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Scene 1
Aradhya comes down, she asks Aryan if he is participating in debate too? He says this is not my type, its more of argument than debate, Aradhya says thats how we know what is right and whats wrong, he says okay madam, you helped me from rustication so i thought to help you in debate, i brought vegetables for you, they are good for health, Aradhya asks if fruits and veggie sellers are his relatives? he says i have brought dry fruits too, Aradhya says you think so much about my health, Aryan says dont embarrass me, Aradhya takes spinach and says its good for men too, she starts beating him with it, Aryan fools her and leaves from there, he leaves veggie .basket there, Aradhya sees note in it, she reads “leave debate, you will bore people in debate.. anyway all the best”, Aradhya

smiles seeing it.
Tulsi is waiting for kids for dance class, nobody has come. Kumudini comes to Tulsi and asks if she ready to teach? Tulsi says i will teach when anyone will come, Kumudini says i have talked to Tamre, he will send few kids, Kaka comes and says nobody will come, Aaba has given warning to village people that if anyone comes here to learn dance then it will not be good, Kumudini says to Tulsi that you will teach dance for sure, i know what i have to do.
Kumudini and Tulsi comes in mandir, Kuumudini thanks Shastri for allowing tulsi to teach dance in mandir, he says its your mandir and you are doing this for Krishan only, he leaves. Tulsi says to Kumudini that no one will come, Kumudini says everyone comes in Mandir and we are preparing for Krishan’s function and village people believe in it, they will come .for sure, Tamre comes there with kids, Tulsi is happy, Kumudini ask kids to learn dance well.
Aaba says to Raghu that when devdasies danced more than their worth then it means their kend has come, i will see how they teach dance in mandir, he leaves from house.
Tulsi starts teaching kathak dance to kids. Aaba comes in mandir and says this is not dance bar that dancers have come to show filthy dance, Kumudini says i thought your brain will grow in 21years but you are still same, this is loyalty to Krishan and you are calling it filth? aaba says to village people that these dancers are teaching filth to our kids, will you allow it? village people say know, Aaba says i wont let it happen, he says send kids to home and break their instruments, Kumudini stops them from coming in, she comes out of mandir, she starts digging grave, Aaba says when you got to know about your standard, you have started digging your grave? i will do it for you, Kumudini plants a tree there, she says to Aaba that dont try to balance standards with power, i have planted tree, you are trying to throw me out of this mandir, when you will see this tree growing, you will remember me and will remember my roots which are strong in this mandir, you can shout but there will be day when nothing will be able to move me from this mandir then we will check your power and my standard, aaba says you can plant as many tree as you wants but there will not be dance here, Kumudini says this is not your mandir, its my and village’s mandir, she ask people what happened to them? we came to teach your kids dance for Krishan, your aaba is stopping tradition? why? ask him, Shastri says to aaba that this is tradition, we dance and celebrate rath yatra, when devdasies are here again then we should follow this custom, people request Aaba to agree to it, Kumudini says to Aaba that truth has to win, if you go against tradition then no one will listen to you, Kumudini thanks shastri for being there, she says after 21years we will celebrate this occasion and will celebrate it in such a way that people’s will be pooped out, she looks at aaba and chants for Krishan.
Tulsi is at home, Tulsi says to Goda that we have to go to Mandir to teach dance to kids. She calls Aradhya, Shivani takes her call and says Aradya is not in home, i dont know where is she, Aradhya comes there, she takes call, Tulsi asks where were you? Aradhya says i went to mandir to do pooja, Tulsi says really? we used to run behind you to ask you come to mandir with us, Aradhya says this pooja was different, i told Kumudini about debate competition so she told me special pooja for to win it, i have to take Betel Nuts, hold them and take three rounds around tree, then i should keep holding these nuts in debate, Tulsi is stunned, she wishes her luck and ends call. Tulsi says dont know what Kumudini wants.
Shashwat asks Aaba to do signature on papers, she asks aaba to forgive Tamre, he is poor farmer, he did everything for hsi daughter, we have daughters too, Aaba says those fathers who think about daughters are afraid like you, you have started to give suggestions to me? dont you remember how i punished your daughter Gayetri for your mistake? one stale mango can destroy whole basket, he leaves. Pavitra comes to Shashwat and says why are you involving in all this? Gayetri had to bear alot because of you, Shashwat says i know aaba have different thoughts from mine but that doesnt mean i will change my thoughts, i will love my daughters, my daughter is educated, she wants to study agriculture so i have sent her for entrance exam, i want her to grow, it doesnt matter to aaba if our daughters are in house or not, he calls Banwari, Banwari says Gayetri is giving entrance exam, i didnt let aaba know this, Shashwat says i will pay you for being silent. Shashwat says to Pavitra that my daughter is genius so i will give her chance to get educated, this world wants to not care about daughters so they can but i will give best life to my daughters what may come, Pavitra gets emotional, she smiles at him.
Tulsi asks Kumudini what pooja she told to Aradhya? what game you are playing with Aradhya? Kumudini says i will not play with her, i didnt do anything wrong, Tulsi says these customs are.. Kumudini says she is part of Devdasi family so she has to leanr these traditions, Tulsi says i know everything, i have kept her away from all this all these years but you are pushing her in this thing too, what you wanna do? will make her marry Krishan too? i dont understand what you are upto, Kumudini comes in mandir and says see Krishan, my daughter doesnt trust me at all, she says to Tulsi that today was not only Aradhya’s competition but this day has another importance in our lives too, Tulsi says jsut tell me why you made Aradhya do Devdasi’s pooja? Kumudini says today is your father’s sharadh, Tulsi says he is not my father so what sharadh? Kumudini says truth wont change, you are his daughter, Tulsi says i dont want his name, because of him, i am devdasi today, if he was my father then why didnt he save me from this devdasi custom? i dont want to do sharadh of person who never did duties of father, did he love me ever? Kumudini says he didnt love you but he fulfilled every duties for you, he accepted you as daughter infront of all, he was king at his times, Tulsi says he didnt accept you as his wife, if he accepted me as daughter when why he didnt keep me in palace? dont try to fool me, Kumudini says there is only one truth that i Krishnadasi and i got married to Maharaja Keshav Parsad who gave me daughter Tulsi and fulfilled duties of you and me even after his death, he didnt give name to us so what? i will do sharadh for sure, Tulsi says i will not do it this year, Kumudini says fine, i will do it.
Aryan and Varun comes to debate competition, Varun says such boring place. Aryan sees Aradhya coming there, she is playing will air bubbles, he smiles seeing her, music plays. Aryan says to Varun that your wish will be fulfilled, he shows her Shivani with Aradhya, Varun is happy to see Shivani.
Kumudini is cooking in kitchn, Tulsi asks Goda to ask, Goda asks Kumudini should she help her? Tulsi says you are not fine, you should not cook, Kumudini says till i am alive, i will do sharadh, only family members have to make food of Sharadh, she tries to cook, Tulsi says you won, i lost, i will do it, Kumudini says you are doing this for your father, you will get reward, Tulsi says i am doing this for my mother, for me my mother and father is same, Kumudini says you are doing this so that your daughter also do this for you only, Tulsi asks her to not scratch her wounds, my father’s and Aradhya’s father’s story is different, i dont wanna talk about it, Kumudini says you will not get answer of everything in one day.
aaba comes to Tamre’s house, aaba asks how is his daughter after marriage? Tamre says with your blessing, she is fine, AAba says this is all God’s will, he says i was not able to participate in your daughter’s marriage so i have brought gifts for you, he drink tea and says sugar is alot in tea but i think you have plenty of grocery thats why you are distributing to everyone, we will bless you only if you respect us, if you insult God then you will have to get punished, Tamre says devdasies helped my daughter so i had to help them for humanity, Tamre’s daughter comes in house and cries, she tells her mother that my in laws have thrown me out of house, aaba says God has punished you, Tamre asks her to not cry, aaba says you insulted me but i didnt do anything but your daughter’s inlaws didnt like my insult, he leaves, Tamre cries.
Aradhya and Shivani goes inside for debate competition. Aryan asks Varun will he come now? Varun asks if he is here to get return of his fruits and veggies? Aryan says i just thought to listen 2feet dinosaur’s debate, she is from our college so we should cheer them, they try to go in but guard stops them and ask to show pass, Varun says we are student of this college, Aryan offers money to guard, guard says i know you guys come to see girls, get lost, he beats Varun, Aryan sees Aradhya going in, he smiles.

PRECAP- one debater says these devdasies used to be other women in kings ives in ancient days, Aradhya says i accept this custom is wrong but not the women who are made devdasies by force. Kumudini call pundits to do Sharadh, one pundit says if other women like these start doing sharadhs then our religion will be spoiled, he says to Kumudini that you didnt had legal relation with king Keshav, your daughter is illegitimate child, Kumudini asks him to stop. Aradhya says in speech that devdasies are not at fault then how can people blame them? i am not devdasi but i am daughter of Krishnadasi Tulsi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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