Krishnadasi 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan gets idea to go in college. Aryan and Varun wears Burqas, they try to go in but guard ask them to show pass, Aryan says its inside Burqa, we will bring it out in washroom, he leaves with Varun and goes in college.
Debata competition starts, host says everyone will talk about social topics, two competitors will speak on one topic. Aradhya says to Shivani that i hope Kumudini’s trick nut holding nuts makes me win, Shivani says i wanna see what you will say, Aryan and Varun comes there too.
Kaka tells Kumudini that Shastri has gone out of village, Tulsi says we wont be able to do Sharadh then, Kaka says i have called other pundits, Kumudini says i will do Keshav’s sharadh, he was owner to us.
Aradhya’s debate starts, Aradhya will have to compete

with Ajay from different college, their topic is Devdasi, Aryan says out of all this, they had to give this topic to her, Varun says its ancient story, Aryan says for you but not for me, Aradhya will berate this custom for sure.
Banwari calls Shashwat and says i got message, you have sent money in my bank account, Shashwat says let Gayetri’s result come then i will give you more money.
Aradhya comes on stage, she says mike is not working. Aryan says i can check it, he comes on stage in burqa, he stares Aradhya, she asks why are you looking at me, he says i am checking your height, she doesnt recognize him, she says why? he says i wanted to see how small height people do debate, Aradhya says why are you wearing men shoes? he says i can wear whatever i want, he lifts Aradhya on stage, she says what are you doing? he says mike’s one nut is loose, tight it, Aradhya does, he brings her down and asks to check mike, she does and it works, she says thanks sister, Aryan says no sister, brother, he leaves.
Ajay comes on stage. Varun says to Aryan that you have given heart to Aradhya? he says i wanted to listen her point of view on Devdasies. Ajay comes on stage and says Devdasies do body business, this custom was developed to please men, they are used by men and Devdasies enjoy it, they pray to God in morning and at night then please men, Aradhya is shocked listening all this.
Kumudini says to Tulsi that i know you are not happy doing this Sharadh but he was your father, he was king of Ajabgarh, he liked me so i went under his support, till he was alive, nobody dared to point fingers at me.
Guard sees Aryan wearing men shoes and Burqa, Aryan and Varun leaves from there.
Aradhya takes mike from Ajay and says i pity his thinking, if a women sell her body then its her helplessness, i saved a Devdasi and i could see helplessness in her eyes, Aradhya says i accept this custom is wrong but not the women who are made devdasies by force, this custom was not developed by women but men to get advantage, they insult Devdasies.
Kumudini says to Tulsi that there was time when people used to insult devdasies but King keshav gave me respect, you were his only child, i said to him that i wanted to go to Krishnadasi so he let me come here, he gave me property here, he gave me land for Mandir and for farming, till he was alive, i didnt have any problem, i am sad that you dont respect him.
Aradhya says in speech that nobody knows how these devdasies live, eat and stay, what they have to bear in life, this custom is still in society, these girls dont know whats happening with them, devdasies become object for men so they can use them but all dont sell their bodies, few are there who only pray to God and these are called Krishnadasies, they give birth to children of men, they are not their husband but still Krishnadasies remain loyal to them.
Kumudini says to Tulsi that you have to respect your father’s sharadh. Kaka says pundits have come, pundits come, one pundit says what you think that we are beggars? how you thought that we will have food of your house Sharadh? if we knew you have prepared this food then we wouldnt have come here, Kumudini says i didnt mean t insult you, Pundit says for whom you are doing this Sharadh? what relation you had with King Keshav? only blood relation and wife of man can do Sharadh, we all know you relation wit Keshav and your daughter is illegitmate child of yours, Kumudini says you can insult me but not Keshav’s relation with me or his daughter, she is his daughter and can do his Sharad, Pundit says you didnt had legal relation with Keshav so you cant do this Sharad, he says to Pundits that we will not eat this food, they all leave from there.
Aradhya says to people that we should go against these customs but not the people in tied in this custom.
Banwari is in same college. Aryan says to Varun that i wanted to listen Aradhya’s point of view on Devdasies, they leave, Banwari says why they were talking about Devdasies?
Ajay says to people that i dont know why Aradhya is taking side of Devdasies, Banwari comes in hall and sees Aradhya on stage, he says she is Tulsi’s daughter, he says to one man that she is daughter of devdasies, it is spread in whole hall, one man asks Aradhya if she daughter of devdasi? Ajay says you are taking their side as you are devdasi’s daughter? Aradhya leaves nut in her hand as she opens her fist, she says i am not ashamed, i am daughter of Tulsi who is Krishnadasi, my granny is Krishnadasi too, people say thats why she was taking side of Devdasies, all people start shouting at her, Banwari says now she will have to go to her real place that is Krishnavati. Ajay says her family is in this tradition so she will support it, Aradhya says i dont support it, i saved one girl from becoming devdasi, the women who are made Devdasies are not bad women, who have started this custom? it is started by people who are so called ruler of society, these women are also human, they wanna have normal life, they wanna have family, love, husband she takes pause and says father too, its easy to to point fingers at them, whats their fault? thats why i am saying go against custom but not against people, one man says dont make stupid logics. One judge comes up and says i am ashamed to see old thoughts of people here, it doesnt matter what background anyone has, Aradhya has great thinking, she is fighting for identity and we are proud of her, all clap for Aradhya.
Tulsi comes to Kumudini and says why are you sitting alone? we have to do Sharad, Kumudini says without Pundit how this Sharad will be completed? Tulsi says i know what i am doing, she says Brahmins present food and pray to Krishan before eating food so if Brahmins pray to Krishan before eating then why cant we present our Parsad to Krishan and eat it? Kumudini says you are right, i dont need Brahmin when i have Krishan, she present food to Krishan and prays.
Banwari says if this Principal has not taken that Krishnadasi’s side then i would have told him. Gayetri comes to him and asks what he is talking about? he says one girl was talking about Krishnadasi and she is daughter of Krishnadasi, Principal took her side too, Gayetri says this is difference between village and city, here people are liberal, they are not old fashioned, they dont care about your background, Gayetri says my result of exam will come tomorrow so i am staying here, i will come tomorrow, i will call baba(shashwat), he will hand everything, you go to village, she leaves, Banwari says this Krishnadasi doesnt belong here, i have to make money from her.
Aradhya recalls what happened in debate competition, Shivani asks her if she is fine? Aradhya nods, Shuvani leaves. Some guys come to Aradhya and says me and my friends have become your fan, i must say you did great debate, tell me what people say about Devdasies, is it true? i mean you do everything with everyone? other guy say that her mother and grand mother have experience in this too, Guy holds her hand and says share your experience with us too, you will enjoy with us too, Aradhya slaps him and says my mother and granny are not bad but bad is your thought, today i got to know what my mother and granny must have gone through thats why they kept me away from all this, you people have disgusting thoughts, she leaves.

PRECAP- The same guy comes in Aradhya’s room and tries to misbehave with her. Warden comes there and says how came in girl’s hostel? Guy says she called me here, its her profession to lure guys, warden says this is height Aradhya, you are dangerous for other girls so we cant allow you stay in hostel now. Aaba says to people that you people dont have to worry about Rath Yatra, i have called dancers and musicians from city. Kumudini says to Tulsi that Rath Yatra cant be completed without Krishnadasi. Aryan comes to the guy who misbehaved with Aradhye and holds him from collar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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