Krishnadasi ff Epi-2


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The episode starts with Anitha prays for his son life. Arjun smiles and keeps hand on aryan shoulder and they both goes inside. Aryan and Arjun plays chess.. Aryan gives check to arjun. He smiles and cuts the bishop.. He smiles and Aryan mates arjun and smiles. Arjun smiles and congrats him and asks him what u want? He tells I need to see u r college girls.. Arjun smiles and OK. Anitha tells I won’t allow for this. Aryan sees window and asks arjun shall I come or not? Arjun tells sure u can come.. Arjun leaves Aryan tries to leave. Anitha stops him and advices him but he tells her to stop giving lecture and leaves. Anitha cries sitting there… Anitha calls someone.

Aryan gets ready in mrng and sees mirror and praises his beauty.. He comes out and sees anitha seeing girls pic and asks for whom? Anitha tells u… Arham gets shocked. Anitha tells just kidding this is for my friend son..not for u.. He happily leaves and starts bike.

Arjun comes there and sits on back seat. Aryan tells dad u have Audi,Benz and all cars but u need to come with me in bike?Arjun tells still I am child for u.. Aryan smiles and drives fastly.. Arjun enjoys.. He stops when he sees college gate. Arjun gets down and tells him to park his bike there and come with me. All professor salute arjun. Aryan tells them to put hands down and tells it is not military. Aryan requests his father. He tells OK.. All teachers praise Aryan and they all leaves to classes. Aryan comes to chairman room and sits on visitor chair.

Arjun tells him to come and sit on this chair. Aryan comes there and sits on his chair and smiles.. Arjun tells let us click a selfie? Aryan tells sure… They both take selfie.. With big smile in their face. Arjun tells I have some work so u pls take care if someone comes for admission pls ask them how much AMT u want donation. Arjun leaves. Girl comes there inside and sits in chair. Aradhya asks for a seat in u r college… Arham calculates 20,00,000.. He tells the AMT. She gets shocked and gets up to leave. Aryan turns the chair. Her dupatta flies in air and it falls on aryan face. Aradhya turns and sees Aryan.. She comes there and takes it. He sees her and stops her and tells for u 100%free concession u can join here from tmr. Arjun just comes in. Aradhya thnx aryan and leaves.

Arjun asks what is happening? Aryan tells she is beautiful.. I gave her free admission ??Arjun asks what? Aryan tells u can cut my pocket money for 1week and he leaves. Arjun wonders who is she? For her he told no money for 1week.!! Strange and he starts his work.

Precap:Aradhya goes in auto. Aryan follows her…

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Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Story is going fine… waiting for more aur and Aryan scene

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx diya

  2. that is it my ff is ended becoz less comments..inspite of it i wrote this epi..but one comment..sorry that is it bye..krishnadasi..i will write my other ff now

    1. hey it was going nice…….wy did u stop it

      1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Sorry.. I will post next epi ASAP.. Sorry my mistake I have sent here..

  3. Awesome episode, it’s just started n you stopped…plz continue dear. …I’m loving this story. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, ….

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