Krishnadasi ff Epi-6

The episode starts with Aryan and Arjun talks with each other. Arjun tells now a days u hide many things from me also!! Aryan tells nothing like that papa.. Arjun tells just I am kidding.. Arjun asks him what u think about aradhya? Aryan acts and asks who is Aradhya? Arjun tells she is good girl and she will be got married to my friend son.. Aryan fumes and thinks who is that idiot? Arjun tells if u want I will get u married.. He tells no.. Aryan stops at once.

Aryan tells yes I love her alot.. Aradhya comes to her room and sees her face in mirror and smiles.. Suddenly someone comes there and holds her hand.. he dragggs her out.. Aradhya shouts.. Radhika tries to beat him.. But he pushes her down.m radhika gets hurt.. Aradhya sees and gets shocked and slaps him hard.. She takes stick and beats him.. He fall down.

Aradhya comes to radhika and wakes her up and feeds water and tells her to take rest and makes her sit on sofa and leaves to police station.. Aryan comes there and sees aradhya and smiles.. Arjun comes to radhika house with anitha and asks aradhya hand for marriage? Radhika agrees..

Aryan comes to aradhya and speaks about her braveness and asks her what she likes? She asks for what I need to tell u? He tells becoz we gonna get married soon!! She asks what? He shows video in which radhika accepted alliance.. She gets shocked and comes there and stops seeing her happiness after long time..

Precap:Aryan asks aradhya to tell her what she likes?

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Super duper day by day interesting

  2. It was nice

  3. It was very lovely and nice episode Narendran…….please try to post some how longer episode and regular……..nice going keep it up


  5. Awesome episode, keep it up. 🙂

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