Krishnadasi 7th april 2016 episode(brief update)


The episode starts with Aryan hitting the old man with a rod and fighting the goons.He hugs a distraught Aradhya telling not to be afraid.Aaba leaves from there but kumudini watches everything.The goons attack again and Aryan beats them.Goverdhan tries to take Aradhya away but Aryan hits him and the man falls on the ground. A Goon tries to attack Aradhya with a sickle but Aryan saves her in time holding it and his hand bleeds.The man again tries to attack but Aryan protects Aradhya and accidentally puts his bleeding hand on her head,filling her hairline like sindoor.Both are shocked at this.Aradhya tells Aryan to look back as goons again come behind to attack.Meanwhile Aaba finds Markand and Banwari outside who plead him to forgive them but he drags them both from there.He takes them both to aryan and starts acting as if he was not at fault.He asks Aryan to take Aradhya home.Aaba then

comes to his true form and tells markand and banwari that he was only doing drama.Kumudini witnesses the whole scene and records Aaba’s talking thinking to take advantage and leaves.
Aryan brings Aradhya to his jeep.He feels bad seeing her apalled and consoles her.She hugs him and cries.Aryan is surprised.Aradhya becomes aware and breaks the hug.She apologises and thanks him for saving her in the nick of time.Aryan starts joking to make her smile and jokingly remarks that he filled her maang like “khoon bhari maang”.Aradhya recalls Aryan mistakenly fiiling her maang.Aryan asks her not to be serious and says it was just an accident.Aradhya agrees and sees his wounded hand.Pavitra arrives there and begins her tantrums.Aryan manages to convince her but pavitra drags him away.Aryan and Aradhya look at each other tensed.Aradhya reaches home and sees Tulsi(actress changed)
praying in the temple.As she hurries to her room Tulsi stops her and sees blood on her forehead.Kumudini arrives there and starts her drama that her daughter is now married to Aryan.Tulsi is stunned.On the other side Aaba reaches home and pavitra falls at his feet and starts doing drama.Aaba assures her that he would definitely do something(perhaps he pointed towards getting Aryan married).pavitra and nakku smirk.There,Aradhya is furious and explains what happened actually but Tulsi argues that its not mere bloodmark but sindoor.Their arguements continue and Aradhya storms towards her room.Kumudini tells Tulsi that the day will come when she will understand everything.The screen freezes on her evil face.

PRECAP:Kumudini plots how to make Aaba accept Aradhya as their daughter in law.There, as Aradhya enters Aaba’s house she slips on something and lands in Aryan’s arms.(Sorry,if there is some mistake)

Credit to: SNEHA

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  1. i was desperately waiting for this update.…Finally got it……

  2. Will aryan accept aardhya as her wife

  3. Fan of ishveer

    Sneha precap is wrong…
    PRECAP:kumudini prays to god that aradhya’s graga pravesh in a abaa sahib house should be done with all rituals..There as, aradhya opens the door of abaa sahib house the rice drops on the floor and she walks on it..and her legs slip and aryan hold her in his arms..
    If possible change the precap Sneha
    and thanks for the update. .

    1. Thank you and i am also not sure whether kumudini recorded Aaba’s talks or not so pls dont consider it…..she only listened everything

  4. what happened to Atiba? the update is ok over all just missing few thing. specially dialogues anyway thanks Sneha… yes Pradyumna said some special priest is coming to do purification ritual of Aryan as he is not pure anymore by creating hindrance in some ethnic ritual…. don’t know if it will be marriage or not but some puja and ritual will occur… but i kinda feel this special priest is going to be Aryan’s father … because the way pradyumna said about him .. felt like he has important role and right now we know a new entry of Aryan’s dad will occur.

  5. If there is some mistake u all r welcome to share

  6. Good but why kumudini act like this Aradhya is grand daughter of her na

    1. Sometimes earlier tulsi was forced to become krishadasi despite kumudini s wish….as no mother wishes her daughter to b a krishnadasi…..later aaba might hav forced tulsi to become a dasi….so may b in order to take revenge against aaba, kumudini has exchanged aryan and aaradhya….and make aaradhyas life hell (who is actually aabas granddaughter)

  7. Its really ok Sneha..but where is Atiba? Anyways thnks to Sneha fr updates.?

  8. Any spoilers for krishndasi

  9. Ya ..any spoiler pls rply

  10. Its very late yr.. But its okay
    Kumudini is much more evil than abba.. :/
    I love shravan yr neil as aryan. Both are contradict chracter but he plays the role so well that both suits him.

  11. High voltage drama, now i can see only two persons who wanna end this animosity and will not go to extent to take revenge dat is aradhya and aryan, rest all are idle man’s brain is devils workshop kind of ppl,its difficult to judge amongst kumudini and aabha for the selection of worst,dey both r same and not to forget tulsi, i was shocked to see her reaction, she was d one who always stood for aaradhya and once wen kumudini had made aaradhya to do dat devdasi pooja during debate she fought with her,but yesterday she was standing like wax statue and no reaction at all inspite of d big bad incident and she was talking like KD like shes saying that aaradhya is krishnadasi now and aryans dasi,wat d hell was that. I felt like slapping her,now all r against aaradhya except aryan, and nobody has animosity with aryan but aaradhya is target of all whether kumudini, pavitra,aabha,banwari,markand n now dat tulsi also,hope so aryan remain his saviour

  12. Can anyone tell me ehy kumudini is planning against aradhya? Isnt she her granddaughter? I have some loops regarding the story 🙁
    It will be grateful.

    1. No…Aradhya is granddaughter of Aaba and Aaaryan is the grandson of kumudini…

      1. Whatttt??? Oh my god!!!!!! So shaswat is her dad? And then what isthe relation b/w aryan and tulsi? If any?isnt tulsi Kumudini’s daughter?

      2. Aaryan is tulsi’s son..his father is Tulsi’s lover..A new entry is gonna come
        .he is Aaryans father.. ?

  13. I was eagerly waiting for it

  14. Kumudini declares Aradhya as Aryan’s wife against Aradhya’s will.

  15. Fan of ishveer

    Roshini kumudini is planning against aradhya because if aradhya becomes the bahu of abaa sahib kumudini can execute her plans easily that’s why she is planning against aradhya

    1. Thank you so much. 🙂

  16. Its that Aaradhya is not Kumidini’s granddaughter…she is actually Aaba sahib’s 3rd grand daughter & Aryan is Tulsi’s son & Kumidini knows about it..dats y she wants Aaru to become devdasi in order to take revenge from aaba sahib…may b in the past Kumudini exchanged the babies…

    1. Gayatri,aradhya and whos d third grand daughter of aabha,who’s she

      1. in earlier episode aba said shaswat many time that.. he should know his limit as he is father of two daughters…. even pavitra once said Gayatri to never compare with Aryan as if Aryan were not born after her and her sister then they all would have been out in road. ….. so i guess cv planned for another daughter’s entry later forgot about him as their hands are already handful lots of hype and drama..

      2. Aradhya aryan ki dasi toh nahi ban gayi?????? Waise it’s all bullshit,aise thode shadi ho jati hai, agar main apne aap ko aradhya ki jagah sochu aur mere sath aisa ho toh do lagaungi kaan ke niche jo bolega ki shadi ho gayi,ye male chauvinist society pta ni kya samajhte hain khud ko

  17. Is aradhaya kummudhini’s grand daughter & grandmother will think that her grand daughter to become devdasi. While tulsi is in hospital with injuries kummudhini says to arayan to give blood b’coz they have same blood group ,she also says that after all arayan is tulsi’s but she did not complete it. My doubth is what is relationship between tulsi-arayan-aradhya?

    1. Actually Aradhya is Shaswath and Pavitra’s daughter n aaryan is tulsi n her lover(new entry)son.Thats why Kumudini wants to take revenge from aaba through aradhya.

  18. salini nandi

    Sorry krishnadsi i hv to tell this krishnadsi athorites ki responsibility naam ki chees nahi hain..coz no other serial so late as this..thiz serial hs no updates YouTube.. update itne late hai..where iz atiba..? Her update iz fantastic..agar serial ki feedback itni achchi mil rahi to kay un logoki responsibility nahi hai ki hum jo deemand kare wo pure kare..?my mst fvorite serial..nxt madhubala ek ishk ek junoon ke baad..laken updte ki wajase bhut gussa ate hai..dil karta hai slams use mints ke andar updte nahi soojate hai ke..wake up wake up..wht iz going on..updte soon..egerly wait for it..

    1. hey, its not update of the episode…. Atiba is missing… its ok may be atiba had some problem… Sneha took responsibility for all the Krishnadasi Fan… and gave a overall Episode Analysis without any profit. ….. Thank you Shena… and yes their is not episode in YouTube that must be because of copy right issue… you can find all episode in its very convenient site.

      1. salini nandi

        Yeah…i agree vith u tht sneha iz good..mujhe ke baare me pata nahi tha..thts wy i was very angry to nt find any videos in you tube..thts wy i react..coz i love sharvaan madly.. also the serial..

    2. you don’t know how much i love shravan… watched his every show till now… so i know the feel.. actually started watching this show for shravan only and end up loving every bits and pieces of the show.

      1. Oh great..r u like vivian dsena(madhubala hero)..he iz my 1st love..sharvan ko mane pahele baar krishnadsi pe hi dekha our jst attacked by his eyes..he jst hot hansome..wht nt..jst lve 4 him..

  19. ya i also shock to the reyact of tulsi when she is extra proctive to her daughter she always sappots her how she can’t understand aradhya & also the new cast tulsi is quite different acts as old tulsi if i wrong so sorry

  20. salini nandi

    Youtube pe mujhe updates nahi milte..guys plz tell me where iz new updates of Krishnadas..

  21. ya i also shock to the reyact of tulsi when she is extra proctive to her daughter she always sappots her how she can’t understand aradhya’s feelings & also the new cast tulsi is quite different acts as old tulsi if i wrong so sorry

  22. shravan u really rocked the episode

  23. Nice episode but precap was wrong .Aryan is too handsome

  24. Fan of ishveer

    Colors serials will not be updated in YouTube see it in colors official website

  25. Nice episode and precap is superb…….

  26. Mannat Srivastava

    Iiiiiiii love uuuuuu Aryan…

  27. There is only 1 thing important in all type of drama. Romance without it trp isn’t possible I guess

  28. Fan of ishveer

    any tamil guys round here….if there there was a tamil serial krishnadasi (hindi serial is a remake of tamil) u have watched that serial??

    1. Yes its a remake of the tamil serial ‘Krishnadasi’ telecast during the period 2000-2002. The serial is based on a famous novel.

  29. change the timings of this serial na,i cant wait for it for such a long time.pleeeeeeeease!

  30. Ya same timing is not good

  31. Kumudini said in today’s episode that aradhya is krishnadasi aradhya now and she wil make her dance with her in front of mahant, wat the hell is this,who will save aaradhya now,deva krishna

  32. what wasthe song that was played in episode ????
    any one …..

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