Krishnadasi-hamari adhuri kahani (episode 1)

Guys I am Siddhi and this is my first Ff on aara.Actually I am not fan of them.But for Krishnadasi fans I am writing it.

Aryan and Aradhya have separated from 6 years.Now Aryan is a strict and rude business man and always wears formal no casual.He hates Aradhyac.

And Aradhya has become a social worker.She is really loving and caring.She hates Aryan.

A man is seen in a big and beautiful house.A servant by mistakenly breaks the vase.The man stands.

Man:How careless are you can’t you handle a vase.You are suspended.

Servant:Aryan sir don’t do like this please.

Aryan:Guards kick him out of my house.

Guards throws him out of her house.

Aryan:I hate people who do little mistake also.

A girl is seen in a room where there are many ladies and there is a poor lady.

Girl:Don’t worry we will punish your husband and your inlaws.

Lady:Thanks for helping me Aradhya mam.

Aradhya:It’s my duty to help you.

She smiles and the lady leaves.
Aryan goes to his car and leaves for office.He is driving car when he gets call so he parks the car at side and picks up the call.


Person:Hello sir I have call you for loan.

Aryan:I don’t want any loan.From morning you are calling me and eating my head.

He cuts the call.

He closes his eyes to get relax when Aradhya comes from the side of his car.Aradhya doesn’t sees Aryan and Aryan also doesn’t sees her.

Aradhya goes from there and Aryan opens his eyes and takes Aradhya’s name.

Aryan:Aradhya was here only.

He comes out of the car and tries to find her but she was already gone.

Aryan:It was my imagination and if she would get me then too I will hate her.

He sits inside car and drives to office.
Aradhya is talking on phone and is walking on foot path.

Aradhya:I will give her justice.Okay bye I am walking on road.

She cuts the call.

She is walking when bumps into a boy.She is falling when the boy catches her.

Boy:Be carefull mam or else you will get hurt.


She is going but the boy stops her.

Boy:You are going to famous social worker Uday Patil know?

Aradhya:Yeah but how you know?

Boy:Because I am only Uday Singh.

Aradhya:Sorry I thought you were not Uday.

Uday:It’s okay now let’s discuss on case come on my car is here only.

Both sit inside car and drives to his office.
Aryan reaches his office and goes to conference room.

Mr Mehta:Welcome Mr Aryan.

Aryan:It’s my conference room.

Mr Mehta sits on chair and all sit on chair.

Mr Mehta:Mr Aryan you told that it’s your conference room but soon it will be mine as you will obviously sell your office to me.

Aryan:Smy top talking and show what you want.

Mr Mehta shows him some videos.

Aryan:I am not interested to sell my office to you.

Mr Mehta:But why sir?

Aryan goes without saying a word.

Precap:Uday and Aradhya to discuss some idea for giving justice to lady.Aryan to donate money for the same lady.

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  1. That’s really sweet of you that you thought about us fans?
    The story seems really very good and interesting. All the best ❤️

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks elaf

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