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Krishnadasi 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan says to pavitra what have you done? She says I didn’t kill her she was doing pooja. Aryan says you shoved her. She was my life.You ruined my life. You should kill me too. Kill me. Pavitra says I would die without you. He says dont call me son. Baba was right about you.You are not my mom anymore. She says I would die without you. Shashwat says shame on you pavitra. You could never value your husband and now you did this to your son.It was her dream. Aryan comes and says Ai where are you? she looks back.Aryan says are you okay? You are mad at aradhya still? I know that you don’t like her. Are you thinking how to get rid of her. I apologize on behalf of us. She was scared and tensed. Please forgive us. I really love her. I can’t leave her. Nakku is overhearing. He says

please accept her for me. Hatred ruins lives. Its not a good thing. Please I want important women of my life friends. Please accept her. She nods. Aryan hugs her. Aryan says I have some work I will meet you after that. He leaves. Pavitra says I was seeing such horrible dream. She says to nakku I gave you right name. If I had listened to you I would have been away from my son. go out of this room. Because of you I lost my husband’s love and trust but I can’t lost my son go from here. Nakku leaves.

Aaba says the tank you all got made, will always be full of water and this is because of chimaji. Chimaji says I thank you all. Now I can run the rituals forward. Aryan says like you said whoever gives you an idea you will fulfill his wish. He says yes I would love to listen. Chimaji says bring the person too. Aryan says yeah she is coming. Aradhya.. Aradhya comes. Aryan says all credit with this mission goes to aradhya. chimaji says I thank you for what you did. What is your dream? Kumudni says ask whatever you want. He is so generous. Aryan says can i say on her behalf? We are getting married. She doesn’t have a married. she wants you to do the wedding rituals a dad does for daughter. Aaba says what is this aryan? Aryan says chima ji said he will fulfill wishes. Aaba says enough. Aradhya says its a request. Aaba says what are you trapping him in? Don’t listen to her chima ji. Aradhya says I am not trapping I just want him to do my kanyadaan. I want respect for me and my mom. He won’t become my dad by doing that. Neither do I want to that. That dna test put blame on my ai. i want to remove that. Will you fulfill my wish? aaba says don’t listen to her. The credit doesn’t go to her alone. Aryan says who would trust him if he can’t keep his word. chima ji says calm down everyone. Lifes goes but not words. The credit goes to her and that is why I have to keep my word. She is my child, because everyone here is. i will come to her wedding and do her kanyadaan. She says i have another wish.. He says just one wish. I have to go now. He leaves. Kumdni says in heart this game would work.
Kumudni says like you all know my grand daughter and aaba’s grand son are getting married. You all have to come.

Shivangi says these dasi’s would rule now? Pavitra says what happened? Shivangi tells her everything. she says be careful. This girl is so clever. She will make you servant and will dance with your son. I am really worried.
They bring Aryan in the hall. Haldi starts. Shivangi says pavitra bring the haldi. Purwa says i won’t stay here for a moment.I can’t bear this insult anymore. Kumudni comes and says hello. nakku says she has come. Kumudni says wow this all looks so good. My son. you look so good. She says put haldi on him. She says pavitra I have come to bring haldi. This has to be applied on bride. Pavitra says everything will be according to rituals. We will send it. You dasi’s are used to take out left over. Kumudni says nakku won’t you bring me something cold? Its so hot. You have not even arranged a fan. She gets a call from vishwas. He says I saw micheal going out with a file from hospital. He talked to tulsi. He will give that file to tulsi. She says in heart tulsi should never get that file otherwise my this wedding would stop and my revenge won’t be complete. She says i am leaving for some work. Pavitra says see this is how your aji saas is and your wife is her grand daughter. Kumudni says soon you will know who is diamond and who is coal. And you don’t have eyes that detect diamond. Some diamonds the mine can’t be seen because of the dust on them. you can’t understand and the day you do. your face color would fade away. She leaves.
Aryan says let it go. Is haldi over?can i shower now?

Kumudni comes to micheal. he says tulsi? she says tulsi won’t come because she has gone to haldi. He says I can give this file to tulsi only. She says I am her daughter.Show me. She takes the file from him and tears it in pieces. She says now show her the file. Tulsi comes there. She says you tore the file? What were you scared of? What if I had seen this file? What are you concealing? For you information I know what was in the file. Micheal told me everything. Micheal says yes I told her on the call we know what was in it. Kumudni says so tell me whats in that? Tulsi says why don’t you say yourself what secret were you hiding? Kumudni says I won’t answer you I am your mom.Its arru’s haldi. Come when you are done with spying. Tusli says she is so clever. She won’t be fooled.

The ladies shower aryan. Ayran says in heart I haven’t seen arru for so many hours.I will go to her when this is done.
Purwa says enough I can’t stay here anymore. I didn’t come to see aryan getting married. Deshmuk says you are right. Aaba comes in.
Deshmuk says aaba think what my daughter is going through. Let us go. Aaba says we gave word. and we can’t back out now. The marriage hasn’t happened yet and it won’t. once she is married i would talk to you about another relation. Aaba says what?.
Aryan comes to arru’s house to look for her. He is disguised a oman and has covered his face.
Aaba says trust me purwa. Deshmuk says that is why we stayed. I thought He says that girl who came to ask books from aryan, she is your daughter in law and I know what happened to her. Purwa has a brother his wife died.I thought that girl would get married to him.
Ayran knocks the door. Aradhya says who is there? Ai? aaji? He says I am your husband to be. She says you can’t see me before marriage. She says wait, she opens the door with a front cam suddenly shuts the door.She says there is a woman. He says its me. She says what have you made of yourself? he says I had to. Now show me yourself. She says you look hot in sari. Ayrna says thank you. I will wear all your sari.She says how you know i will wear sari after marriage? He says i will make you wear and take off and then wear it.She says now go aaji would come. He says my aaba and your aaji are the villains.

Aaba says in the evening I would do something that would stop the wedding. Aryan will get married to purwa.
aryan aradhya, kumudni tulsi aaba pavitra shashwat nakku gayatri david

Precap-Aaba sees kumudni in the hospital. During the wedding, aaba has a heart attack. He falls down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yaaaa i also got this spoiler. Kumudini will brainwash aradya to taking reveng from aryan. Then kumudini will trap aryan in aradyas rape case. So finally aara married. Im really happy this happens bcz anyways they are together.but i think that is a start of their lovehate story. Im really exited.

    1. Will aru hate aryan after their marriage?

  2. Sneha I think she isn’t Shankari she is Saras so David shout at gayatri

    And that girl poorva was planning to return her Home because can’t tolerate aara’s romance then why aaba saheb stop her

  3. Episode – 7710:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 10 May

    Shankari dies when Kumudini intentionally mixes the wrong medicine in her drip. Devesh blames Gayatri for trying to kill Saraswati. Pradyumn suffers from a heart stroke and is rushed to the hospital.

    Episode – 7810:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 11 May

    Aradhya is shocked when Aryan breaks his marriage with her due to Pradyumn’s critical condition. Later, Kumudini learns that Pradyumn faked his heart attack and decides to not let him interfere again.

    Episode – 7910:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 12 May 

    Kumudini tries to expose Pradyumn, but no one believes her. Poorva cries and Aryan tries to console her. Kumudini tries to reveal Pradyumn’s plan in front of Aradhya while also blaming Aryan for it.

    1. It means misunderstanding created in their love story ooooooh shit….

    2. But aara get married thats great for us abba planned failed to break the marriage thats wonderfull……it means aara hatestory started….

    3. Sooo sad to aru and Aryan…anyways aru and Aryan finally getting marriage… I am soooo happy..,..

  4. Hello everyone!
    I’m new.Can I join u guys

    1. Yaah! Sure saanvi

    2. sure saanvi.welcome to KD family

    3. Of course saanvi can join. And where is your place? ?

  5. Hi Saanvi….welcome to our KD family…

    1. hey mifa, yesterday you asked how old am I. I am 23 dr

  6. Hai guys!I am new here. Can I join U.

    1. welcome varsha

  7. i have never seen a marriage taking place inside a jail. i have a qs and tht is y do u gyys think tht aryan will misunderstand aru. he knaw tht she can never do anything like this right. wilm kumu reveal the swappi g truth to aara first after their marriage.

  8. Hey guys. Im new here. Tho not for the serial. I always loved this show from the start as its now some chappy romatic story… Can I join?

    1. Not * some chappy romatic story.

  9. Nice episode.

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