Krishnadasi: One stone two birds (Episode 3)


Hi guys we are back so sorry about the delay. I had my exams and Rhimjhim also didnt find time. So I hope you all remember the story.

Episode 3-
Recap-Aru insults Aryan’s family.
Aru-Even if we search for your father in 100 villages we wont find your father. Why boyher. Right Aryan the fatherless?
Aryan gets angry ? and strangles Aru.
Aru-(choking) Aryan pls… Let me go pls.
Aryan-its better that you dir than live in this world ?.
At that time Tulsi is seen running towards them and is shocked seeing that Aryan is strangling Aru.
Tulsi – Aryan! Leave her she will die. So thia is what you do outside Krishnavati! Rowdism? I dont think that I have brought up my son that way? Do you want to register the name shameful on my forehead?

Aryan leaves Aru.
Aryan-better think before you talk anout others. Do you know I am happy with my mother I dont need a father. If you cam call me a fatherless child then i will call you a motherless child. (Aru starts tearing) What big will happen …
Tulsi – Aryan!
Aru-No aunty dont stop him. He ia right I am a motherless child. A child whose mother is not with her. Hiw much I yearn to play with her, to talk to her, to hug her. Probably I am unfortunate I never even got to see my mothe. Probably I am a bad omen in my family the moment I was born I lost my mother. On my 2nd birthday I lost my ajji who was like my second mother. (she runs away and sits inside her car amd starts driving.)

Tulsi-Aryan! Do you know how hard it is to live without a mother. I have given you the love of a father as well. But in a childs life the mother is the most important human. (no offence.) Do you know whay you have done? Your Ajji has spoilt you too much. Get lost I dont want to see your face! Unless you ask for forgiveness from her, I will not speak to you.
Aryan – aayi! (tulsi walks away) Great now see wjat this do foot ki dino did. But probably she felt sad i muat ask forgivness. But i dont even know her name.

Precap-Aryan goes to class. Aru tries to attempt sucide. Spring blooms.
—————————————————————————–so guys I am fi ally done with this chapter! You all know what spring ia common for! Obviously love ?. So leta see whether Love blooms between Araa or hatred. I also wrote that sma mothers note. As I just wanted to express how much it is to people without moms. No offemce ro all the dads. My father is tje best he brought me up. He has provided me with everything. Anyways, see you soon in the next episode! Hope you all continue reading! Silent readers pls comment! Thanks again for all the s

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    Nice. Superb dialogues of tulsi about motherless child.and they were very emotional and made me feel i’m so lucky to have my mom with me. Keep it up guys

  4. Nyc episode..I just love the tulsi part more..I miss her presence in kd..She was realy a special mother..I love her character very well..Anyways post the next part asap..

  5. Loved the episode… but plz make it bigger as it is too short…
    You guys are awesome.. and have a good concept… plz keep it up…

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