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Krishnadasi 7th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

At the coronation ceremony of Tulsi, Aryan performs the rituals crying badly. Aradhya comes running to take the last vision, she pleads to touch Tulsi’s feet for one last time. Komodini stops her as she only remembers all her relations only now. Aradhya cries as she has always been her mother. Kumodini holds her back, her daughter died. When she got to know she is Pavitra’s daughter she pushed her out of her life. She broke all the relations with them, she called her as Devdasi, and this Devdasi died that day only. She calls Aradhya as selfish, she has come for a drama only. Aradhya keeps on pleading, as she only wants to touch her feet once. Kumodini says her daughter will never get peace. Aradhya requests Aryan, but he announces for the coronation to be done. Aradhya keeps on pleading. It rained

heavily. Aradhya apologizes Tulsi, she couldn’t take her blessings but she will always be her mother.
Yashvant was watching Tulsi’s photo. The Pandit comes to meet him and give him some responsibilities, they give the Sarpanj responsibilities to him. The way he owned Tulsi, his respect increases in their hearts. He must not deny taking these responsibilities.
Kumodini was crying at home as she miss Tulsi and her hatred from her. She wish Tulsi had spoken to her for once, but she left her burdened. Aryan comes there, his phone bell rings at once. He talks to the lawyer about post martem report, he wants justice as soon as possible. He comes to sit besides Komodini and keeps his hand on her lap. She calls herself to be his ayi and aaji, he withdraws his hand. She asks if he would also leave her just like her daughter, she will be left alone in this world. She was determined to get justice, she is aware he will only trust the one’s who took his mother’s life, but she will get him punished. Aryan says they both need justice, same enemies; he doesn’t know what justice she needs but he only wants hanging for him. Komudini says only hanging is less for him, he is Tulsi’s son and she is her mother, for her the justice doesn’t ends in the court. She will do what she has to, she won’t leave him at all.
In the jail, Munshi sits outside crying for Aaba Sahib, as someone else is being made Sarpanj. Aaba shuts him up, as he is aware of his nature. He orders them both to get lost while he feets dizzy. In the corridor, Patwari was determined to work for their success. He gets a call from Dada bhaiya, and goes to talk on the call outside.
Aradhya comes to meet Aaba in the jail, he was feeling dizzy. She notices him falling down and calls the jailer to unlock the door. She calls Damini to get water, and doctor. The doctor informs Aradhya that his BP shooted because of stress, if he gets more stressed his condition may worsen. Damini tells Aradhya she can appeal by giving medical certificate, Aradhya requests that for Aaba.
At night, Purva and Raaj cheers that Tulsi is dead and Aaba is in jail. Purva reminds him that the minister is still over their nerves. What if they don’t get Aaba’s banglow? She wasn’t ready to celebrate till court’s orders tomorrow.
The next morning, Pavitra and Sashvant were ready to leave. Banwari comes with his luggage packed, he announces he came to stay his new home. Sashwant scolds him if he has gone crazy. Banwari reminds him that he is no more the owner, Komodini has rented a room of this house and he is the renter. Sashwant wonders if he only got today to do this drama. Banwari dreams good watching the chair. Patwari sends Sashvant and Purva, Sashvant asks Gayatri to stay and take care. Patwari comes to Banwari and asks him to get up this chair, Banwari reminds him that renter is half owner, he sends him to get water for himself.
In the court, Aradhya sat outside. The lawyer informs that their application has been turned over, police must now have brought Pradhyuman Rao to court. The Prisoner van arrive. Sashvant and Pavitra go to help Aaba, and inquire about his health. Aaba nods only. Aradhya asks the lawyer for any other way, the lawyer suggests to make Aaryan or Komodini.
Komodini asks the lawyer to get him hanged twice if possible. There should be no way he gets out of the jail. They come to confront Pradhyuman’s family. The lawyer takes Aaryan along for some paper work. Aradhya stops Aryan, he asks the lawyer to move ahead. Aradhya asks Aryan to delay this hearing, she wants to say a lot but he isn’t in a state to hear. Right now his condition is really bad, he might get a heart attack or paralysis. Aryan reminds he had an heart attack at the time of their wedding, why he should care for his health. If he dies even, he would consider it a punishment in return to his aayi’s life.
Komodini attacks Aaba, everyone stops her.
Aradhya says she was her Aayi as well. Aryan questions if she is upset for not going to her coronation, if she want him to get away and buy all the witnesses. Aryan assures she wants justice for Tulsi. Aryan challenges her to tell the truth in the court if she really wants to, two relations are at stake. Her relation with her Ay and their relation, tied to a delicate thread. She has to decide if she is with Aryan Jemaje or Pradhyuman Rao. Aradhya says she will only tell the truth in the court. They head Komodini, Aryan goes to hold her back as they will never ruin their hands; only law will punish them. Aradhya goes concerned about Aaba’s health. She turns to look at Aryan as he watch her move.

PRECAP: Aryan calls Aradhya, Aradhya witness that Tulsi didn’t die from the bullet of Aaba’s gun. Aryan comes to take break his marriage with Aradhya.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oohh…Really Am sry..Sonaa..I did’nt understand todayz epi by reading ua update..Am so sry….What happn to Atiba?Am so sry…Am not able to watch the epi..bcoz f some problm..And so am waiting for dz..But am totaly Dissappointed..Am sryy…sry..sryy…Sona?

  2. Thanks for the update Sona

    1. Plzz update fast….its almost 12:30 now…but still there is no update..very disappointing…..unabld to go to sleep without reading #krishnadasi#… hope of getting a faster update from now on….whether it might be atiba or sona or any one. …plzz Make sure to update fast plzzzz………

  3. This is incomplete update …..many points are missed in this update ……where is original updater atiba….there are so many points that is missed and precap is also incomplete…disappointed with telly updates….sOrry!!!!

  4. Atiba would be celebrating eid i think.

    1. Oooh!!?

  5. can any I tell me what was the reason behind shashwath and his dad throwing tulsi and her mother out of the village.

    1. Because shashwat and his dad thought that tulsi’s mother kumudini were the reason of aaba’s uncle’s wife’s death

    2. the family enimity begins with kumudini being a dancer would have an affair with the king.the king would be abba’s brother in law.knowing their affair abba’s sister would die.from that day abba started hating kumdini latershashwath sister sararswathi was tulsi best friend .when saraswathi ran away from her marriage everybody thought it was tulsi idea.due the embarrassment of daughter running away abba’s wife would commit suicide .and again tulsi would be blamed for it.

  6. Where’s Atiba?

  7. Aaba’s daughter saraswathi loves Micheal(Christian). but Aaba didn’t accept her love. So saraswathi planned to run. She asked her friend Tulsi to help. Tulsi advices her. However saraswathi ran with Michael. Aaba and shashwath blamed tulsi for helping saraswathi. Thats the reason.

  8. Less comments!!
    Ohkayz ! Episode was mmmmm what to say !?! I’m not getting the right word to describe it. It was not interesting yet it was interesting !! It was not thrilling yet it was a bit. I don’t know what to say actually. I’m not liking the current track. It is kind of disappointing. Common problem with all writers is that they forget what they wrote for previous episodes. They forget what’s the core nature of a character which is really disappointing !!
    Coming back to episode , I loved Shravan. His acting is equally handsome as he is:-P hihi:-D Aradhya realised Tulsi was her mom , finally !! Nice performance by Sana. Aajiiiiiiii nothing to say. I thought Aryan is doing all this drama to find out the real culprits. But looks like he believes Aaba is the one who killed Tulsi !! But Aaba was looking relaxed. Shashwat too. I still like to believe that it’s just a plan of Aryan – Aaba – Shashwat to expose Purva & Jairaj. Aradhya’s statement in court is the reason for their divorce !! Ahhhhh I want it to be Aryan’s plan.
    Nd Ria , Aaba’s wife committed suicide when Saras ( Aaba’s daughter) left home with Michael. Aaba and Shashwat thought Tulsi helped Saras. Soooo they thrown Tulsi & Aaji out of Krishnavati

    1. Xactly Meenakshiii…I miss the epi..And nw i didnt undrstood what has happn to the epi…And so on..Our comment area z fully empty..?This z only bcoz they all want our Aarra back..

  9. I Քεεl Pείτγ?

    Actually,itz common..
    Nature had gave a behaviour to everyone.Nothing else..We feel comfort @ someone presence.. Someone will say i love that place, i love this book to study bcoz i lyk that teachr.I love to visit my neighbour house bcoz i lyk their funny chatz..Xactly,Am also adicted to atiba’s writtingg…So atiba dear, i need you to b update..Plzz, donit feel shy towardz me Sona..U can update but u wana improve more..So sry, if my wordz heart u…

  10. Ooohhh..whatz going on…?I don’t feel happy to comment…I need Aarra…Their relation z so awsm…plz..i need them back…

  11. what the hell im sooooo disapointed i dont want ara hatred track again plz writers dont do this why they are separating

  12. Ooohh..plzz..join Aarra togethr..

  13. Rebba , there was nothing interesting yesterday yaar. Hatred track gonna disappoint us more. I miss old AaRa. Aryan used to flirt with Aru , those epis were cute. But now , he just taunts her.

  14. Oh…wow…did I get the precap wrong? If so somebody correct me. Did Aryan call upon Aaradhya to the witness stand. In which court of law is this allowed. Is he a lawyer? And he stands and shouts while Aaru is on the witness stand and says what she believes to be true. This is a new height in Indian soaps. Accepted he is the hero, but he cannot control the court. Let’s see what happens today. According to the law, the police, the prosecution and the defence should share all evidence between them. It is up to them how they use the info to bring out the truth. Aaru till now is keeping quiet and suddenly can’t take up the stand and say she had taken out the bullets. Funny how sashwat, Aaru and Aaba do not open their mouth to tell the truth. I still think it is their drama. Because tulsi’s last wish was for them to be together. Banwari has now changed sides ….nice negative character.

  15. who is patwari actualy i misd d epi last ngt

  16. I saw a spoiler that Aryan Will Take Revenge From Aaba Sahib

  17. Boring episode …fighting fighting nd fighting revenge revenge nd only revenge Misunderstanding nd misundrrstandings only ..WTF writers just go nd stay in hell i dont like current track soo damb boring aryan to full pagal hy kisi py bharosa hi nhi karta nd aru she is the most dumbest girl i have ever seen bechari mazloom bann ny ka natak karti rehti hy speak girl speak otherwise u will lose ur beautiful relation? nd i think u already lost it by keeping ur mouth shut ? finelly aru realise that tulsi was her mother sharavan nd indira ma’m acted so well nd sana was fine ….divorce drama is so bakwas m not gonna watch but will definately read WU?

  18. Plz update the next written episode

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