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Krishnadasi 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan says to Uday that you can change her attitude and clothes but how will you remove mole from her foot? truth is about to come out, she is my Aradhya. Shravani comes out of room, Aryan asks did you see mole on queen’s foot? Shravani says there is no mole on her foot, Aryan says how can mole vanish? is this joke? Aradhya comes there, Aryan says i will see myself, Aradhya says enough, i allowed your wife to see it so that your doubt ends but you are crossing limit, she says Uday we should think about this Haveli deal again, Shravani says i am sorry on my husband’s behalf, dont cancel this deal please, he folds her hand and asks Aryan to apologize too. Aryan says i am sorry without looking at her, Aradhya says i dont want to listen name Aradhya again.
Kumudini wakes

up and says Aaru.. my heart is saying she is near, my Aaru has come.
All are sitting in lounge, Uday says my lawyer Vikram have made papers ready, you can check, Shravani says no need to check when you have done work, Uday asks Aryan to sign property papers, Shravani says i will sign them, my husband has named whole property in my name, all are stunned. Kumudini comes there and sees Aradhya, she screams laadoba and is about to hug her but Aaba stops her and says you cant touch queen, Kumudini recognizes him and says Vidyadhar Roa what are you doing in my Haveli? Aaba asks who is him? Shravani says Deevan she is not well, i am sorry on her behalf, Kumudini says he is vidyadhar, Aaba can be with Aradhya only, Aaba says we should leave. Shravani says no, she is not mentally stable, she thinks queen is Aradhya, Vidyadhar was her aaba and they were enemies thats why she is behaving like this. Kumudini hugs Aradhya and says dont leave me again, Shravani pushes Kumudini away from Aradhya, Aradhya stares her and stops her from misbehaving, she says she is not well, i think you should take her to her room, Kumudini says Nakku Aaru came, she dances. Shravani drags Kumudini away from here, Kumudini cries for Aradhya, Aradhya gets angry and slaps Shravani after seeing manhandling Kumudini, all are shocked. Aradhya says sorry i mistakenly slapped, Shravani says its okay, she asks Nakku to take aaji. Kumudini hugs Aradhya and says i wont leave her, she has come after so many days, dont leave your aaji. Aradhya says aaji you go to your room, i will come there to meet you, Kumudini asks will she come? Aradhya nods, Kumudini leaves. Aradhya sits on chair. Aryan thinks that you cant hide your goodness and identity. Shravani signs property papers, Uday signs after her. Aradhya says we are getting married so it doesnt matter if i sign or Uday. Lawyer gives bag of money to Shravani, Shravani asks if it 5crores? Aradhya says yes, Shravani is excited. Aradhya says we shall leave now, they leave. Aryan looks on.
Outside house, Aaba asks how did Shravani not see mole on foot? Aradhya says when jail caught fire, my foot for burned and mole vanished in healing process. Aaba asks why did you take so much time in room? Aradhya says i wanted Shravani to say everything only then Aryan would believe my new identity. Flashback shows Aradhya taking off her sandals and showing to Shravani that there is no mole on her foot. Shravani says i am sorry, because of my husband’s doubt, you had to do it. Aradhya asks your husband used to love his first wife? Shravani says no, he has understood that whenever Aradhya is in his life, its always problem, he only loves me, Aradhya says then why there is big photo of Aradhya in house? Shravani says just to show off people you know, flashback ends. Aaba says its good that Aryan doesnt doubt us. Aryan comes there and says queen, you have seen health of my aaji so until we find place, can you allow us to live here? i now believe that you are not Aradhya, forgive me for that too, Aradhya thinks that he is coward, asking for shelter for his wife using his aaji’s name, she says okay you can stay here for two days, you 48hours then leave this house, Aradhya leaves. Aryan says i will see till when you hide your identity from me

Scene 2
Shravani is sitting on bed with money all over bed. Nakku is giving her air by using big fan made of notes. Kumudini is tied to chair and money all over her too. Aradhya comes there with bag, she says wow money everywhere, you have become rich, how you feeling? Shravani says i am feeling so awesome, if i knew that this Haveli would give me so much money then i would have done auction earlier, Aradhya says you can get more money than this, how much you want, Shravani asks how? Aradhya opens bag and shows her more money, she says sell your husband to me, Shravani grabs money of bag, Aradhya says not like this, first tell me will you sell your husband? Shravani looks at money bag and says for this much money, i can sell anyone let alone my husband.. this all turns out to be Shravani’s dream. Shravani wakes up, Nakku asks did you see any bad dream? Shravani asks her to get lost, Nakku says what about food we prepared, Shravani says do anything, dont ask me, and bring coffee for me, Nakku leaves. Shravani recalls her dream where Aradhya asked to sell her husband. Shravani says what kind of dream was that? can i sell Aryan for money too? she gulps and says how did this enter my mind? i never planned to sell Aryan.
Aryan puts some money in envelope and leaves house.

Scene 2
Aryan comes to some isolated place. He looks around and waits, man covered in shawl comes. Aryan says i have brought money for you and there is one news, Aradhya have come back. man takes off shawl, its David, David says Aradhya has comeback? Aryan says my eyes can never be wrong when it comes to Aradhya, she is Aradhya only, David says but she got burned in jail? Aryan recalls how Aradhya behaved with Kumudini. He says i have no idea, she has come like queen Aruna Devi, my heartbeat changes when Aradhya is around, David says how can she get 35crores in 6months? Aryan says i have many questions too but my heart says to just hold her hand, she is my Aradhya.
Aaba says to Aradhya that what if they leave house? then how will we make them confess their sins? you freed Kumudini, she was about to bring my truth out. Aradhya says i couldnt see aaji tied in chains and i gave time to Aryan for 48hours because i cant live in same house with person whom i loved so much and he insulted my love like that, i am sorry, i destroyed my plan, i was helpless, Aaba says you did everything right but control your emotions, if you become weak then we will lose, whenever you feel like becoming weak, remember Aryan killed your whole family with that girl and now living happily with her. Aradhya wipes her tears.
David says to Aryan that why Aradhya came like queen? Aryan says maybe she is trying to find who gave poison to her family like we are finding, she doesnt know truth. Flashback shows Shravani saying that someone poisoned food, maybe Banwari did it, Aryan thinks that i know Banwari, he can steal little but not something like this, all were dead except Shravani, i think Shravani is behind all this, fb ends. Aryan says from that i am pretending to be in love with Shravani to find some proof against her but nothing has been found, maybe Aradhya is trying to find out too, David says why she is not interacting with you then? Aryan says she wants me out of her life and her house, she has given me 48hours and i need to find truth in those hours, David says i need to leave before anyone sees me. Aryan says dont tell this to anyone, dont get emotional and dont tell Gayetri, David nods, he covers his face and leaves. Aryan says i have only 48hours and first i have to make Shravani spit truth.
Aaba says to Aradhya that if we want them to say truth then we have to live with them in that house, there is no friend in war, Aradhya says i am ready for revenge too, Aaba says but you gave them 48hours, we are not trying to kill them, we are just trying truth to come out, Aradhya says but i have given them words like queen that they can stay there for two days, Aaba says so what? we are not asking them to leave, we will just go and stay there, you will enter as queen, he leaves. Uday says this is not time to be emotional, we can give them more time to live there, i know its difficult for Aradhya to live with Aryan but you are queen Aruna Devi and you can do it. Aradhya says i am ready.
Shravani brings bag of 35crores in her room and says anybody can steal it. She ties chain to her hand and to bag so that nobody steals it. Aryan comes and asks what she is doing? she says anybody can steal money, this is important, we have to buy new house and start new life, treat aaji. Aryan says how can someone steal in this house when you are here, who can dare to fight you? lets celebrate, we are going away from Krishnawati to start new life, lets enjoy, Shravani says really? he says yes. shravani sits to free her hand from chain. Aryan puts his mobile on recording, he thinks that i will make her say truth today. Aryan sits beside her and says you have done great work by selling this cursed house. He gives her wine glass and says we are sharing wine for first time, as husband i havent done anything for you and i regret it so much, i want to forget my past, Aradhya and all, i want to start new life with you. i always offer you wine but you never accept it but today i will make you drink, he comes closer to her and says we got married but never came close, it was my mistake but tonight will be different, we will get close tonight and nobody can come between us, it will be different tonight, Shravani smiles, Shravani says but how you are getting love today suddenly? Aryan says i know, you would ask me this, when queen came today, i realized that till when i will be in my past and destroy my future? now i want to live for you, he kisses her hand and says forgive me, i have made move towards you, now you take step towards me, if you dont take sip of wine from my hand then i will feel bad, forgive me. He makes her drink wine, she drinks it, Aryan drinks then, Shravani hugs him, Aryan caresses her hair, all is getting recorded in video, Aryan says i am so happy today, i got emotional seeing that queen, i remembered Aaba, its good that they died, they were our enemies only. Shravani is tipsy and says its going good and you are talking about those useless people, they were my enemies too, Aryan angrily looks at her, Shravani says i didnt like when you called that shorter queen as Aradhya. Aryan says she looked similar to her. he hugs her and says i should thank person who killed whole family, we have 35crores now. Shravani says how will we know who it is? police couldnt catch that person, Aryan says if we get together then we can find out easily who did that great work, we will kiss that person and will say that because of that person, we got together, Shravani says i doubt Banwari and Markand did that, Aryan says they dont have guts to do something like that, Shravani says you are right, only clever mind can do it, Aryan thinks that i know it was you.

PRECAP- Dhol starts playing in Haveli. Aradhya comes in house, Aryan asks whats all this? Aradhya says according to timing, this time is pure for my welcome. Shravani is drunk and says get lost from here, we are trying to remove Aradhya’s memories and this girl(queen) has come out of nowhere, Aryan says enough, say sorry, Shravani says my slipper will apologize, Aradhya gets angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  5. The whole family is alive I knew that plz Aryan have control on your face expression u looks over and stupid

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  8. Aryann Aryann please don’t be extra romantic to that chudail frog though you are acting !! Your eyes are very expressive. They give more beauty to your every emotions. I’m hating maharani. Uff !! Now can’t even tell them to reveal everything fast bcause they have already wrapped it . RAOs are making themselves fools while fooling Aryan who was a fool but not anymore !! 😛

  9. Yes, The whole family is Alive
    And in the end of the show, Aryan and ardhya will b married in the presence of whole family including Kumudini who will patch Up with Aaba

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