Krishnadasi ff Epi-7

Guys I am studying +2.. I am writing totally 8ff!! So it can’t be long.. Sorry but I will try to make it regular..

The episode starts with Aryan asks aradhya to answer? Aradhya tells marriage date is not fixed. If it is confirmed I will tell.. Aryan follows her.. aradhya asks him not to follow!! He tells I will come. She turns and sees him and again walks . he also walks behind her. Aradhya smiles and comes to police station.. He stops there and moves back.

Police comes there and takes him in.. Aradhya smiles.. She tells Aryan that she is my friend. He get relieved.. Aryan asks this is the way u fear me? aradhya laughs and tells i am gonna marry u for my mother and i does not have any interest on u… He smiled at her and tells I like u r quality.. This is. She smiles and leaves from there.. Aryan also leaves to his house..

Aryan comes there and thnx Arjun and anitha and plays with them.. Aradhya comes to house.. Radhika hugs her with big smile and tells I have fixed marriage!! Aradhya tells I knew. Radhika asks r u not interested in this marriage? Tell me I will stop? Aradhya tells not like that.. I am feeling tired.. Radhika tells her to take rest becoz after u become bahu to that big house u will not have time to think about me! Aradhya tells her not to speak like that.

Aryan comes to his room and ons music player and dances for kar gayi chull..he smiles and dances.. Aradhya comes to room and recalls moments with her mother.

Precap:Aryan brings aradhya to restaurant.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Super I can understand because I am studying plus 2

  2. Very very very nice ❤️❤️❤️?????I loved this episode…..oh and sorry for saying long episode I can understand no problem if will write short but it’s good oh and good if you will write regular…..nice going keep it up??????????????

  3. AWESOME episode waiting for the next part

  4. atleast these ffs r better than the episodes……keep writing

  5. Awesome, lovely episode. ..the polce station scene was funnyyyy…she agreed…yippeeeeeeee. ….the song chill was lovely. … 😀 precap is very interesting….keep it up dearrr…eagerly waiting for the next episode…take care. .. 🙂

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