Krishnadasi: One stone two birds (Episode 1)

Hello everyone me and my friend Rhimjhim hv decided to write a fabric called one stone and two birds so let’s start.

Aaba’s Haveli –

Ababa Sahib is seen coming down the staircase he goes and sits on his throne. At that time Shashxant comes down goes near a woman’s picture and takes a look at that woman. The picture is shown as Pavitra’s with a garland around it.
Aaba – Shashwant you will have to move on in life. You do realise that she will never comeback right?
Shashwant – No Baba Sahib I will not you kniw the rrason.
Aaba – But ( suddenly loud music is heard.) Utgayi meri Sherni.
The scene shifts to the room where loud ? music ? is being played.
A ? is seen dancing on the ? and a ? trying to calm her down.
Shashwant and Aaaba enter inside the room.
Shashwant – Aradhya! Arjun! What is this Aroo you know that Baba has BP then why do you play such loud music?

Aaba- Shashwant! Rehna de mere sherni ko maat daat. (Shashwant! Leave it ddon’t scold my tigress.) Arjun you are elder you are at fault.
( Arjun is the elder brother of Aradhya.)
Aroo- Aaba it’s ok don’tscold Bhaiya I am at fault. He told me many times but I only didn’t listen.
Aaba – Its ok. But next time dont do this.
Aru- by the way Baba today i have to goto pune.College is starting tomorrow na.
Shashwant – atlast there will be peace at home.
Aru- Aaba!
Aaba- Shashwant!
Shashwant – ok ok Aaba ki chamchi.

Chimaji house-
A ? is seen ? to god at that time a ? comes.She turns and she is the Tulsi.
(Here Chimaji andTulsi are divorced and Aryan lives with his mom)
Aryan- Ma mein Chalti hoon.
Tulsi – tik hai beta ?.

Precap-Aaji entery Aryan asks hismom about his father.


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