Krishnadasi ff Epi-5


The episode starts with Aryan comes to house and sits son sofa and dreams about aradhya.. Anitha comes there and asks him what ? He tells nothing mom and comes to his room and sees mirror and changes hair style and smiles.. Anitha sees this from far and smiles.. Arjun comes there anitha tells he is soo happy.. Arjun tells I knew it.. And. I found what is the reason and who is behind his happiness? Anitha asks what? Tell me soon. Arjun tells she is radhika and her daughter aradhya.. Today we are going there and asking alliance.. Anitha smiles and agrees. Arjun comes to room and gets ready and smiles at anitha..

Anitha and Arjun comes to radhika house and sits on sofa and tells we are owner of aradhya studying college.. She gets amused and gets up from chair. He tells her to sit there. Radhika sits hesitantly. Arjun tells our son Aryan . he completed college.. He is graduate but he is helping me.. In college work and business also.. Radhika asks her for why she is saying this? Arjun tells that means….. Aradhya comes there and sees them and wishes them.. Radhika takes her aside and. Tells her that he is college owner. Aradhya asks for what they came here? She tells I don’t know.

Radhika comes there and tells them she is my daughter.. She always prefers study other than marriage.. Radhika tells that she told she will get married after 1yr only!! Anitha and Arjun stares at each other and tells OK.. Radhika asks for what u came? Anitha tells nothing and they both comes back to house.. Aryan dances in his room.. Arjun and anitha smiles and thinks we should get him married soon.

Radhika sits on sofa. Aradhya asks for what they came? She tells me too don’t know.. She smiles and tells I am hungry pls give me some food. Radhika smiles and gives her. Aradhya eats it and smiles.. Aradhya starts to study.. Aryan in his room opens his mobile and sees aradhya pic and kisses on it. Arjun sees this and thinks it has crossed limits.. He tells I need to speak to radhika soon about Marriage.

Precap:Aradhya walks on road some goons tries to misbehave with her.. One veiled man comes there and beats them..

Hope u all liked it. Bye.. Guys.

Credit to: Narendran

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