Krishnadasi ff Epi-4


The episode starts with Aryan comes to room and thinks about aradhya and smiles…. Arjun comes to room and asks Anita what she is thinking about? She tells what u r thinking the same I am thinking.. She smiles.. He sleeps.. Anitha also sleeps.

Next day.. Aryan gets up and gets ready tip top and shaves his beard and. Comes down. All servants and anitha looks on and asks what happened? He tells nothing.. He sees mirror and asks now I am looking good? Anitha smiles and tells superb.Arjun comes there and sees him and asks what happened? Arjun tells if girl comes in life.. We will take beard but u have taken it?? Anitha sees him.. He tells sorry sorry.. Aryan smiles.. arjun tells him not to get into marriage soon?.. He tells I won’t get soon.. Don’t worry and he leaves from there and sits on bike.Arjun also sits back and asks him where r u going? Aryan tells I am coming there for helping u.. Arjun tells no.. Pls don’t come.. Aryan tells pls.. Arjun tells him to go to class and wait for her.. Aryan asks for whom?

Aryan stammers and tells if I come there I can see many new girls.. Arjun smiles and tells OK OK and they both comes there.. Aryan comes near class and waits for aradhya.. Aradhya gets up from bed and sees mirror and gets ready.. radhika gives her box and tells her to have on time.. Aradhya runs but misses bus.. Aradhya comes there late..

Professor asks her to stand out.. She stands tensedly.. aryan sees her lovingly.. Aryan calls him and tells him to let her go in.. He asks who r u man? Aryan dails Arjun and keeps on his ears.. He gets shocked and tells sorry to him… He tells aradhya to come in.Aradhya comes in and thnx aryan and attends the class.. Arjun takes aradhya number and calls her. Radhika takes it and asks who?

Arjun tells about him.. She asks what u want sir? Did she do anything? Arjun tells nothing and asks for address.. Radhika tells it..Arjun cuts the call.. Aryan smiles seeing her in class. Aradhya wonders why he is seeing me?

Precap:Aradhya comes to her house and sees Aryan parents and gets shocked..

Next epi on next Sunday.. So still that bye guys.. Take care..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Lovely❤️❤️❤️?????? episode Narendran….and the precap seems so so so nice…..keep it up…..but why the next episode will be on next Sunday????????

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Not this ff alone.. All my 7 ff will be updated on Sunday only.

  2. Very awesome Pls continue and update next part soon eagerly waiting….

  3. best one

  4. Awesome episode, keep it up. 🙂

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