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Krishnadasi 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan gets down from jeep, Aradhya says if she coming with us then i wont come, i dont want to see his face, Varun says what happened between you both? you need to sort out things, Aradhya says you dont know Aryan, he is a goon, he sell girls, Aryan says you wanna fight? why are you shouting? dont take tension, you should rest, Aradhya says Shvani you are here thats why he is talking nicely, he sell, girls, beware of him, Varun says i know him well, he isnt like that, Aradhya says you know him? he cant do this? Aryan can hurt anyone but he put people’s house on fire, Aryan says i did try to burn your house but i had no involvement in your kidnapping, i didnt know about it, if you dont wanna trust then fine.
David is checking files in Aaba’s house, Markand and Shivangi

comes to him, David says yesterday you made Aaba drink Bhang, i handled him else.. he leaves, Shivangi says he thinks he is very clever, she asks about bhang thing, Markana says if nobody saw me then how did he see me? he thinks he can do anything, Shivangi says do something that Aaba starts to like you more, Markand says i will do something which will make aaba hug me.
Aradhya says i wont come if he is coming, you both decide whom you want to take, Aryan says she is not needed, she needs rest, Aradhya says do you think i am ill? you are mentally ill, Shivani is my friend and i will come in her marriage for sure, Varun says Aryan is needed too, Shivani says we need you both, we will first register marriage, you both become witness in it, please do this favor, Shivani says if marriage happens then my family wont file any case against Varun, Aradhya says fine, Aryan says we shall go to marriage court first, they go to sit in jeep.
Panchayat is having discussion, Aaba and Kumudini are there, Kumudini says we need to collect garbage in rains, Aaba says now Panchayat will collect garbage, he laughs on her and says women just think about garbage as their mind is filled with garbage, Markand comes there with juice and gives to Aaba, he offers it to Kumudini and says aaba’s heart is big, Kumudini says when did that happen? Markand says just taste this juice, its goo, Kumudini tastes it, Markand whispers to Aaba that Kumudini’s juice has poison in it, you will be freed from this Devdasi soon.
Aryan, Aradhya, Shivani and Varun comes to marriage court, commissioner says Aryan is Aaba’s grand son thats why he is accepting his application, Varun says i will come on time for next marriage, Aryan asks him to handle one marriage first. Varun and Aradhya registers their marriage. Aryan and Aradhya extends hand to take pen, Aryan takes hand back and says ladies first, Aradhya says you are behaving well infront of friends? Aryan says i behave as per situation, they both sign as witness, Shivani sees register and says Aryan, Aradhya you both have similar signs, Varun says even their names are similar, Aradhya says i cant change it, commissioner says you both are legally married, Aradhya says lets go for cultural marriage, Aradhya starts to leave but bangs with Aryan, he moves back and allows her to go first.
Aaba says to Markand that what you did? if anything happens to her then Damini will not spare us, Kumudini says Aaba you didnt like Markand giving me juice? for this cheap juice, you are scolding him, i dont need it, she says i wont drink it, Aaba us happy, she says but you have given me something for first time so i will drink it, Aaba says we are not here to drink juice, lets talk about work, what were you saying? Kumudini says from when did you start taking interest in my talks? Aaba says women talk about garbage so say it, Kumudini says there is alot of garbage in Krishnawati, we have to start collecting it from our houses, Aaba agrees.
Aryan and Aradhya are preparing for marriage. Pundit thinks they are couple and starts mantras with them, Aradhya says not us but they are getting married, Varun says get them married too, Aradhya says dont joke, Varun and Shivani sits, Pundit starts mantras.
Kumudini says we have to take out this garbage from Krishnavati, Markand tries to get juice back from here but Kumudini says to Kaka that put this juice in my bottle, Aaba has given is 2rs juice, i will drink it as home, Kaka takes it from there, Markand whispers to Aaba that we are out of danger, Aaba says now we are in more trouble, we were fools to make you brother in law, you will sent us to jail. Aaba says to Panchayat that i have some important work, he leaves from there.
Varun and Shivani are asked to exchange garlands, Aradhya says i forgot it, Aryan says boys side didnt forget it, Shivani says its one garland only, Aryan says you both use it, Varun and Shivani wears same garland, Pundit says you modern kids.. he ask them to take pheras, Varun and Shivani takes pheras, Aryan and Aradhya throws flowers on them. Varun asks Aryan to give him Mangalsutra, Aryan says i forgot it, Aradhya says girl’s wside didnt forget it, she gives it to Varun, she smirks at Aryan, Varun think before making Shivani wear mangalsutra, Varun says to Aryan and Aradhya that we will live together foe few days, swear on this pious fire that you both wont fight, Aradhya says what are you saying? Aryan asks him to stop it, Varun says its just one promise, say you both wont fight, Aryan says i wont fight, ask Aradhya to control herself otherwise i wont fight, Aradhya says you both control, i want to make this moment special for Varun and Shivani so i dont wanna fight, she says you both should take parents blessing and i will help you in it, Varun says you both are coming with us on our honeymoon, Aryan thinks that she is ill so i should not fight, Varun and Shivani completes marriage, Aryan and Aradhya congratulate them, Aryan says you both can kiss, Aradhya says till you both dont take parent’s blessing, this marriage is not completed, Aryan thinks that she has such big illness still she has such big ego, maybe her family didnt tell her about her illness.

PRECAP- David says to Aaba that i tried but.. Aaba asks what, David says i was late, Markand says if Kumudini dies then i will be sent to jail. Damini comes to Aaba’s house and says your brother in law mixed poison in Kumudini’s juice so Aaba sahib i have to arrest you now, all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i feel like these episodes are now 30 mins than 1hr long!!

  2. They have shortened the show?

  3. Will they keep on f8ing lyk dis or will some miracle happen ever ?

    1. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      lol…… they will unite in the end………. dont worry………

      1. ya wellwisher i hope so

      2. Silpa k sivadasan

        Hey ww
        Hav u seen it in tamil..?
        Will aaradhya & aryan unite…?
        Or will she bcom a krishnadasi…?
        Plz plz plz tell me

  4. Shravan is soo cuteee..first in marmarziyaan n nw here superbbb….hi s character is nic in bth the shows

  5. I think it is going right track now… superb
    I really like this….

  6. we want it be 1hour long pls

  7. Nice episode. They have changed the story to some extent to fit it to the modern viewers.
    Shravan gaaru you are doing a great job…..

  8. Krishnadasi update bht slow update hota hy whyyyyy…..its been an hour or ab tk 9th march update ni hya in fact daily aisa hota…its a req plz jldi update kya krein i only watch drama and wo bhi loadshedding schedule ki wja st ni dekh sktaa and repeat telecast b nai mlta…plz plz aj kl bs update prh k guzara hota wo b next day ja kr hot 12 hour wait krta prta hy

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