Krishnadasi: One stone two birds (Episode 4)

Hey guys all ur comments have inspired us a lot… so here we come with the next part of our joint ff.

Episode 4-
Recap: Aryan taunts Aru for not having a mother and not knowing the importance of a mother in one’s life. Aru feels bad and leaves from there crying. Tulsi scolds Aryan for hurting her and asks him to seek for forgiveness.
Aru drives the car too fast and is crying very much as she remembers Aryan call her a motherless child. She stops the car infront of the gate of Rao mansion and runs inside the house and up the stairs. She closes the door behind her and dives on the bed crying…

Other side Aryan is seen going through the college gate. A boy comes and shakes hand with him.
Boy: hey whts up bro…???? after a long time….
Aryan (making a cute face): we met only after a week or two… it is not that long Varun…
So the boy is Varun, Aryan’s childhood friend.
Varun (smiling): u know na that how much u matter in my life….
Aryan: ok… stop buttering me and tell me wht u want… as I know that whenever u talk so high abt me there is definitely a reason behind it…
Varun: see I told u that u matter so much in my life… u understand me more than anyone else… Aryan…. I had a fight with Shivani…
Aryan: AGAIN!!!!!
Varun makes a childish face and looks down….
Aryan: this is the fifth fight in this month… now wht happened this time… u snapped her or she????
Varun: hmmm… actually…
The bell for the classes ring and Aryan and Varun look at each other resignly…
Varun: I will talk abt it with u later…
Aryan: ok…

At home Aru is crying holding her mother’s pic that she has kept with her since her childhood and has a habit of talking to it to feel a little relieved. But today she found it very hard to feel a little better. The more she looks at the picture the more she get sad. At last she gets up and goes to a cupboard and opens the drawer and puts her hand inside it. When she takes out her hand…. She is holding a knife in her hand…. Aru keeps looking at the knife and then she goes and opens her family album and goes through it…
At the gate Arjun sees Aru’s car. He gets a little confused.
Arjun: Aru did not go to college… she came back home….???? Strange… she did not call me and tell me abt this….
He goes inside the house and calls out for her.
Inside the room Aru is seen going through the family album and crying remembering the time she has spent with her lovely family. She keeps the album a side and again takes the knife in her hand… she looks at it…. She closes her eyes…. Places the knife on her wrist and for the last time remembers the lovely moments with her family….
Down stairs Arjun is calling out for her and is searching everywhere.
Arjun: Aru….. I know that u have come back… may be she is in her room…..
He goes upstairs and sees the door closed. He knocks the door.
Arjun: Aru… open the door…. Y have u locked it…. Aru….
He suddenly heard the soft sobs of his sister.
Arjun (concerned): Aru… r u crying??? Aru….

In the college the classes are going on. Aryan takes a look round the class and sees that Aru was not present….
Aryan: she did not come…. Good I will have a good break from that PVR’s ladli….
Then again he feels bad abt his behavior in the morning.
Aryan: I shud not have talked to her like this… but she had also misbehaved with me… but maybe I was a little too much…
The class starts. All the students gets busy in taking down the notes but Aryan starts feeling restless.
Aryan: I cannot feel relieved until and unless I say a sorry to that ill-mannered… after all aayi took her side… she told me to say her sorry…
Aryan stands up…..
The teacher gives him a strange look as if he did some crime… Aryan fumbled for words….
Aryan: sir… actually….
Teacher (thunderously): wht it is??? Speak up fast… I don’t have the whole period to listen to u….. so be fast….
Aryan: sir I need to leave….
Teacher: y???? here some sort film is going on that u will come and leave as u want… this is a class Mr. and u have to attend it….
Aryan: sir it is some personal issue….
Teacher (getting more angry): keep all ur personal issues back at home… don’t bring them here…
Aryan: sir plzzz try to understand… it is really important for me to go here…. sir plzzzzz…
Teacher: ok fine leave….
Aryan takes his belongings and rushes out of the class.

Arjun goes to see whether the window to her room is opened or not. As he goes there he get shocked seeing the scene inside. Aru was lying unconscious on the floor with blood coming out of her wrist. Yes…. She has slited her wrist in sadness. Arjun gets mad and rushes to the door and bag it hard…. Hard enough to break the door….
Arjun (screaming): Aru….. anyone here in the house…. Raghu… Damo…. Anyone,…. Plzzz come fast…plzzzz…. Aru….
He hits the door hard and after a lot of tries the door breaks open…. Then the serveants of the house is seen coming running up the stairs… Arjun rushes inside the room and takes Aru on his lap….
Arjun (crying): Aru…. Wht happened to u…. y u did this to u…. aaba……
Aaba sahib is seen entering through the gate. A servant rushes to him….
Servant: aaba sahib….. Aradhya beti….
Aaba (gets concerned instantly): wht has happened to her???
Just then he sees Arjun caring Aru in his arms. He gets shocked and rushes to her.
Aaba: wht has happened to her????
Arjun: she has slited her wrist…..
Aaba: wht??!!!! But y????
Arjun: I dot know….Raghu…. open the car’s door….
The door is opened Aaba and Arjun sits inside the car with Aru and drives fast to the hospital….

Precap: Aryan reaches Rao mansion and gets shocked hearing wht Aru did to herself. He feels extremely guilty and goes to the hospital. Arjun hits Aryan hard on his face as he comes to know that it is Aryan for whom his sister has taken such a drastic step.
Ok guys so we r done with part….hope u guys liked it…. Plzzzz give ur precious comments….. love u all a lot….

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