Krishnadasi- You’re My Destiny (introduction and character sketch)


Introduction & Character sketch

Hii guys.. This is Maleesha , from Sri Lanka. I thought of writing a ff for my favourite serial Krishanadasi..(for my ARRA). May be my one is not soo good as you guys’. So here is wht I thought.

In this story, ARRA don’t know each other. Bt bcoz of some incidents, they’ll bcom friends & then fall in love. They won’t confess their feelings, bt always will stand for each other. When they deside to do so, due to revealation of sm secrets they will fall apart.In my story, Aryan is pavithra & shashwat’s biological son while Aradhya is Tulsi & Yashwant’s bio: daughter. & in the future epis, new charactors N secrets will come out. So here is the main character sketch:

Aryan: A playfull boy. He is so helpful & studying in the same college where Aradhya studies.He is a well known sportsman & involved in many sports in the college. & he is expert in martial arts too. Bt he always comes last in exams as he is not much interested in studies

Aradhya: I have given her same features which are in the serial; independent, helpful & truthful. She tops in every exam.

Pavithra: Aryan’s biological mother. The wife of Shashwat Rao. Good at heart.

Shashwat: Aryan’s biological father & Pavithra’s husband & the son of Pradumna Vidydhar Rao.

Pradumna Vidydhar Rao : considers himself to be the ruler of Krishnavathi. Rude; bt not much as in KD. Bt always in revenge mood.

Kumudini: Tulsi’s mother. & Same as in the serial.Yearning to take revenge frm Rao family.

Tulsi: Aradhya’s biological mother & Yashwant’s wife.Soo kind hearted & simple.

Yashwant: Aradhya’s biological father & Tulsi’s husband.He used to love tulsi a lot bfor, bt now always staying in a frustrated mood

Varun: Aryan’s best frnd & Shivani’s boy frnd

Shivani : Aradhya’s best frnd & Varun’s girl frnd.

If you’re interested in this, plz do comment & let me know. Bcoz I won’t continiue my ff without you guys’ impression. & feel free to give your true thoughts; any kind of critisizm, appreciations,likes dislikes & everything will be heartly accepted. Hope you will like it.

Thank you.

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  1. Manya

    Hey maleesha it is interesting plzzz continue??????post soon..

  2. Maleesha

    Thanx & I will

  3. Rhimjhim

    plzz do continue soon…

  4. Itzz intrestingg dear..I lyk ua language simplicity..?plzz..continue..

  5. It seems very interesting
    Do continue ☺️☺️

  6. ginni jidi aroa

    nic… pls cont. soon

  7. Maleesha I am not able to understand that what to do in recaptcha status. Will you plz help me?
    Your ff is interesting plz continue.
    I also want to write ff for kd.

    1. Maleesha

      You have to choose the particular pics or numbers oor letters among the pics given by them. if you ‘ll choose them correctly, they will register you as a member of TU & cnfirm that you’re not a robot bt human. simple

  8. Please continue maleesha❤❤❤?????????…

  9. Maleesha

    Thank you very much guys for your comments… & i will post as soon as i could

  10. Aishasweet

    Maleesha didi ur ff is too good and interesting .i have also written a ff .pls continue to write .

  11. Ya it’s interesting.. continue posting

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