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Krishnadasi 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan sees Aradhya lying n bed. He asks Aradhya what is this new drama? you and your aaji are keep doing drama to torture my family, i dont even know if this is jus drama or you have genuinely psychological disorder, Pavitra and Nakku listens this. Pavitra says she was Shashwat as her son, can herb powder do this? Nakku says no, Pavitra says i am scared, Nakku says me too, why she is behaving like this? did Purva do something? she must have done this, Pavitra says how would she know about my mother in law, lets go to aaba.
Aryan says to Aradhya that dont irritate me, i am getting angry. Kaveri comes there and says be away from this lady, this house is haunted by your aaji Yamini Rao, stay away from this girl, Aryan says shut up, this is rubbish, Kaveri says when someone dies in accident

or dies unnatural death then their soul wander around, this girl have your aaji’s soul in her because she is a devdasi and your aaji used to hate devdasies, if you throw her out of house then your aaji’s soul will get peace, Aryan says dont force me to throw you out of house, i dont believe all this, i want to throw her out too but not like this giving reason of ghost and all, just leave from here right now, she is ill, she need rest, Kaveri says why you are irritating your aaji? she can take anyone’s life, Aryan says Raj threw you out of your house thats why i brought you here, Kaveri says you didnt bring me here but your aaji’s soul brought me here, when she will leave this house only then i will leave from here. Kaveri comes to ARadhya, Aryan says dont force me to throw you out of house. Kaveri something on Aradhya’s head and ties sacred thread on ARadhya’s hand, she says this will protect her, my suggestion is that you should no stay in this room else it will hurt your aaji’s soul, she leaves. Aryan touches Aradhya’s forehead. /nakku says to Pavitra that your mother in law has returned, i am going to my village, Pavitra says you are leaving me? lets go in, Nakku says your mother in law used to hate me, she is ghost now, she can come in my body too, i am leaving, they are scared and leaves from there.
Aryan thinks that they have started this drama, ghosts dont exist. He searches on google about it, he says all are uneducated, all are blind and are running behind babas, these educated people are behind all this, i dont believe in this spirits and all, i hate you Aradhya, once you get fine then i will take revenge for giving pain to me and my family, he wipes his tears and sits down on floor.
Its morning, Aradhya is sleeping on bed, Aryan is sleeping on floor, he wakes up and thinks that what has happened to her? should i wake her up? he says no let her sleep, i should brush teeth, not in this washroom, she is ill so i should not fight with her in this situation, i should go to other washroom. he closes door and leaves.
Aradhya is sitting in hall and singing folk song. Pavitra, Aryan comes there, Nakku is terrified, Aradhya is dressed as Yamini Rao, Pavitra says she is singing Yamini’s song, Nakku says she is cutting nut like her too, Pavitra says to Aryan that you still dont believe it? i am sure she is possessed by your grand mother, Aryan says you are watching tv shows alot, ghosts and souls are in movies only, stop overreacting, Aradhya says who is shouting in my house? my grand son Aryan? come here, Pavitra says dont go to him. Aryan comes to Aradhya and says your drama is finished? you want to scare me by wearing my aaji’s clothes, change your clothes, i am going to bail out my father, after i return, you should like you dress earlier, he asks Pavitra to not create scene, he leaves. ARadhya says Aaba’s love has spoiled him, she asks Pavitra to bring nuts for her, Pavitra and Nakku runs from there.
Pavitra comes to Purva and says tell me truly what you have done with ARadhya? Purva asys what i did? Nakku says she is behaving like her mother in law, Pavitra says she is behaving totally like her, did you do something? Purva says i didnt do anything, i promise, i thought that you must have done something to save Shashwat, Nakku says this means she has become ghost for real, Purva says oh my God, Pavitra is scared. Aradhya comes there and eats paan, ARadhya says to Pavitra that i asked you to bring nuts, she gets angry on Nakku and says you keep filling Pavitra’s ears, if you do it again then i will cut your tongue, i will see you later, she folds Pavitra’s hand, Pavitra shouts to save her, Ardhya says only i will rule in this house else i will send Nakku to her village, she asks Pavitra to bring paan, Nakku and Pavitra are dizzy seeing this.
Markand is scared and comes out of house. Banwari says whole Rao family is finished, everyone has done some sin in this house, your wife has gone from house, you should go to village too, Markand says you dont now Yamini rao, she used to love me alot, Banwari says ghosts dont love anyone, she will strangle you, Markand says i am wearing sacred thread so i am not afraid, Banwari laughs on him, Markand says i want to talk to my mother in law, i want to make her remember something. Banwari says ghosts dont forget anything, you dont have to remind her, Markand says this is only chance to bring mother in law in control.
Markand comes to Aradhya, she is sitting on throne like couch, Markand asks how are you mother in law? should i massage your feet? he starts massaging her feet, he says i am so happy to see you, you went away, Shivangi says used to say that you let jewelry for her, she didnt get her right as your daughter, now you have comeback so tell me where is jewelry? are you listening to me? Aradhya’s eyes are closed, he says she must be sleeping, but ghosts dont sleep, he moves her, Aradhya kicks him and says you selfish and greedy man, where is my son? why didnt you bring him? you want my jewelry, my property? she throws things at him, where is my son? you selfish, cunning man, Markand says i dont need anything, he falls on floor. Aryan comes there and sees Aradhya beating Markand, Aradhya holds big vase, Aryan is shocked, Aradhya is about to throw at Markand but Aryan stops her and says you have gone mad? Aradhya faints. Pavitra says to aaba that mother in law’s soul is more powerful than real mother in law, does she have some wrestler’s soul too? aaba is stunned and cant believe his eyes. Aryan asks Aradhya what happened to her?
Aryan lifsts Aradhya and brings her to his room. he Makes her lie on bed and is worried for her. He says whats all this Aradhya? what stress you have Aradhya? her hands are injured, he ties hanky on her hand and says what stress you have? i should be stressed, what you have made me? i dont know if i should be angry on you or should feel pity for you, he sees her hands, Pavitra comes there and says what are you doing? you should tie her and you are bandaging her wounds? Aryan says i am already stressed, look at her situation, she is ill, Pavitra says your aaji’s life was destroyed by devdasies, her soul wont get peace till she doesnt get revenge from them, she has comeback to throw Aradhya out of this house, she wont get peace till then, Aryan says stop it, PAvitra asks ARyan to be away from her, she can hurt anyone, he says she wont do anything, PAvitra says she can hurt anyone, tie her hands, Aryan says her hands are injured, how can i tie her hands? Pavitra says she is dangerous, she attacked her mother too, tie her, Aryan ties Aradhya’s hand and thinks that sorry Aradhya i have to tie your hands so that they dont do any mistake, he stretches her legs and says to Pavitra that let her rest. Aaba comes there and says Pavitra is right, this girl is possessed by your aaji, your aaji never got freed from this world, we have to do something, Aryan says we should think about shashwat, he is lockup since yesterday, i have done arrangements for his bail, i came to get money for that, i will go to free him, Aaba says i will go to Chimaji, only he can tell some way, they leave. Purva comes to Pavitra and says we should lock her room from outside, it will be good, PAvitra says i will get heart attack if she comes out, close it, Purva locks her door.
shashwat meets Micheal in police station and says nobody will get to know anything, dont worry. Micheal says sorry you had to face all this because of me, Shashwat no issues. Aryan comes there and sees Micheal and David there. Aryan asks how you came out of lock up? Shashwat says David and Micheal did my bail, Aryan says we dont need David’s charity, my lawyer is bringing papers, he sys to Micheal that i dont have problem with you but what your brother with my sister, i dont want to see his face too, Shashwat says calm down, Micheal used to be great lawyer but aaba stopped his service, after years he has taken up my case, let him do his work, Aryan says if you want this then i wont say anything, you were talking to them but stopped after i came here, is David planning something else? Micheal and David leaves, Aryan says you didnt answer me. Shashwat says i hided something from you, dont tell this to anyone, i didnt attack Tulsi, the chain which Kumudini got is not mine, i found my chain in my room only, Aryan asks why he took this allegation then? Shashwat says Micheal needed money for Saras’s treatment so i called him to old mandir and Kumudini came there too, i couldnt say it infront of Damini as then aaba would know this too, i am helping them thats i remained silent, there was no other reason behind it, Aryan hugs him and says i am proud to be your son.
aaba says to Pavitra that Chimaji said that we have to do pooja for Yamini’s soul, all members of this house should be in this pooja, Pavitra says only he can save us from her. Kaveri comes there and says its good, let Chimaji do everything, i should leave this house, Pavitra says dont go, only you can handle that devdasi, aaba says please stay here, you can get anything from me but please stay, Kaveri says i dont need anything, i just want good for everyone, its time for my pooja, she leaves. Pavitra says what about Shashwat? when will he comeback? aaba says Aryan will bring him. Aryan and Shashwat comes to home, Pavitra says to Shashwat that i couldnt sleep whole night, i was feeling odd, i will wardoff evil eye from you. aaba asks Aryan if lawyer did everything rightly? Aryan says yes, Aaba says to Shashwat that are you in your senses? you went to kill Tulsi? Pavitra use lemon to ward off evil eye, Aradhya comes there and says my shashwat cameback from jail, she pushes away Pavitra, all are shocked. Aradhya says to Shashwat my son, you have become weak, i will make you eat, when you were child, your hand got fractured, i took you in my arms and went to hospital, i cry before you, Shashwat is stunned and confused, ARadhya says that devdsi Tulsi sent you to jail, these devdasies are behind my house, first that Krishnadasi Kumudini then her daughter Tulsi and now this Aradhya, i wont spare this girl, i will kill this ARadhya, all are shocked.

PRECAP- ARadhya comes in her room and locks room from inside. Aradhya says i will kill this Aradhya. She puts chair under fan, she puts rope on it, Aryan knocks door and asks her to open it, he sees from window that she is trying to hang herself, Aradhya stands on chair and puts noose in her neck, Aryan says have you gone mad, Aradhya throws chair away and hangs on noose, all are shocked and sees from window, Shashwat shouts Aradhya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh noo what happen to these writers. Why they r spoiling KD. What stupid track is this. I always loved to watch this show. But now this nonsense ghost track its too much. Plzzzz change it. I can’t see aaru in this state.

  2. Guys u knw wht I’m loving this track…..I saw some pics on instagram and they were jst amazing….the way aryan Is concerned for her….oh god really osmmmm….keep going pavitra purva nd nakku keep it up……jst waiting for the old aryan to come back soon…..????

    1. same here….,.. i am loving this this track,it seems interesting

    2. Same here… I am loving this track.. Aaba ke expressions.. Lol =P
      Good to see Aryan caring for Aru… <3
      I think that someone from aaba's house is helping Aru.. Some old person.. It may be Kaveri also..

  3. Trust I hate it now

  4. Today’s episode was really awesome and comical

  5. hey guys im new here i luv this show kd rokz …….. dont worry ara hatred track will end soon bcoz aryan will give agni pariksha lifting aru in his hands and will hug her ?

  6. OMG what will happen in next episode ?

  7. hey guyz im new here i lov this show kd rokz… dont worry ara hatred track will end soon as in the coming episode ara will give agni pariksha and aryan will walk on fire lifting aru in his hands and will hug aru and confess his love??

  8. This track is interesting. I love seeing Aaryan care towards aradhya it’s nice to hear there bgm after long!! The new spoilers look amazing and we will be able to see his love. I do miss the old Aara scenes but if it continued to be good the show would have had to finish as there is no twist. So guys keep watching. Very exited ??

  9. If I want writing a Fan fiction version of make it so Aryan puts a camera in his bedroom to track aradhya without any one know if and he catches poorva doing her fishy cunning stuff

    Or I’d make it so aradhya is pretending and she starts putting the herbs for poorva or pavitri or nakku… And then they start going crazy too ….

    ???? how are my skills for re-writing this drama?? ??…

    But in another not, I don’t mind at all the dragging of this ghost track… It’s making aryan face his feelings for aradhya… Rather then regular dram where he d always take anyone else’s side when it comes to aradhya …I don’t know why people do see it that way…this is still a great show and it’s going really well in my opinion

    1. the idea is great!!!!
      by the end of ghost track i wish aryan and his father side with aru and expose pavitra and purva

  10. I love kd. But wt the hell us going on. Plzz don’t make it supernatural. This ghost track seems sooo stupid. Plzz change it. However I still love Sara. They’re sooo cute

  11. But nesla, at least aryan will finally show his love for her as she hangs . Maybe his love will free her soul..

  12. Plzzzz this is going over the limit I have always been thinking that this is a plan of aradhya together with someone else but she’s hanging her own self

  13. i think this track will bring atyan and aradya closer!

  14. Something z wrong n somewhere else…. i love dz track.. bcoz Aaryn feel something for aarru..But what is happning with Aarraadhya.. that i did’nt understand.. Anyways every truth will be opened in 1 day.. just waiting..

  15. i m damn sure its aru’s plan to teach apvitra,naku and purva a lesson

    1. sry its pavitra

    2. But why she will kill herself totally confused whether it is a plan or something else

  16. Ahhh Aryann…I don’t hate him anymore. His concern , care & love for Aru is not hidden anymore. I’m loving this track. It’s fun. It was not Shashwat who tried to harm Tulsi! Then who could it be ? New spoiler is a treat for AaRa fans. Waiting for it.

  17. What’s happening remove this.ghost sequence soon.otherwise TRP will be loose

  18. Priyanka Shome

    I think aradhya is doing drama

  19. This track z intresting.. So many secretz.. Aaryn u r the Hero..Aarru what about u.. ?? what happn to u..?? Is there any real ghost..??And also Some silent conversation btw michel n shaashwath.. what is the matter..??Full f confussion.. Actually this is confussion track..??..
    Anyways dont make it bore!!

  20. how long aru repeatedly suffer.pls tie very love and affection meri aashi tum se our area lakhs of stdents and family women watching meri…in colour .but we dont know hindi.true love story will sucess for rating.

  21. Guys… Don’t u think this is illogical… Coz actually aradhya belongs to rao family.. N aaji’s ghost believes like a human being that aradhya is a devdasi.. She shud have killed Aryan yaar… She’s not a human being she shud have figured out this b4

  22. I know that this track is a little stupid but I am loving it. Pavitra Nakku and Purva wanted to torture Aradhya but now they are getting tortured. Love to see fear on their faces

  23. Aryans inner battle between his heart that love Aradhya and his mind that hates her is good to see.

    POor Aru.

    Can’t decide if Kaveri, Jayraj and purva are all in this together, was right about purva changing the sindhoor to the black powder… But is this aatma thing for real???

    Good episode, but hope this nastiness against Aru stops soon. Hate that Naku, pavitra, purva and Jayraj keep getting away with stuff.

  24. Drama is too gud.

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