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Krishnadasi 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan and Varun are sitting infront seats of jeep, Aradhya asks when they will reach Mahabhaleshwar? Aryan says guess, Aradhya says i didnt ask you, Varun says you both will get separate bed to sleep, Aradhya says we should get it, Varun plays song yeh fitoor while Aryan drives car, Aryan looks Aradhya sitting at back, Varun clicks selfies with them, Aryan asks Varun to check location, Varun tells him wrong directions, Aryan is about to bump with bike, he says to Varun that you are busy in romance while i am asking you about directions, Varun says i am newly married, he asks Aradhya to sit in front seat as she can tell him directions, Aradhya comes in front seat while Varun goes back, Aradhya tries to tie seat belt, Aryan leans in and helps her to tie it, she looks at him in surprise, Aryan

starts driving, he asks about directions, she tells him to drive straight for 2Km, Aryan is driving and tries to drink water, he asks Varun to make him drink water, Varun is not able to reach to Aryan from back seat, Aradhya takes bottle from him, he says what are you doing? i didnt drink, Aradhya leans in and makes him drink water, Aradhya says you could have asked my help but you have big ego, your whole family has big ego, Aryan just stare her.
Markand says to Aaba that i did mistake, i am sorry, Aaba asks him to shut up, he calls David and says i will send to you Kumudini’s house, you have to steal something from there.
Aryan, Aradhya, Varun and Shivani stops to eat roadside delicacies, Aryan whispers to shopkeeper to not make Aradhya’s bhel-puri spicy as she is ill, Aradhya tells shopkeeper to make her bhel-puri spicy, Aradhya asks to make her plate first, she gets gol gappas and eat, she coughs, Aryan gets worried and makes her drink water, he asks are you fine? Aradhya asks if you are fine? i didnt get heart-attack, why are you getting so worried for me? Aryan says i just made score equal as you made me drink water while i was driving, Aradhya says our score can never get equal, she leaves, Aryan thinks i am sure, she doesnt know about her illness, she is trying to be strong, dont know if she brought medicines or not.
Aaba comes home and says to Shivangi that make your husband understand something, he is brainless, he asks where is Aryan? he asks Shashwat, Shashwat says i dont know, Aaba says you have got diamond but you dont care about it, Shivangi asks Aaba to eat lunch, he says i dont want to, David comes there and says i tried Aaba but i was late, Markand says if anything happens to Kumudini then i will be sent to jail. damini comes there with police force.
Aryan, Aradhya, Varun and Shivani reaches honeymoon destination, its a private banglow. They come in house, Varun says this is very good place, Aryan says this is for you and Shivani, Aryan calls Shambo kaka, Shambo welcomes them, Aryan says i have come with friends, i will live here for two three days, shambo says painting work is going on inside, only one two rooms are free, Shambo tries to take Aradhya’s stuff, she says no need, she says i will not live in his house, i will go to some hotel, Aryan says you dont have your id and if you check-in in any hotel with your name then Shivani’s parents will easily locate us, Shivani asks her to stay here, Aradhya says i will but i have one condition.
aaba asks Damini why did she come here? Damini says you know, aaba says what happened? did that Devdasi die? its good actually, Damini says i didnt say anything, Markand says she must have died by food poisoning, Kumudini comes there with juice and says i am not dead, i will not die so soon, you mixed poison in my juice, Damini says markand mixed poison in her juice, Markand says i didnt, Damini says okay then drink this juice, Aaba says why are you trapping my brother in law? Damini says no need to trap, case is clear, you hate Kumudini, your grand son tried to burn her house, doubt will go on you if this juice has poison, she says to Markand that you served this juice to her, we can file case of attempt to murder, David says wait a second, you are doubting Aaba for this juice? if this juice has anything only then you can take action against him, Damini says you are always in hurry to save aaba, David says i try to bring truth infront, he says i will drink this juice, he takes juice, Aaba, Damini and Markand asks him to not drink but he drinks juice, all are shocked, he coughs and glances at Kumudini, he falls unconscious, all are shocked, Damini comes to him and asks if he is fine? aaba asks Raghu to call doctor, Damini says to Aaba that now i have to arrest you, David wakes up and says one minute, he gets up and says you are always in hurry to arrest him, on what basis you will arrest him? see i am alive, nothing happened to me, now its proven that juice didnt have poison, Aaba asks Damini if she is done with her investigation? you keep coming here to arrest someone, if you try to mess with me then i will do your transfer, he looks at Kumudini and says our house has become filthy, we have to pure it again, he asks Damini to leave, Damini stares David and Kumudini and leaves, Kumudini smirks and leaves. Aaba says to David that i dont know our relation, we dont have blood relation but our relation is stronger than that, David tries to touch his feet, Aaba says you have won my heart again, hug me, he hugs Aaba, David starts coughing, aaba asks what happened?
shambo shows room to Varun and Shivani, they go in. Shambo says to Aryan that only one room is left, he says to Aradhya that painting is going on in other rooms, Aradhya says i cant share room with him, Aryan says even i am afraid of ghosts, what if i see your face at night? Aradhya says you are like ghost, Aryan says dont worry, i will sleep in lounge, Aradhya goes to freshen up, shambo says she talks to you like this? Aryan says it happens between friends, he asks shambo to cook food and make non-spicy food for one person, he gives him money for ration, Shambo leaves. Aryan starts cleaning room, he brings water, Aradhya comes and says you are still here? Aryan says i was finding my phone, oh its in my pocket, he leaves, Aradhta locks room and says i have to be protected from this guy, i will keep my room locked.
David calls Kumudini and says i am sorry for proving you wrong today, Kumudini says we have to lose small fights to win a big fight, its good that you have won Aaba’s trust, she drinks juice and asks did you like my plan? David says they may start doing pooja of my idol, Kumudini laughs and says this is just start, i have made place to take my revenge.

PRECAP- Aradhya says i could have gotten heart-attack, i would have died, she is terrified, Aryan says dont say like this, he hugs her tightly, Aradhya feels peace in her arms, Varun and Shivani smiles seeing them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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