Krishnadasi: One stone two birds (Episode 5)


Hi all back with the chapter
Recap-Aru admitted in hospital.

Aryan comes to Pune Krishnavati Road and then he receives a call from Tulsi.
Tulsi- beta.Have you reached Pune?
Aryan- no aayi I have decided to come back.
Tulsi- what happened?
Aryan- Aradhya didn’t come to college nor did she register into the hostel she probably felt bad and went back I will visit her and ask sorry.
Tulsi- I am proud to have a son like you.
Aryan- Thanks aayi even I am (he then listens to the siren of an ambulance.) aayi?
Tulsi- Haan Beta?
Aryan- what happened that siren?
Tulsi- someone committed sucide anyways jao jaldi aur vapass jaldi lotna tik hai?
Aryan- ok mom no worries.
Aryan then reaches Aaba Sahib’s Haveli.He enters inside and starts shouting Aru’s name.
Aryan-Aradhya! Aradhya!
Aaba comes down- hey!who are you?
Aryan- Voh… I am Aradhya’s friend and want to ask her something.
Aaba- ok go to suryayodhai hospital.
Aryan-why what happened to her?
Aaba- someone probably teased her she committed sucide.
Aryan is shocked at what Aru has done to herself. He rushes to the hospital and sees Arjun sitting there.
Aryan- Arjun!

Arjun turns his head.
Arjun-Aryan? You? What are you doing here?
Aryan-Voh.. Yaar I teased a girl that she doesent have a mother beacause she teased me as devdasi ka beta and fatherless. I felt really bad as she didn’t attend college so I decided to ask forgivness went to her house and found out that she committed sucide so am here now. Anyways, what are you doing here?
To his surprise Arjun slaps him.
Arjun- the girl who committed sucide is none other than my sister Aradhya Pradyuman Vidhyadhar Rao.
Aryan is shocked.
(note- Aryan and Arjun are childhood friends.)
Arjun- want to see how she looks now?
He drags Aryan to the small ICU window and Aryan sees that there are lot of wires attached to Aru and the one docter trying tostop the bleeding of Aru’s hand while the other trying to raise Aru’s heartbeat.

Precap- The doctor comes out and shakes his head indicating no.

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