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Krishnadasi 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raj says to his goons that take Aryan somewhere and burn him alive with kerosene, now its time for David, David listens all this.
Pavitra is getting call from client, Aradhya says tell her that Aryan is bringing consignment, Pavitra takes call from her manager, manager says that client is asking about sarees? why it didnt reach till now? we took extra time already, dont make it late this time, Aradhya takes call from her and says Aryan is bringing tempo to site, she says but you were driving the tempo? Aradhya says he helped me, manager says how can you give your duty to some stranger? Aradhya says he is not stranger, he is my husband, i will call him, she ends call and says to Pavitra that dont worry. She calls Aryan and prays for him to take call, she says he is not picking, Gayetri

says first that driver ranaway then Aryan helping us, Aradhya says you are doubting Aryan? Shashwat says not Aryan but Kumudini wont let us live peacefully, she must have poisoned Aryan’s mind, i mean its all not coincidence, Aradhya says maybe you are right but Aryan would never come in aaji’s words, she calls Aryan but his phone is switched as its on road, aaba says something is wrong, Gayetri says that Kumudini is behind all this, Aradhya says Aryan can cheat us, he can never do this, aaba says even i believe he cant cheat us but there is something wrong, Aradhya says i just pray that Aryan’s life is not in danger, dont know why he is not picking call, Pavitra says whatever but our dream is broken now, diya of mandir blows off as a bad sign.
Raj drags David in godown, he says my men saw you calling Aradhya, first you were arranging dance and now this, David says Gayetri saw at dance function so i tried to call Aradhya to pacify Gayetri, Raj says let me check your phone, David thinks that he will know that i messaged Aryan, man comes to Raj and says we need man to load things in tempo, Raj takes off David’s phone’s battery and says go and load stuff in tempo and dont use this phone again, David thinks how to tell Aradhya that Aryan’s life is in danger, David leaves.
Kumudini is worrying for Aryan not taking call, Shravani says its my mistake, i shouldnt have let Aryan go. Markand comes and says yes its your mistake, Shravani thinks that this jerk came again, she says how dare you come here again? its my mistake that i forgave you otherwise Aryan would have sent you to jail, Markand says shut up i have come to talk to Kumudini mai, Kumudini says what new game are you playing? or you have started working for aaba again? Markand says i am loyal too, i will never look at aaba, i have seen Aryan and Aradhya meet outside Krishnavati, i didnt listen what they were talking but Aryan took her tempo and Aradhya cameback in his car, Kumudini says Aaba grand daughter.. what she thinks that ARyan is driver or her servant? i will take off her eyes, Shravani thinks that lets see what game Aradhya rat is playing, she goes with Kumudini.
All are sad in Aradhya’s house, Aradhya says i should go to transport office, Kumudini comes inside and asks Aradhya where is Aryan? you made him tempo driver, Aradhya says i didnt ask him, he offered himself, we all are worried for him, Kumudini says whom you all? Aryan’s fake mother and aaba? or you leftover of Aryan? you are being left by Aryan, Aradhya says you cant blame us like this, we are trying to track him too, Kumudini says you people are player, you tried to hide gun in my house to trap me in my daughter’s murder, Aradhya says enough, i wont listen against my family anymore, Kumudini says what will you? she is about to slap Aradhya when aaba comes inbetween and holds her hand, he stares her hard and says dont try to touch my grand daughter devdasi else.. Kumudini says else what will you do? you old fat lion.. Aaba says dont test patience of old man, i was silent till now for sake of Aradhya but if you try to hurt my family then i.. Kumudini says then what will you do? am i scared? i will not look at your family now, she shouts that if my grand son doesnt reach home till evening then i will take off eyes of your family and i will pull out your grand daughter’s eyes first, understand Vidyadhar Rao? she leaves. Aaba feels pain in chest, he asks for water, family gets worried for him, ARadhya brings water for him, Shashwat says now i am sure Kumudini is behind all this, ARadhya says she is not involved, she is worried for Aryan, someone else is involved in all this, i have to go to transport office to find about tempo, she leaves.
Nakku says to Markand that these owners make us slave, either its aaba or Kumudini, this devdasi can mix medicine in her grand son’s milk then we are nothing infront of her, shake hands with me, work for me then i will give you money, stop stealing wine bottle, tell me will you work? Markand asks what is work?
Markand is at tempo site, man tells him to start riding cart-wheel, Nakku has sent you. Markand groans, manager says dont try to steal else i will beat you. Markand starts picking bags and starts putting it on cart. Raj’s men come there with Aryan’s bag, they put his bag down, Aryan is unconscious inside bag, goon says lets put him in tempo, its Raj’s tempo. Aradhya reaches same tempo site, she calls Shivani and asks her to find if she has someone in transport business, she ends call. Markand covers his face seeing her as he thinks about his dignity. Aradhya comes to Raj’s goons, goon hides knife seeing her, Aradhya asks who is owner of this tempo company? goon says he has gone. Aradhya says we hired tempo from this company, my husband was driving it but we have lost him, we are not able to locate him, help me, goon says we dont know, Aradhya says please help me, goon says we are not in right frame of mind, you go now, if we lfind anything about tempo then we will inform. Aradhya looks at bag in which Aryan’s tied, she says why this bag is moving? goons get tensed, its Aryan moving inside bag but he is dizzy, goons says there are hens inside, we will tell you about tempo if we find it, Aradhya is suspicious, she looks at bag and starts leaving. Markand sees Aryan’s bag and thinks that he has to load it on cart too. He picks it up and says this bag is heavier, goons are keeping eye on Aradhya so they dont see Markand leaving with bag, goons see Aradhya gone, they turn to see bag gone, Markand has taken him on cart. Goons look around, they find one bag, they open it but its filled with powder, they get worried that where Aryan’s bag must be.
Markand is pulling cart. Aryan’s bag is on there too. Goons come there on tempo and says how to take bag from him? he will get suspicious. Markand says dont know if i will get money to buy wine or not, he is pulling cart, goon says should i beat him? other goon says no if police comes here then they will find Aryan in bag, we will be dead, lets wait for right time. Markand gets tired, he stops cart and sits on road and dozes off to sleep. Goons say now we should take Aryan, Markand wakes up and says i have to pee, he goes behind to pee and sings i have got to pee after many days. Goons come near cart, they search for Aryan’s bag, they pick it up and puts it in their tempo, Markand sees them stealing a bag, he runs to catch them but they drive off, Markand says blo*dy bag robbers.
Aradhya is walking in market tensed for Aryan.
Goons bring Aryan’s bag to jungle to burn him off. Aradhya sees lantern and recalls her moment with Aryan. Goon says to other that our first murder that too by burning, i am scared to burn alive. They pour kerosene on bag. Aradhya buys lantern and lights it up. otherside goons light match stick and puts Aryan’s bag set on fire, bag starts burning. Aradhya is lighting lantern and recalls how Aryan and she had done it together earlier. She leaves it air, it goes away. Aryan’s bag is on fire. Aradhya says wherever you are Aryan, my message should reach you, i am worried about you, please comeback fast.
Markand is pulling cart. Goon says to other that man didnt scream? other goon says he was unconscious, lets leave, they leave while bag burns down. Markand comes there and sees tempo leaving, he sees them going and sees bag burning, he is shocked, he comes near bag and says no one can see my happiness, people are useless, they burned my grain bag so that i loose my job, he says but i am Markand, flashback shows Markand seeing tempo people stealing his bag, he runs behind them. One goon says to other goon that i have to pee, they stop tempo and goes in jungle to pee. Markand comes there and says they should not know that i took bag back, he brings out bag that they stole and fills another bag with stones so that they dont know he stole his bag/Aryan’s bag from them, he takes his bag back, fb ends. Markand says they must be happy to burn grain bag but they didnt know i filled it with stones, he leaves.
Shashwat is trying to locate tempo, aaba is calling people too.Gayetri says i should inform police, Sashwat says let Aradhya come. Aradhya comes and says even transport people dont know about tempo, Pavitra feels dizzy, Aradhya says i am sorry, this all happened because of me, Pavitra says you onlu did good, our luck is not good. Shashwat gets call from someone, he asks his family to open news channel, they open news channel to reporter saying that tempo has been caught which had drugs hidden in saree boxes, it was sent from some center of Krishnavati to Mumbai, driver is not anywhere seen, police is searching for culprit. Kumudini sees news too. She shouts that Aradhya thinks of herself? she dragged by grand son in this filthy business, i told my grand son to not get involved with this girl, Shravani is tensed, Kumudini says she doesnt know i am Krishnadasi Kumudini, i wont let anything happen to my grand son, she shouts Kaka to take out car, she walks away with anger.

PRECAP- Damini comes to Aradhya’s house, she says we have to arrest Pavitra for drug dealing, NGO manager has given statement that whole consignment was readied here only, Pavitra says exporter must have put it in there, Damini says we are trying to reach them but Pavitra you have to come to police station with us, Aradhya says but Damini.. Damini says its serious allegation so she can get bail too, Kumudini looks on with attitude.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. 1st tym.Markant do something gud..??????What a play Mann…
    But Precape z lill sad..Ooohhh..I just hate kumudhini??Dramebaazz..
    That flashback scene was so memorable..Aara lovely scene..
    Anyway intrestinggg…???

  2. Manya

    Awsomeeeeee ??episode bcoz I know Aru will find Aryan and then aara scenes?????Guys I saw a new post on insta everybody was wearing white .I guess another death scene in the pic Aru gayu David and Pavitra was there of course Aryan cannot die Pavitra was wearing a mangalsutra so Shashwat is not and that means aaba kumudini and Shravani are the people who can die .i want Shravani and kumu to die and u people????

    1. But manya aru was wearing green bangles it means no body is gonna die nd her saree also doesn’t look like funeral type ..remember when tulsi died she wears just simple saree no gotta shotta was on her saree that time i also saw that pic i think they were doing shanti pooja for bhamini soul peace ? but she is alive? nd yeah if someone is gonna die then it can be abba ? bcz now a days abba is just useless? sucks? nd yeah ofcourse aryan cant die nd that kumu nd shravini too it can be abba ? i hope no body is gonna die?

      1. Manya

        Aisha firstly it is ayushi and i know that but i also saw a scene in which aryan and aru were doing asthi visarjan you go on youtube and type 7th august on location full uncut and then let me know what do u think?

      2. Ayushi that was tulsi’s asthi visarjan dear ..i also saw that OLV nd that video is old not new one . U r getting misunderstood i guess ..

  3. Aru

    I think it might be aabha because his health was not good nowadays if abha dies kd lost another charm of the show before tulsi and now i hope no one should die sharvani purva jairaj should die other than all actors are charm of show especially our aara wht say guys and comments are getting less where our kd family maleesh rebba myna and all

  4. Hi guys. I too is a big fan of KD.Can me too join KD family? Love Aara

    1. Manya

      Of couse vismaya i am ayushi and ur most welcome????

  5. I remember those days when we use to say plz kumudni do smthing make our arra together… But i use to say kumudni dont do anything jst get out of from arra’s lives time has changed….. ? ?

  6. guys pls comment….krishnadasi is the best serial

  7. Markand was definitely the here of yesterday’s episode. but the way the sack fell when markand pulled it down the tempo. omg. if any person were in it he would have broken his neck…. lol so many type the sack fell yet Aryan manage to remain unconscious.. happen in serials only. ..
    and lol the goons said there is hen inside sack… lol ab aryan ko murgi vi bana dia.

    anyway Happy Birthday Sana Amin Sheikh… love you ?

    1. soo damn agree tanu??

  8. Happy b’day sana

  9. markhand does something good for the first time happy b’day Sana

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