’s ur hobby?

Sayyam: spending tym with my family….

Krishna: That’s unique..I haven’t find any1 yet with that hobby..

Sayyam: May b..

Krishna: Look lyk u love ur family a lot..

Sayyam: yes..why not..? Today whatever I am is just bcz of them..If I ever forget my root, I can’t grow up ever..
Nor I can neglect my root…my family is my heart without which I can’t stay.

Krishna: hmm….U have really a deep significance regarding ur family..

After that they continue some normal talkings like hobby,fav things etc etc.

Krishna: Actually, I want to tell u something.

Sayyam: yea..plz proceed.

Krishna:Ummm…. Actually, I want to practise even after my marriage..I hope u won’t refuse..

Sayyam: oo..Not at all….

Krishna: But u r looking confused!?

Sayyam: Actually, I was thinking that if u want to practise, then why don’t u practise now?

Krishna: Bcz I am working on a project regarding my profession..

Sayyam: hmm..I see

Krishna: Don’t u have anything to say?

Sayyam: aahh…..uummm…noo

Krishna: I wanna ask u something, can I?

Sayyam: ok..u can.

Krishna: Do u have any past?

Sayyam: Suddenly?

Krishna: Actually, I want to know bz I don’t that u past hampers our life in future..
I don’t have any problem if u have one..but I want to know…U can tell me..I am not that type person
who will call off her marriage bcz of any past..

Yeah, I had one…In my university..
Anayha was her name..she was..

Krishna: Okk Okk..I don’t wanna know more..It’s enough…I just wanted to know if there was any..nothing else..

Sayyam: u’re different in this matter..
Don’t u have one?

Krishna: No..

Sayyam: why?…
Sorry sorry..May be I left u in an unwanted situation..

Krishna: No. It’s ok..U have r8 as I asked that u first..
I was kept myself busy in study, so don’t any chance for love.

Sayyam: oohh..look like u were quite serious regarding ur studies..

Krishna: yeah.Actually I always want to indebted myself into the work I do..I want to give my best as I regard that
as my respect to my works.


Krishna: Wanna Ask something?

Sayyam: umm..Actually..hope u won’t mind..r u doing this marriage on ur own permit, or??

Krishna: oohh…Actually I have left this choice towards my parents.So,I am totally okay with it…
And u? I mean ur gf?????

Sayyam: No, I don’t have any after that..

Krishna: anything else?

Sayyam: NO

Krishna: Ok..then Let’s go…

They came back to their parents.. After sometym, the Birlas’ come back to their home..

Suhani likes the girl as she doesn’t give any fake one to present..others also gave their positive consents towards the marriage…

Now, It was Sayyam’s tym..

Sayyam: I need some tym..

Saying this he walk to his room..

He opens his cupboard..the drawer…a box..

The box with the signs of his and Anayha’s love..

A tear comes down from his eyes…He fell down on his knees and crying a lot…

After some minutes..

Sayyam at the window..


May b I was wrong to love u this much..

May b U don’t love me that much..

May b my love wasn’t enough for u..

May b playing is normal for u..

May b my real love was just a play for u..

May b my concern was like the strips of the prison for u…

May b I was mad to love u..

May b I was insane to love even now..

But..not anymore…..

I don’t know if I will be able to forget u or not..

But I won’t wait u anymore..Krishna is much more better than u…


Taking out a match, he catch up the fire …

Not just the fire demolish the box with that love sign..but also a part of Sayyam’s heart..

A call on Sayyam’s phone..

Sparsh: Hello,Sayyu..r u alr8?

Sayyam: yeah..totally alr8..even I wasn’t that alr8 since my university life..

I have dstry that box, Sparsh..
I don’t want to live in that past anymore..

I’m soo happy, suddenly such changes??

Sayyam: u remembered the girl ??

Sayyam described evrythng to Sparsh..

Sparsh: I m soo happy..dekhlena it will change ur lyf..

Sayyam: ok..Sparsh..I need sometym to stay alone..

Sparsh: yes..I know that..bye..

Sayyam: Bye..

Sayyam feels soooooooo light now..

He takes a deep breath with a immense pleasure after a loooong tym…

Sayyam: KRISHNA !!!

After one hour..Sayyam gives his positive consent to Suhani..

After 20 mins in the terrace..

Yuvaan: r u sure, Sayyam? Can u forget that..?

Sayyam: yes,vaiyu..I will..plz I want to stay alone this time..

Yuvaan: yeah.mere vai..but I am pleased that u have gave ur consent..

Yuvaan went out..

Sayyam looks over the sky..the dark one..with some stars…

PRECAP: Will Krishna agree??


That’s for now, guys..Hope u all enjoy..let me know..

If u have any sug regarding my writings, plz forward that..

I know I am not a good writer like Shaani,Anahita,Shreya,Fidato and soo on..

But Ur sug will help me a lot to improve my writing..


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  1. AnahitaAnnie

    I am good at writing??.. Sometimes I laugh at my own episodes.. But apu u are on fire ?.. The dialogues and Saiyyam was soo cool.. Bye, bye Anayha becoz Kriyam is on.. I just the episode apu.. Keep going.. Becoz u have piles of talent inside u.. Can’t wait for the next one..

    1. Mayesha

      No,anahita..u’r really gd…
      Don’t know why? but some lines r missing from the ff I write…AND those lines were very very very important for the ff!!!!

      1. AnahitaAnnie

        I have faced some probs before too.. Don’t worry, the ff still looked flawless apu..and i don’t mind all the blue.. It makes a new color..and whatever the color is.. We can still read it..and I was perfectly cool with ur fabulous writing and amazing lines.

  2. Nice episode mayessha. I think so that krishna agree. It all depends on u

    1. Mayesha

      thnkx..let see if Krishna agree or not? but if Krishna disagree…!! thn what will happen to Sayyam..?

  3. Nice episode.she is agree.update soon

    1. Mayesha

      thnkx sree…let see what happens next!!

  4. dear u are a powerhouse of talent n that shy side of sayyam was so adorable loving it

    1. Mayesha

      ooopppsss….such a comment..!! I am blushing..BTW..thnkx a lot..hope that I will be able to keep this till the end..

  5. Amazing❤❤keep writing☺

    1. Mayesha

      thnkx a lot..for commenting..for reading my ff..for encouraging me..for support me..thankx for all..

  6. Love it… keep posting…

    1. Mayesha

      I will Aarav..thnkx a lot

  7. Love it. Sayyam agreed and now krishna will also agree i think. Keep posting. Waiting for next

    1. Mayesha

      glad that u loved it..Let see will Krishna agree..or u have to wait more and more???

  8. Sab blue kaise ho gya!!

    1. Mayesha

      I don’t know..!! even I’m confused..moreover some lines r missing from the ff I submitted…AND they were damn important for the ff…

  9. Hii…very nice mayesha but u know what I love kriyam part before marriage in any ff .u plz fix their marriage but take some time for marriage.

    1. Mayesha

      sorry..dr..I hve already submitted the nxt 1..can’t keep ur word…really very sorry…bt plz if u have any other sug,plz give me..thnkx a lot

  10. Shaani

    Nice episode… Very nice episode… Keep writing I really love ur story…

    1. Mayesha

      Thank u akka..It really means a lot to me.

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