Krishnadasi: One stone two birds (Episode 2)


Hi guys thanks for all your lovely comments. So sorry for the late update I was having exams and Rhimjhim was out of station. Now let’s start.

Aryan-aai mujhe toh jaldi hostel ponch na padege. So that I can start unpacking and arrange my room after reaching.
Tulsi-okay here take this and eat when you feel hungry.
Aryan- okay bye aai.
Scene shifts to AS mansion-
Aaru- Abba !Baba I will miss you both and bye after I leave you can use my room and maintain it.But don’t try to read my diary . it is with me.
Abba-okay sherni I will miss you a lot bye.
Shashwant- yeah yeah go fast let this house get some peace.
Shashwant- okay
Aru leaves.

Outskirts of Krishnavati.
Aryan’s car is Cong opposite to Aaradhya’s car.
Aru turns the car and applies sudden brake both of their cars crash towards the tree
Aryan-comes out.he opens the door and sees aru texting on her phone.
Aryan dimaak tic tac hena . itna badi accident honewala that.(your brain is in its place right? Such a big accident was about to happen.)one min you are that PVR’s granddaughter right? No wonder you are so over confident.
Aaru- i have been listening for along time. Wait you are that devdasi’s son right.?Now i know because of your mother my mother died.
Aryan-Devdasi? Who devdasi.? I am the son of Tulsi Pratap.
Aaru-you dont eve know? Your mother is a devdasi. Go ask your mother. Who is your father?
Aryan-Devdasi Devdasi devdasi! What you all get by talking about them? What if my mother is a devdasi? What crime did she do? She sacrificed her life for this village. She married the idol of krishna. Look at other villages how the devdasis are respected.
Aaru-you talk so because you are the son of a krishnadasi! What does yojr family know other than insulting me and my family?
Aryan- if there where no devdasis this village would have disappeared from existence long back.
Aaru- you dont talk plus ➕ you are a devdasis son. Your whole familyline is from there. What do you know? I shouldnt blame you god knows how many people your mom has spent time with. Even if we search in 100 villages we wont find your father. Even if we search for your father in whole of ?? we wont find your father.

Precap-Aryan strangles Aaradhya. Aara hate story begins. Aryan asks his mom about his father.

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