Krishnadasi 8th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 8th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya comes in her room, she recalls how Aryan filled her maang with sindoor. Aryan is tensed too and recalls how he tried to say it was an accident, how Aradhya said its nothing to worry about, also i dont want to get trapped with you for all life. Aradhya recalls how she tried to tell Tulsi that Aryan is not her husband, she cries and says what does this mean? she wipes her forehead and says it means nothing, sh breakdowns in tears. Aryan says why this happened? Shashwat comes there with tea, Aryan takes it, Shashwat sits beside him and says we havent drank tea together for a long time, i know you dont have place for me in your heart but i am proud of you for saving Aradhya today, i got to know everything, we have hated them for years but they gave shelter to Gayetri and made us in

their debt but you have taken off that debt today, Aryan says i know difference between right and wrong, even if they had not given shelter to Gayetri even they i would have gone to to save Aradhya, its good that you told me about Aradhya being in danger else her life would have destroyed today, banwari and Markand were selling her, Shashwat says you didnt understand anything, Banwari and Markand are just pawns, it was Aaba that played this game, he took her from here, Aryan says it was Aaba who saved her in end, he didnt spare Banwari, Shashwat says i know aaba very well, he hates Devdasies and in disguise of rituals and customs, he is fulfilling his revenge, all he knows is that revenge only, Aryan says you can be right or wrong, Shashwat says i know you dont trust me but you will know truth soon, i am happy about fact that when Krishnawati will be under your rule then it will change, i have hopes from you and Aradhya alot, you should go and meet Aradhya, she has been through alot, you should go and support her as she saved your life, Pavitra sees this and says to Nakku that what i am seeing? father and son together? Nakku says stop him, Pavitra says he wont stop by me, i have to do something else now.
Aryan comes to Aradhya’s house and thinks that its late night, i cant knock her house else then her family would think wrong, i dont care how she is feeling, he starts to leave but thinks that i cant be so selfish, i should check how she is. Aryan climbs ladder and jumps in Aradhya’s room from window, he finds Aradhya sleeping and thinks dinosaur looks so cute while sleeping, he comes her room and strikes with something, it makes noise, Aradhya wakes up, Aryan hides behind curtain and thinks that if she sees me then i will be gone, Aradhya sees some silhouette behind curtain and thinks it must be Govardhan, i wont spare him, she goes from there, Aryan tries to leave, Aradhya covers him with sheet and beats him, Aryan runs, Kumudini listens noise. Aryan runs from house and hides, Aradhya says if you try to see towards me then i will not leave you this time, and this time Aryan wont come to save me, she thinks why i am taking his name? Aryan is surprised, he says i came to check on her but she was going to kill me, Kumudini sees Aryan hiding outside house, she says God has joined two hearts, husband came to see his wife, this means fire has started from both sides, i just have to intensify it. tulsi comes to Aradhya and asks what happened? Aradhya says cat came, it was big so i was running behind her, she goes to sleep.
Its morning, Aradhya is getting ready and says i dont know why i am tensed, Aaba has called me so i have to go there, Aaba must have thrown Banwari and Markand out of house. She finds wrist watch in her room and recognizes it as Aryan’s watch, she says it means he came here lat night, she smiles and says why i am smiling? Aryan came but didnt tell me, Gayetri comes to her and says lets go to Mandir, Aradhya says yes.
Aradhya and Gayetri comes to mandir in their hall, they pray, Gayetri applies sindoor on her forehead, Aradhya is dazed seeing it, she keep looking at Gayetri, Gayetri says you must be thinking why i have applied sindoor, Aradhya says the person who doesnt care about you then whats the need of putting sindoor of his name, Gayetri says when you will through something like this then you will know what sindoor is for women, its blessing for women, fate decide it for us, Aradhya recalls how Aryan applied sindoor on her forehead, Gayetri says it makes relation of 7births, Kumudini listens this and smirks, Gayetri leaves, Aradhya takes aarti, Kumudini asks what are you thinking? Aradhya says by mistake, sindoor got applied in my mang but that doesnt mean fate has tied me in any relation, Gayetri said weird words, she leaves, Kumudini says Gayetri was right, she smirks.
Aryan says where did i lose my watch? he recalls it and says i must have lost it in Aradhya’s house, what if she recognizes it? i should clarify it to her, Pavitra comes to him and asks where did you go last night? Aryan says you are spying on me? where would i go? Pavitra says you are lying to me for that girl? you went to her house right? you are following your father’s path, Aryan says i am not a kid, i know whats right and wrong, he leaves, Pavitra says he is changed so much in one night that he is answering me back.
Aaba comes to Banwari and says you know Shri Yashwant, he is powerful man and there is no comparison with him, he should be served well else i wont spare you this time, he sees Aryan coming and says why did you come here to work? i told you to ask forgiveness from Aryan, Banwari comes to Aryan and says forgive me, dont throw me out, Aryan asks Aaba to not take his side, he says to Banwari that i never thought you would stoop so low that you will auction a girl, he says to Aaba how can you allow him to work here? you have some other intentions? Aaba says dont take me wrong, i asked him to come here but he cried and says he wants to repent, we have to forgive our servants, this pooja is important and i dont want it to be spoiled, Banwari is experienced in arranging these poojas thats why i have called him, this pooja is important for your cleanliness, Aryan says what wrong did i do what i need this pooja? Aaba says you have done great work by saving that girl but village people believe in rituals and you have broken ritual so your cleanliness is important, Aryan says this is backward thought, i dont believe in all this, you are stuck with these rituals, Aaba says not me but village people thinks that if someone breaks Devdasi’s ongoing marriage with Krishan then he would be destroyed, you know God is miffed with us already, situation is not good, what will i answer to people? for your old aaba, dont say no, Aryan says because of you i have to follow these blind rituals, this is wrong, you do what you want, he leaves, Aaba says to Banwari that dont come infront of Aryan for somedays, i need jerks like you, Banwari laughs and leaves, aaba smirks.
Bell rings, Aradhya says this salesman is coming again and again, she opens door, salesman says my soap can make you beautiful and Miss india, Aradhya says i am beautiful and i dont want to become Miss India, she closes door, bell rings again, Aradhya says i wont leave him this time, i will make him take bath with his soap, she brings basket full of water, opens door and throws it on person, person turns out to be Aryan instead of salesman, he is drenched in water and looks on shocked, Aradhya says i am sorry, i thought it was salesman, i did mistake, you come inside and take off your clothes, he says what? Aradhya says i will dry your clothes, i will take you on terrace, Kumudini comes there with towel and says to Aryan that wipe yourself son in law, Aryan and Aradhya looks on shocked, Kumudini says i will have tea with my son in law, she drags Aryan inside house, she makes him sit on sofa and says i will make special tea for you, she makes Aradhya sit beside Aryan and says you both look nice together, she leaves, Aryan says what was that? Aradhya says she have misunderstanding, someone told her everything, she saw blood in my forehead and thinks that you are my.. Aryan says you are dinosaur, you told it to everything, aRadhya says dont call me dinosaur, Aryan says what will you do? will you give me bath again? now your aaji will announce in whole village, people will congratulate me for marriage then they will ask me when we will have kids, Aradhya laughs, Aryan says what i am blabbering, you beat me then threw water on me, why did you tell Kumudini? we did deal that we will not talk about sindoor thing, you know it was mistake, Aradhya says i dont care about Kumudini, i know it was accident, if Kumudini wanted to tell everyone then she would have called meeting in village, if you are thinking that i will spread the word that i am married to Aryan Vidyadhar then get lost, i will not explain anything to you but you have to give explanation to me, yesterday night a thief came in my room, i found his watch, she shows him his watch and says whose watch is this? Aryan says this is.. Aradhya asks if its his? Aryan says its mine, whats it doing with you? you remember that day i was putting up curtain that day, it must have fallen that day, i didnt come here after that, Aryan gets call, he says i will talk to you later, he leaves, Aradhya says where he is going? i am coming to your house only.
Aryan comes to Pavitra, she acts like being sick, Pavitra says you went to Devdasi’s house, you broke my swear, she says i dont wanna talk to you, Aryan says dont react like this, Nakku says she has so much fever, Aryan tries to check but nakku says dont worry, i will take care of her, she asks Aryan to leave, Aryan leaves, Nakky laughs and says you did great acting, Pavitra says i can do anything to keep my husband and son under my control, call that Devdasi’s daughter, she can separate me from my son, now i will show her place to her.
Kumudini prays to Krishan and says the seed i bowed years back, its time to reap it, Aradhya can deny it but i will make this sindoor her truth, she will get married now, yesterday her maang was filled with sindoor, she is going to their house as servant but for me she is going as Aaba’s house’s queen, today will be her Grah pervesh, Krishan just bless me for this, show your miracle, do something that her Garh pervesh is remembered by all. Aradhya enters Aaba’s house, she opens door, rice carton was placed beside door and as Aradhya opens door, rice falls on door making way for her Garh pervesh, Aradhya looks on.

PRECAP- Pavitra says to Aradhya that are you in living in misunderstanding that Aryan’s blood got applied in your forehead so you have become daughter in law of this house? Aryan listens this and is stunned. Tulsi says to Kumudini that i will not dance infront of anyone, Kumudini thinks if not you then Aradhya will dance as she is now Krishnadasi Aradhya, she will dance with me.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. shraddha

    hey! i dont get one thing,aaba says that aryan broke the krishnadasi ritual and kumudini says that aaradhya is krishnadasi.what the hell is going on!
    please anyone clear my confusion.

  2. Kumudini said in today’s episode that aradhya is krishnadasi aradhya now and she wil make her dance with her in front of mahant, wat the hell is this,who will save aaradhya now,deva krishna

  3. Parvini

    Aru and Aryan are soooo funny…laughed my but off when Aryan told her that she beat him them threw water on him..
    Their dialog has gotten funny and smart..

    Story line is also interesting..enjoy this serial

  4. kk

    Shradda becoz Aryan is not Aana sahib’s grand son the real fact is aaradiya is his grand daughter.
    Few years back when pavithra giving birth she delivered another girl baby (aaradya). to save her life from aaba some one changed that girl baby with tulsi’s new born son(aaryan). Aaba ,tulsi,pavitra noone know the fact.only kumudini know the truth. So till now aaradya was aaba’s grand daughter. By marrying aaryan original krishnadasi’s son today she became daasi

  5. Ruby

    In original version, Aradya is the daughter of Saswath-Pavithra. Aryan is son of Tulsi & Saswath’s Brother In Law(Pavithra’s brother). In South, A boy or girl can marry Paternal uncle’s Son/daughter or Maternal Aunt’s son/daughter. so, Aryan & Aradya are cousins.Here, may be Aryan’s father may be shown as Saswath’s friend. In book, it is happy ending only. Aru won’t die as in the serial.

    • abi

      In south serial,Aradhaya died after her child born…Aryan with child serial will end…Because i am from south only

      • Ruby

        yeah you are right abi.the Tamil krishnadasi ended because the female lead was getting married so they (crew) don’t wanted to replace her so they ended the seriel.

      • shraddha

        mujhe kabhi kabhi lagta hai ki tamil writers ko characters ko maarne ka bahut shouck hai!and that is a hit formula there.
        no offence,i am also a south indian

    • ร‚FรŒรรƒ

      in south among hindus a girl or boy marries maternal uncle’s son or daughter and paternal aunt’s son or daughter where as maternal aunt’s son/ daughter r considered as brother/ sister same goes wit paternal uncle’s son/ daughter. u have mentioned it wrong dear.

      • salini nandi

        Pure downlod hone ki baad pata chala book ki summary plot aya hai…our wo bhi tamil mein..our jo bhe book ki bare me mil rahi hai wo sirf suntv pe hua story ki lst point aradhiya mari..ei sb hi hai..lakin wo meine krishnadsi ff pe post kiya hain..

    • ร‚FรŒรรƒ

      and in this serial aryan s tulsi and pavithra’s brother’s son and aradya s pavithra and sashwat’s. aradhya s marrying maternal uncle’s son arya.

  6. ok guys…earlier it had been said that sachin parikh to play tulsi’s lover then they replace him with Kapil soni and not again replace him with mihir mishra.. so still nor mihir mishra got the final nod but it may change again.

  7. about episode .. it was very cute.. it balanced the previous intense drama episode perfectly… aradhya and aryan was star of the episode… Shravan too good. he is king of expression.

  8. neethu

    guys i have a question and that is was aradhya killed or she died after giving birth to her child.

  9. neethu

    guys i have a question and that is was aradhya killed or she died after giving birth to her child. pls someone clear my confusion

  10. apra

    yar mujhe na ruk ruk kar gat feeling aa rahi hai ki jo pandithji aane wale hai unka aradhya se kuch connection hai

    • Tumhara sach hein.. actor Mihir Mishra Pandit Yashnath banke ane wala hein joki Aradhya ya phir most probably Aryan ka Baba hein.

  11. ya smita i agree with you earlier tulsi was very nice and beutiful and she also dance very well & her diluge delivery, exprection was very nice so how can she quit the show i just so sad for dis

  12. e dasi ki tarah tyar kyu hui hai?????omg kahin kumudini isse devdasi ki tarah nachane wali toh nahi mahant ke samne jo aryan ka shuddikaran karega……nahiiiiiiiiiiiiii aisa Mat hone do krishna

  13. Maine spoliers dekhe ye aradhya dasi ki tarah tyar kyu hui hai?????omg kahin kumudini isse devdasi ki tarah nachane wali toh nahi mahant ke samne jo aryan ka shuddikaran karegaโ€ฆโ€ฆnahiiiiiiiiiiiiii aisa Mat hone do krishna

  14. tanishaa sharma (tanya)

    Guys I thought of making a discussion grp for krishnadasi so that we can share our opinion about krishnadasi if you agree with my decisions you can email me your no on [email protected] Com you are free to email your number

  15. uv

    no words can describe shravan’s acting skills such a adorable person with strong will and perseverance, talent may lord krishna(balaji) bless him

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